Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rawhide Company is pleased to present limited edition cowhide area rugs available for shipping now - but HURRY! These items are only available while supplies last. Choose from three different sizes on 3 select styles below, or select from the Zig-Zag Stitched collection.


Choose from three sizes / exclusive availability:
4'x6' $299 each
6'x8 $439 each
9'x11' $659 each

Zig-Zag Stitching Area Rug - 4" Squares, Lined

Exclusive Availability:
9'X11' $789 (Mixed Palomino)


Zig-Zag Stitching Area Rug - 8" Squares, Lined

Exclusive Availbaility:
4'X6' $298 (Solid Palomino)
6'X8' $478 (Solid Palomino)

Please call us at 1-866-586-2901 to place your order!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Inside The Hide

When you look at a finished hide, whether in the natural or dyed to match a décor, the broad scope of processing it isn’t readily apparent. Sometimes, you may look at a piece of cowhide and think its one thing, when it’s really something else—the grain definition has been embossed into the leather. How is this done?

The original grain is removed and an artificial grain is pressed onto the surface. And several terms may mean the same thing. For example, when the genuine grain remains on the hide, the leather is called full grain or full top grain.

The better the quality of the hide, the less treatment it requires. Calfskins are finer than the hides of older animals—sort of like the difference between babies and their grandparents without the wrinkles. Actually, in a premium quality hide, you should see the “fat wrinkles”, the natural markings, and the hide ought to be supple to the touch. Those wrinkles create the unique beauty of each mature leather piece. Although calf skins are finer hides, they’re equal in durability and abrasion resistance to their elders. Why? Because the fiber structure of calfskin is by nature denser, tighter, and stronger than the mature hides.

Processing hides and skin into finished leather has three phases: pre-tanning, tanning, and finishing. (More on the processes of hide tanning later.) There is a fine distinction between each phase. Anything done to the hide after tanning becomes part of the finishing phase. This can include a wide variety of processes: dying, rolling, pressing, snuffing, embossing, glazing, water-proofing, stain-proofing, flame-proofing, as examples. Wow, seems like a lot of terms. Some are self-explanatory, like water-, stain-, and flame-proofing. Others you can figure out from everyday applications, like dying. However, some aren’t obvious and entail special equipment.

For example, glazing. This is a finish where the leather is put under tremendous pressure and the surface is polished to a high luster through the actions of glass on steel rollers. (Don’t get your fingers caught in that one.)

The final purpose of a cowhide determines how it’s finished. More than that, it dictates how it’s handled during the pre-tanning and what kind of tanning process works best for the end product. The Rawhide Company offers premium, genuine, full-haired cowhide rugs and cowhide home accessories directly to you—with free shipping. Peruse our website and select the perfect Christmas gift a special someone on your list.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Blue, White and Brindle For The Holidays

We survived Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Phew. My fingers are tired from all that shopping, but I’m not quite finished. A lot of us struggle with finding that one different, new, yet uniquely tailored-to-the-person Holiday gift every year. And, yeah. It’s usually the same hard-to-buy-for person plaguing my list and wracking my brain every Holiday Season.

This year I’m getting help. Rawhide Company has ridden to my rescue. I had a ball this afternoon playing on their site. Like any money savvy shopper, I immediately went to Rawhide Company’s Value Cowhide Rug Collection. There I discovered a nifty idea in the form of Laser Cut Cowhide Rugs. Wow, the patterns and samples on the page stopped me in my tracks. Why hadn’t I explored this before? I’d been missing out big time.

After reading the short paragraph that invited me to “design-your-own custom laser hide rug”, I couldn’t resist. I spent the next hour playing with all the combinations of cowhides and patterns I could think up—and because I’m also a quilter, there were quite a few. You can design a rug of any dimension or color combination up to 30-feet square. With these endless choices, the possibilities keep growing, too. Regardless of furniture or room, you can custom fashion the perfect rug to reflect personal style.

A laser cut run designed just for the hard-to-buy for person on your list is the perfect gift idea. You can add accent cowhide pillows and a colorful cowhide for the wall to finish out the ensemble. Thanks, Rawhide Company, for helping me check off the hardest name on my shopping list before December 24th. And when you’re done with your list, how about a little something special from the Rawhide Santa for yourself?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Attitude and Gratitude—Leather and Lace

Thanksgiving is days away. We have a great deal for which to be thankful and ought to have an attitude of gratitude. What does all of this have to do with cowhide rugs, you ask - ? Everything! The Pilgrims and Indians alike were very grateful for LEATHER - and we are too.

The holiday goes back several centuries, to 1621. In early autumn, the 53 surviving Pilgrims of the Mayflower celebrated their successful harvest, as was the English custom. During this time, according to Edward Winslow’s writing Mourt's Relation , about ninety Indians came by with their great king Massasoit. The Wampanoag had lived in southeastern New England for thousands of years. They were farmers, fishermen, and hunters in a seasonal cycle. They hunted with the Pilgrims and their contribution to the Thanksgiving meal was venison. This meant there were animal skins to be cured and tanned, which probably became part of the gift to the hosting Pilgrims.

