Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Designing With Hides

Cowhide rugs have been around for years, but are now a very trendy accessory for the home and a decorator’s best friend.

This time of year many people are thinking of re-designing a space in their home, perhaps their living area, or office - or are just buying a new item to “complete” their interior design. A Cow hide rug can bring warmth, color and a sense of home to any space. With a Cowhide you can go for the luxurious look, the modern look or add a rustic feel.

When purchasing a Cowhide rug, there are things you need to check before choosing a cowhide:

  • Check your color scheme and determine the size of rug that you need. There are various styles to choose from, colors and variations so take your time when choosing your rug to make sure it is the right rug for the aesthetics your space.
  • Make sure your Cowhide is professionally tanned, if properly done your rug should last the rest of your life without cracking or shedding. Proper tanning produces a softer and better quality hide.
  • Always choose a reputable and high standing cowhide company. Ask questions if you are interested: how they are tanned, what is the warranty or return policy, and how long have they been in business.

When making the investment of a cowhide rug, make sure you do your homework and investigate and ask questions to ensure you are getting exactly what you want. Cowhide rugs can last a lifetime and can be a great addition to any area in your home or office.

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