Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gifts for Longhorns Fans!

We all are aware that the Texas Longhorns are playing in the BCS College Football National Championships and Texans are expecting a win from the Longhorns.

While on the subject of Longhorns, why not get a victory Longhorn gift for you or someone else: a real Longhorn cowhide rug. We also have Longhorn placemats – available for purchase by telephone only at this time.

Since Longhorn cattle are bred and raised mostly in the Southwestern United States (especially Texas and Oklahoma) it would seem even more fitting to acquire one of these beautiful rugs for that University of Texas fan. These rugs add the rustic and elegant look to any home or office. At Rawhide Company - we have three standard varieties of Longhorn rugs: Longhorn Black, Longhorn Brown and Longhorn Red. They also come in two sizes to fit your the needs of your space: Large 30-39 sq. ft. (approximately 5 x 7 feet) or X-Large 40-49 sq.ft. (approximately 6 x 8 feet).

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