Massasoit was the most powerful leader, (also know as sachem) of the several tribes of the Wampanoag nation. His headquarters, located forty miles southwest of Plymouth, MA, was in Rhode Island. At the time of the first Thanksgiving, Massasoit was in his middle years and securely established as a strong, dignified and subtle leader. Because his people had been devastated by disease and were vulnerable to the powerful Narragansett tribes, Massasoit's mission among the Pilgrims was to forge an alliance. And not just with the Europeans, but with other Native groups. He intended to ensure his people's survival. His relationship with the Pilgrims, part of his active diplomacy, was strengthened when Edward Winslow saved his life in 1623.

Under their covenant, the two cultures shared expertise and food, farming and fertilizing methods. (Yep, it was the Indian who taught the Pilgrim to bury fish in the furrows so the plants had the proper nutrients to grow strong and produce a good crop.)

Both cultures wore leather shoes: the Indians were soft and pliable with durable soles; the Pilgrims hard and heavy soled. The Pilgrim bound his books and papers in leather; the Indian relied on oral histories. Both used hides for protection against the elements in clothing and shelter. They just used them in different ways. Leather, like true friendship, was prized because it was durable.

Leather has been prized throughout history, and remains a solid gift idea for giving. An elegant and unique cowhide rug makes a great gift for this holiday season as well - especially for those who are hard to buy for.

We have a great deal to be thankful for this holiday season. We can relax on our cowhide pillow against the back of a comfortable leather couch and enjoy our decorator cowhides hanging on the walls. Ahhh, what a great setting to read more about the early settlers and Pilgrims. What’s this book? James Fenimore Cooper’s Last of the Mohicans. Looks very interesting. Lots of leather in the cover picture.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Goin' Back To Basics

What’s the largest use of rawhide? My immediate response was, “To make cowhide rugs and wall decorations.” To confirm my answer, I did a search on the Internet and discovered (horrors upon horrors) I was wrong. Worse, I had to agree with the answer I found. What is it? To protect the cow from the elements, and also to keep it's internal organs from falling out. (Bet the ten-year-olds love it.)

Even so, I began wondering about how far back the use of cowhides went. The answer to that one was easier — back to the eviction of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. But I don’t think those were cowhides.

It turns out that civilizations have used leather since their beginnings. Fresh rawhide needs some cleaning and refining. Ancient civilizations let nothing go to waste. They domesticated and raised cattle herds. When the need arose or at designated times according to their cultures, they harvested a cow or two. Sinew became thread. Bones became tools and implements. Hides became clothing, shoes, blankets, tents, water sacks, packing bags and drum covers. And it wasn’t just cowhide. They supplemented with the skins from all the animals they hunted.

Back in 5,000 to 3,000 BC, the Sumerians in Mesopotamia used the leather they made to craft long dresses and diadems for women. The Assyrians preferred leather for footwear and wineskins; they inflated it for use as raft floats. Ancient India innovators processed the leaver in a style known as Morocco. The Egyptians became real leather artisans and crafted tools, weapons, and simple ornaments.

Next were the Phoenicians and the Romans with their ornately garbed generals in leather breastplates. Each civilization built on the use and skill base of the previous.

Early on, there were problems. One was the way the skins became stiff at low temperatures and rotted in the heat. They solved these through trial and error in what turns out to be one of the oldest crafts known to man—the process known as tanning.

The first rudimentary tanning process is documented in Homer’s Illiad and various other Assyrian writing. This too improved with time. When modern archaeologists excavated the ruins of Pompeii, they discovered a tannery with all the preserved.

Notice that each civilization found a way to use finished cowhide for numerous uses, and often in decoration—whether they did it themselves or used as a cowhide rug or wall hanging.

Fortunately, we don’t have to do any of the hard work it takes to process a hide. We just have to go online and visit Rawhide Conmpany. And we can select from a number of colors and patterns of natural cowhide rugs and cowhide decor.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Express Your Individuality With A Unique Cowhide Rug

While surfing the Internet the other day for new and different decorating ideas, I found a bonanza. Cowhides. Why not? They’re durable, expressive, and can be dyed any color or pattern. The closer I looked, the more I realized that like people, each natural cowhide has a personality unlike any other. Some are naturally flashy.

And if you want colorful or flashy, Rawhide Company can definitely do both with Wild Colors and Solid Colors. Whether you’re creating a sports motif with your team’s colors, a teen expression nook in a bedroom, or a game spot in the family room, there’s a color and pattern just right for each situation.

Along that line, I want to decorate a special place for the man in my life—something I that screams his personality while claiming the room as his private domain. Yeah, a Man Cave. The rich Brindle cowhide patterns and colors lend themselves for the more reserve retreat for head of the house. What a great project. I’m envisioning a paneled room outfitted with sturdy leather furniture accented with several cowhide pillows, a giant television with surround sound on the wall, a couple of and built-in refrigerator. Whoa! Isn’t it great how to find a few marvelous pieces like the rugs and pillows, then build an entire room around them?!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Shades of Gray

A truly beautiful color (or - value, I might say...) is gray. It's a timeless classic that goes with so much, and so many styles.

If you prefer modern elements in your design - you could opt for the minimal 'bare' idea using the deep browns of natural woods - coupled with the contrasting 'metal' feel of gray. It's an underused and beautiful combination. Since this style often uses natural woods with heavy wood patterns, it's best to stick with a solid color gray cowhide rug to add a splash of gray to your minimal, modern space.

Or, maybe your wood does not have strong grains - in which case the gray brindle cowhide rug is quite stunning as well.

There is still yet another option - that would work well in a traditional style design, minimal or modern - or just about any living or bedroom space - and that is the larger (for larger area) is the gray and brown patchwork cowhide area rug.

All three of these options offer versatility with the design and offer warmth, nature and design elements when used in a design.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Natural Style With Solid Neutral Colors

It might be that your interior space needs to come down a notch. We often go on and on about adding a 'splash of color' or pattern, texture or some other element of design. But sometimes, it's easy to over-think things, and as a result - overdo the design too.

If you have a room or space that is just 'too much' - maybe it's time to scale back on design elements to simplify things a bit. An easy way to do that is to incorporate solid accessories (with no pattern, or line) that are in neutral colors.

The Rawhide Company's new monochrome collection of cowhide rugs makes this very easy. By simply adding a solid color cowhide rug (in place of a patterned one, or in addition to a patterned space elsewhere) - you are adding a nice amount of space that is one color. Don't forget - to bring things down, you don't want to use the wild color cowhide rugs (this takes it back 'up a notch!')- you want a natural color cowhide rug. And what's even better - is that with a cowhide, you get to keep another element of design as well - without it being too distracting: texture.

So if you're looking to have a more relaxing, toned-down look in your space, try adding large areas of solid, neutral color. You can accomplish this too, by adding solid wall coverings, window treatments/curtains and other accessories in your design.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

For Serious Football Fans Only

Football season is officially underway with NFL starting this week - and Rawhide Company has a brilliant idea - but be warned - it's for SERIOUS football fans ONLY.

Why not decorate your media room or game room with a solid color cowhide rug from Rawhide Company - in the color of your favorite team?

Miami Dolphins fans might opt for a sea blue cowhide rug. San Francisco 49'ers, Washington Redskins, Arizonal Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons fans could choose a red cowhide rug - which would not only be the color of their favorite team - but it's a power color to boot and has great meaning in Feng Shui!

Dallas Cowboy fans could sport a super-cool navy blue cowhide rug, while the Oakland Raiders, Tampa Bay and several other teams use basic black as their alternate color - and so a black cowhide rug works well.

Fan of College Football? The colors are the same - and can be mixed and matched - we even have the TCU Frogs Purple cowhide rug.

Now - go show your spirit!

Friday, September 3, 2010

New Natural Monochrome Collection

Rawhide Company is pleased to offer a new category of high quality, genuine hair-on cowhide rugs - the Monochrome Cowhide Collection. We've always had the hides, but now we're growing this category due to high demand of this specific style.

It's very likely the high demand for these specific colors is that the color trends for interiors are leaning towards anything 'natural' and 'eco-friendly' for this Fall and into 2011.

With soft and subtle, natural colored cowhide rugs that blend into any interior - you can choose from several different hues to compliment your design. Tans, khakis, whites, creams, browns and even shades of black - add color, texture and shape to your design - instantly - and in an affordable way.

These colors are not only aesthetically pleasing - but they occur naturally and are genuine cowhide colors. Don't be late with style in your interior - get ahead of the game with a natural cowhide rug.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Back To School STYLE

It's that time of the year - thousands of young adults are making the journey (maybe close, maybe far...) to college to begin or continue their educational career. And if it's the beginning of the college experience, chances are - they're going to be making home in a dormitory.

Dorm rooms aren't all alike - some are a pretty good size, others are matchboxes. In some dorms, you share a bathroom with the entire floor - and in others you get your own private bathroom. Whatever sort of dorm room you or your blooming young adult have - one question remains for all college students moving into the dorm room: "How can I make this room more personal, or more like home?"

Making your dorm room feel a little more like home is easy! Here's some dorm room decorating tips!
ADD COLOR - no matter what your style, adding a pop of color to any space can not only have a direct effect on your mood, but it can transform it into your own personal 'zone'. Hands down - the easiest way to add a huge splash of color is to add a rug. Girls might choose to throw in pinks, reds or greens - easily done with a hot-pink cowhide rug - while the guys might opt for something a bit more masculine - like a navy blue cowhide rug.
Place lots of pictures - put lots of pictures of your friend and family. This will help you keep them on your mind - and help you stay inspired.

Many use our natural cowhide rugs to craft their own, personal style with many objects and accessories used in interior spaces. If you love the look of natural hair-on hide, get a cowhide and use it to create several accessories for your dorm room - such as photo frames, cowhide pillows, desk accessories and more.

The key to making your dorm room more 'personal' is to add your own personal style whenever you can. Get creative - and use beautiful and personalized resources to create a beautiful and personalized space. And above all - HAVE FUN.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Professional Spaces, Cowhide Graces

Decorating with cowhide rugs has become a huge favorite of interior designers. The warmth and durability of these rugs is amazing. They can help turn a very simple environment into a very stylish one. A great room to use these in, but often overlooked, is the home office or professional space.

A cowhide rug in a home office can give the room a rustic, but modern touch. The combination of the cowhide rug with a leather chair and a metal desk is very chic. Or you can go with deep, rich colors on the wall with overstuffed leather furniture, a big wooden desk and a beautiful brindle cowhide rug for a very grand, masculine look. Or perhaps you would like to channel your inner African Big Game Hunter style - opt for one of our exotic cowhides printed to resemble (and very closely, too) a zebra rug.

Another fabulous option would be in a doctor or dentist office. Imagine the calm feeling the patients would get if the waiting area had a beautiful cowhide rug. The cold, sterile waiting room would instantly have the warm feeling of home. In a pediatrician’s office, the sight of a tiger cowhide rug might illicit wonder and giggles instead of fear from a nervous child.

Decorating a place of business can be tricky. You want your office space to be inviting and pleasant, yet remain professional in appearance and atmosphere. A cowhide rug will add texture and pattern to make your office space a more pleasant and productive environment. A calm, comfortable work place will give way to positive energy which results in good productivity – a win, win in any business environment!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Efficient Cycle Of Life

We know it's hard for some people to purchase a real, hair-on hide for use as a rug. For many, it seems very inhumane, that a gentle creature such as a cow would be skinned just so it's beautiful coat. But that's not the case.

As you know, many people have no hesitation eating beef, or carrying a leather handbag. A cowhide rug is really no different - it's important to emphasize that in nearly all situations where hides are harvested (and definitely with our line of rugs) the cow was to be slaughtered anyway - for it's meat.

Anytime a cow is slaughtered for meat, the hide/skin is removed. The hides are then sorted, salted and tanned for added longevity and durability. Other, smaller or less-than-perfect skins are often used in the custom designed cowhide rugs (i.e. - a patchwork cowhide rug), or cowhide pillows to be used as an accent.

So next time you're considering spicing up your space, and have a hesitation about purchasing a beautiful cowhide rug because it feels 'inhumane'... look at it a bit differently. It's actually a way to really utilize all parts of the animal - bring it's beauty into your home to provide real purpose and style to your room for years to come.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Elegant Gameroom

When one thinks of a game room - it's easy to think immediately of that dark and sporty 'man-cave' - with brightly-lit beer signs, a 70" LCD flat-screen television looming over the space - and sports team banners adorning the walls.

Sound like a dream- sports fans?

Many don't expect to see quality furniture and accessories, a beautiful lamp and decorative rug in this stereotypical sports-bar theme idea - but let it be known - all game rooms are not the same!

Most game rooms, in fact - are way more traditional or conservative - leaning towards a more elegant mix than the description above; mirroring the decor in other parts of the home whatever that may be.

In this example from a Dallas interior designer - you'll see the floors are hardwood; and with regard to wall color - they are using warm traditional tones of brown. Layer in elegant and distinctive pieces of furniture, and unique accessories and finally, a timeless trunk as a center table - and you've got classic decor. You'll also see a more casual touch - but beautiful color, shape and texture added to the space immediately with the addition of a beautiful cowhide rug.

The game room in this example also has a large television, but it is certainly not the focal point. There is also a bar, and a card table. So while the typical 'game room features' are there (card table, bar, huge television) - the look and decor is more in line with the design of the home.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Caring For, Cleaning and Keeping Your Genuine Cowhide Rug

Now that you've got a gorgeous new cowhide rug for your home - you need to keep it clean; and care for it the way you would any other home accessory. While they are a super-durable rug (that adds TONS of style to any interior, we might mention) genuine cowhide hair-on-hides need to be cared for.

If you fold your cowhide rug - this is fine; as it's a durable natural skin/hide. However, to get the creases out, you should simply let the cowhide lay flat for a few days - and the creases should resolve. If you need to, place a few weights (like books, or heavy, flat items) on the creases to help them flatten out.

One thing you can do to protect against stains - is visit a shoe repair shop or cobbler - and ask if you can purchase some suede waterproofing spray, and confirm beforehand whether it will effect your hide's natural color scheme. This should be a safe protection for most light colored hides, but either way - confirm that it won't discolor your natural hide coloration. This will help protect your cowhide rug against stains, before they occur.

It's also safe to vacuum your cowhide; or take it outside and shake it off. Sometimes - if there's an odor associated with your rug, you can also let it air outside.

Here's to a long, lovely life for your cowhide rug.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer Patio Style

Across the country, people are spending more time outdoors when at home, in their backyard, or on a patio.

Americans spend millions of dollars each year building decks, laying tile, custom paving or staining concrete, building wooden awnings, and landscape designs to accent the space with fresh plants and foilage - all in the effort to enjoy the open air when at home.

Many design a backyard or pool area, or patio specifically for entertaining. More and more - interior designers are being hired to build outdoor kitchens and eating areas, luxurious sitting areas with fireplaces or fire pits, stand-alone bars - in people's BACKYARDS.

So if you're going to spend money on a backyard oasis, why not ensure it's super-fashionable and the talk of the town - by accenting your exterior design with a cowhide rug?

It's important to make sure your patio or outdoor sitting area utilizes durable and high quality furniture and accessories. Common materials used in outdoor furniture steel, teak wood, cedar wood, aluminum and other durable materials. Why not couple these hardy pieces with a cowhide rug? A cowhide accent rug is an easy way to bring a pop of color, as well as texture and pattern to an exterior design - and it can be minimal & modern, wild, traditional, western - whatever the style - it'll be COOL. Plus, a cowhide rug will look simply spectacular with these woods, metals, concrete and other elements of exterior design.

Certainly - if you have rain - you'll want to bring your cowhide rug indoors. But utilizing a cowhide rug outdoors will keep it fresh and clean; it's durable and beautiful - bringing a serious sense of style to your patio or exterior space.

Keep your patio or exterior living space HIP and COOL with a cowhide rug!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Who wants a COOL KITCHEN?

A kitchen is usually a smaller space, many times with a “food” themed décor. With this ongoing pattern of traditional décor, kitchens are becoming extremely out of date, with many of the old-school trends landing on the interior decorators list of "Do Not’s"! Don't be on the wrong list; instead - we offer some "decorator DO'S" for your kitchen!

One great idea to add texture, color and a sense of style to any culinary space - is to utilize a cowhide rug. There was a beautiful cowhide rug featured on the Pioneer Woman's website and again in Southern Living magazine. Located at the ranch in her "LODGE" project - Ree Drummond (Shown left at "the LODGE") used a small rug in her open design. It adds texture, pattern and color to her space and couples nicely with the wood floor and cabinetry, as well as the other 'rustic' and 'western' accents but retains a look that is high-end, elegant and clean.

If your kitchen is large, without an island, a regular cowhide sized rug might be the focal point of your kitchen. If you have an island/bar, a large cowhide rug is probably not your best option because the rug will overwhelm your kitchen. The best rug would be a “small” rug, which is about 3.5X3.5. This size rug would look good in front of your stove or in front of your sink area.

Since kitchens are small areas, sometimes a decorative rug won't work for your design plan. If your kitchen is small, but has a counter - consider a rug under your bar area, or even as a wall hanging.

If a rug won't work at all in your kitchen, and you just need to add some pattern or texture to your kitchen space - why not just put an 'accent' of cowhide in your kitchen? You might use cowhide chairs, or other accents with cowhide.

COWHIDE IDEA! We have samples (small squares) and small hides that are often used in crafts. The samples might be a perfect coaster, or patches put into a frame on the wall or fashioned into a mosaic for the kitchen. These small patches are perfect for that added 'something' that will not take over your kitchen. When using the sample patches you could even line your canisters with the patches. Cowhide canisters can be just the perfect hint of color and pattern in a kitchen.

Cow hide in the kitchen. Just remember, when using cowhide in the kitchen, be creative, pick your colors wisely, and go “small.”

Friday, May 28, 2010

Father's Day Gift Ideas

As you know - Father's Day is June 20th, and will be here before you know it. Plan ahead and get the men in your life something they can use, that will accent your living space with style and bring in timeless, natural beauty. We asked the guys we know, and have pulled some of our "Men's Picks" below to help you choose.

What's great about this gift idea - is that while your special guy gets a gift, YOU DO TOO! Something for the home enhances the life and environment of the whole family.

Father's Day Gift Picks:

The Exotic Print Cowhide Rug: If dad can't make it to Africa for his life's dream of big-game hunting, get the next best thing with a printed natural cowhide rug. Choose from the ultra-rare jaguar, zebra, cheetah, giraffe, tiger and leopard. If stalking a big cat and making the kill isn't on the schedule - then let Dad pretend he went along for the adventure with a beautiful and durable printed rug.

The Standard Black & White Holstien Cowhide Rug: Dads we asked said this was the jewel of the cowhide rugs - timeless and traditional - and over and over again we heard the term "classy".

The Dark Brown Brindle Cowhide Rug: Just when you thought a cowhide rug couldn't get cooler or more beautiful.... enter the dark brown brindle. With it's naturally unique coloration and pattern - this cowhide rug goes with any space and adds a bit of the planet's natural beauty inside your home. Goes great with exotic natural woods - either in a traditional or contemporary design.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

White Hot Summer

So you're one of those people who design with white and light neutrals, for the minimalist and modern look in your home. A cowhide rug is PERFECT for this - because Rawhide Company has several solid color options as well as brindle and exotic that would go into the uber-light and clean design style. You can design with WHITE HOT style this summer - with a practical, affordable and durable cow hide!

For solid color choices - we have the off-white cowhide rug, which is very light - almost a touch of honey-gold and very neutral for a light interior design. Perhaps you need something a little darker - try the cappucino cowhide rug - it's just a tad darker, but will add that perfect POP underneath your coffee table.

There's always the salt and pepper white cowhide rug that really adds a unique texture as well as several accents where color is concerned.

Check out our website for the largest selection of cowhide rugs, the very best pricing - and of course - unparalleled customer service.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cowhide Ownership and Care

Owning a cowhide rug is simple and easy. Maintaining them is a lot more simple than taking care of carpet or even hard wood floors. If you own a cowhide or plan on purchasing one soon, knowing how to clean or deodorize your cowhide rug will come in handy.

The cowhide rug is very, very low maintenance. If the cowhide rug is dirty… simply take the rug outside and shake it - or lightly vacuum it.

If you have a more troubling stain, such as food, wine, or pet stains, a light scrub with vinegar and water will usually remove these stains.

Just remember, your cow hide rug CAN NOT be put in the washer or dry cleaned!

If your cowhide rug has a sweaty or clammy smell, it most likely needs to be deodorized. This is just as easy as cleaning the rug. The first thing that you can do to deodorize your rug is simply to hang it outdoors. Let the fresh air takeover your rug and the smell should be very fresh when you bring it back in your house. If the natural way doesn’t take care of that smell, simply use a powdered carpet deodorizer. These are great for carpets or rugs, and are guaranteed to get rid of odd odors.

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Most Unique Graduation Gifts

No, we don't have cowhide caps and gowns - but it'd be cool, wouldn't it?

Certainly we all have young people in our lives (and maybe some old!) who are graduating this May and crossing a bridge to a new part of their life.

As we graduate high school and go off to college, or graduate college and go off to LIFE, we truly prize the gifts that are thoughtful AND useful.

Looking back, I am sure we all received something we thought was special at the time - that we never ever used. Or, maybe you're like me - and received money, and blew it on things I no longer have, and can't even remember who sent me what.

But if you want to get your graduate something they'll REMEMBER FOREVER, and be able to use ALL THEIR LIFE - consider a cowhide rug!

And it can even be SUPER meaningful AND personalized! For example - for those graduating from University of Texas - here's the perfect UT Longhorn Graduate Gift: a real Longhorn cowhide rug. We also have Longhorn placemats – available for purchase by telephone only at this time. The Longhorn Pattern Cowhide rugs add a timeless and rustic dab of color to any space. At Rawhide Company - we have three standard varieties of Longhorn rugs: Longhorn Black, Longhorn Brown and Longhorn Red.

Certainly, it doesn't matter WHAT school your graduate is celebrating victory with. We have an array of cowhide rugs, with a mix of patterns and colors for ANY style or ANY size space.

You might look at our bright colored cowhide rugs to select a rug in the color of your graduate's school. For example - maybe the PURPLE Cowhide Rug would be a great gift for the LSU graduate.

Or, for the Georgia Bulldog Graduate Gift that will be remembered forever - a black and red cowhide rug - there it is! Their school colors, durable for a lifetime that will actually be usable in their living space - and add style - and best of all - something they'll always remember!

What makes this gift:

What makes a cowhide rug such a great graduate gift is that it is something they can use in their new home, apartment or living space. It's something that can fit their personal and individual STYLE, and become a part of their home, and history - as it's a durable accessory for the home that will last them a lifetime.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Give Mom Something Unique This Mother's Day

Don't you know?

ALL moms love to accessorize! All moms love serious style... and all moms love ndecorating and rejuvenating the the home with something that's new, quick and easy as an addition to the design. All moms love it when the home can be instantly transformed with a new look. Why not get her a totally unique gift that will do just that this Mother's Day?

Buying a stylin’ something special, for that stylin’ special Mom is easy! At Rawhide Company we have the hippest, in-style, and most unique cowhide rugs around. Get her a cowhide rug that will instantly transform any room in the house.

Is your Mom the type of Mom that might like the traditional cowhide rug, such as an original Holstein Cowhide rug? Or does she lean more to the wilder, more exotic style? Maybe she's into solid and monochrome colors in her spaces. Either way, we have the rug for her.

We've taken time out to help you select the perfect cowhide rug for the perfect super special mom this Mother's Day.

The first rug that all Moms are sure to love is the exotic zebra brown cowhide. This rug will certainly be the center of attention in the middle of the room or on the wall. It's also the perfect accessory under a table, to accent beautiful natural woods in a traditional setting.

The second rug that is a great gift idea for 'her' - is the solid black cowhide rug. This rug is truly an exquisite design, it's simplicity alone being it's strongest point. A huge splash of bold black, goes with about any style interior.

Other great things about buying a rug with Rawhide Company is that we offer free shipping and fantastic customer service. Since all of our items are usually in stock, we can ship immediately. The other good thing about purchasing with us, is that we have easy returns and exchanges.

So, if you are in a last minute bind to find that perfect gift for mom, buy her a gift she is sure to USE, LOVE and REMEMBER.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Walls are for COWHIDES!

Cowhide rugs seem too elegant and beautiful to sit on the floor and get stepped on. But they are sturdy and tough! But if it still hurts your heart to put a beautiful cowhide rug on the floor, or if you need a splash of color or pattern on the WALL instead - sweep it up and place it on the wall for an extraordinary focal point.

When hanging a natural cowhide on the wall, you will need a lot of patience and a little bit of time but, your newly decorated room will thank you.

The first step in hanging your hide is gathering your materials. You will need a tall ladder that is able to reach to the ceiling, a hammer, a lot of little thin nails, and another person to help! Remember that hides can be very heavy depending on the size - so hanging them on the wall requires a lot of support.

You cannot use lots of big screws because it might damage the cowhide …that is why it calls for a lot of little nails.

Next, you will need to make sure that you have a wall that is big enough for the cowhide. This means that you will need to measure the hide and your wall space to make sure that it will fit.

Third, you will need to hold the cowhide up against the wall to see how it needs to be positioned. This is where your helper comes in. Turn it all different ways to make sure that it is the way that maximizes your space the most.

When you get the hide into position place a small thin nail at the top of the hide closest to the ceiling. Then, begin to nail all the way around the hide. Make sure that all the wrinkles and bumps are out of the hide, and that it is secure.

Last, Stand back and admire your newest piece of artwork. I assure you it will look extraordinary in your room and be a hit with all your friends.

Want to stand out? Try a cowhide rug on the wall - it's unique, natural and very effective at bringing pattern, color and texture to your space.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cowhide Rugs And Pullows In Western Themed Spaces

Decorating in western décor does not have to scream “YEEE-HAWW.” It doesn’t have to have pictures of horses hanging up all over the room, it doesn’t have to have oversized wood furniture, and it doesn’t need steer skulls. All it needs is a hint of deep colors, and rough textured accessories.

The first touch to a western theme space is the color of the walls. When thinking of the word “western” you probably are thinking about the "Old West", and this is something to keep in mind when choosing the color of your paint. Most western themed décor is in a setting with a warmer color, such as taupe or a brown. Sometimes a deep red is the right option for your western style room. One good idea is to go to a local library or look in magazines at old west pictures, and look at the color themes they used. Also, keep in mind the colors of your furniture and accessories. This will help you with the colors that should fit in your room.

Once your walls are a color that suits you and your “western” knack, you will need accessories for your room. Or, you may already have some accessories to re-purpose. Accessories are a quick change for any room. There are a variety of western themed accessories that you can add to your room.

One really easy idea to change the feel of your room is to change out the lamps. Having good lighting allows the perfect 'glow' on every feature of a western room, and the lamps themselves should be both striking and practical.

Another idea is to throw on your couch a couple of cowhide pillows. No, you don’t need a lot, just a few to throw in with the other pillows on your couch and chairs. We promise - it's the perfect touch!

The last accessory that you need to complete your western themed room is a rug. No western themed room would be complete without the 'natural' and old-west feeling of a unique cowhide rug. When choosing the perfect rug, don’t worry, there is a rug that will fit your individual “western” style - we love the look of the holstein cowhide rug and the longhorn cowhide rug for the traditional western look. And Rawhide Company's cowhide rugs come in an array of colors and patterns - there's always something to fit ANY space.

So if you haven’t found the “perfect cowboy” or "little lady" to sit with and enjoy your room yet, it’s okay... just make these few quick changes and you will have the most charming “western” decorated space in the ‘country’!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Dining With Tasteful Decor

I bet you have never seen a cowhide rug and thought to yourself, “wow that would look amazing in my dining room.” Well it is time to change your mind; cowhide rugs are the perfect ‘ingredient’ for your dining room that will make you & your guests say “wow.”

We usually think of a dining room as a traditional place. A place that is cozy, that allows family time , and most of all a place to eat. All of these things are a “tradition” just like the décor of your dining room. When placing a cowhide rug in your dining room it isn't distasteful, but elegant and traditional. There are many options to consider when choosing a tasteful rug for your dining room.

The first option to consider is color. What color cowhide would flatter the color of your dining room? If you are trying to place a cowhide rug in a room that is already decorated, you should be very picky with the color of your rug. An option that is sure to flatter your room would be a solid color cowhide rug. A very neutral color might be best because in a dining room you want to feel the warmth. This is usually done by using earth tones such as brown and tans. On the contrary, you should avoid using bright busy colors. It is a known fact that red and orange can actually increase a person’s appetite….that is definitely not a good idea!

The second option to consider is: will the cowhide overwhelm my furniture? The answer is "No", a cowhide rug can be the perfect addition with any kind of furniture… you just have to find the right contrasting colors.

Natural wood is always goes great with a cowhide rug, but black furniture would flow great with an exotic zebra print cowhide.

Have you ever thought about how beautiful a dining room would be if you had a cheery wood table with a brindle tiger striped cowhide underneath it…simply breathtaking.

No matter what your idea of a traditional dining room might be, there is a cowhide rug that will tastefully meet your very own “traditional.”

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Quick Change Design Expert Advice

Need a quick decorating change in your house, something quick and easy? It is that time of the year for change and a refreshing touch to our homes.

Trying a new rug in a room is a very easy way to change the entire feeling of the room. And why not bring in a natural hair-on hide? Cowhide rugs come in many different colors and shapes and are all unique since they are natural.

Using a cowhide rug gives a space a touch of a little romance, classic style and excitement all at once. It is the perfect touch for any style of room, not just western decor. The rug adds great texture and pattern, movement and balance - to fill out a room and the natural shaping adds interest.

Rugs with solid colors or unique shapes can add a bold statement in most rooms as well. If you have a room that seems very busy, such as pattered furniture, or patterned wallpaper, it is best to go with a solid color rug.

Want something a little bolder? Something with a little more 'pop'? With the color choices of rugs these days being unlimited…it is easy to make a bold statement with a solid color. To draw contrast to a room you can use a opposite solid color rug to make it the focal point of the room and it will offset the dominate color of the room. Whatever your decorating style might be a solid color cowhide rug can emphasize it!

Another way to make your room “pop” is to use a patterned rug with a unique shape. When you decorate with different shapes such as the standard cowhide shape it can add dimension to your room. You should choose a patterned rug when the other parts of your room are more subtle. If you have busy wallpaper or furniture…it is not a good idea to try and match the rug to your designs. Patterned rugs can make for an amazing focal point if you have a room that is full of solids. It can make a room stand out. Your dull room can go to a spruced up well decorated area just by adding a rug!

If you are trying to spruce up a plain room you can add an “exotic” print rug, they are sure to add a little spunk to your room. Exotic patterns are used in high-end and rich interiors and are often very expensive. Add a touch of this exquisite style (a designer's secret!) to your room - for less with a cowhide rug.

No matter what you might need to make your room “refreshed” a cowhide rug can be a perfect addition. They come in solids and patterns, and tons of colors - therefore all of your decorating needs can be immediately met! Talk about a 'QUICK CHANGE'!

So the next time you need a quick fix to change the attitude of your room…Grab a new rug!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hip Kids Rooms

Let's face it - most kid's rooms are blue or pink, adorned with accessories and imagery that pertains to a sports or princess themes and are, at best - just like everyone else's room. Once your child reaches a certain age, he or she will want a more grown up look in their room.

For boys, why not opt for a western or rustic/lodge theme and accessorize with a cowhide rug? Depending on the floors - a natural colored brindle or salt and pepper cowhide rug can really give any room serious character - and a splash of grown-up elegance. Coupled with a nice wooden bed - this authentic and edgy look would make your boy the hippest kid in town - all his friends would be hanging out in the room with the cool cowhide.

For girls - it all depends on her style... For your little punk rocker - it might be a bright purple cowhide rug. Or, you might choose to use a turquoise or hot pink zebra print rug for a fun and funky young lady. Maybe you have a little DIVA in training - who wants to be more grown up and her taste would reflect the finer things - of which a beautiful baby cheetah print cowhide rug would definitely fit the bill in a more elegant and modern 'upscale' design. Girls can be difficult to design for because they are all so different. The great thing about cowhide rugs is that you can totally mix it up with so many colors and styles to choose from - depending on what sort of girl you're decorating for.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Decorating With "Rustic" Style

Rustic decorating wears many hats when it comes to 'style' lingo - including cottage, country and western styles - and many times, rustic can be very modern. The point of the style is to bring in a warm and natural feeling - and instill feelings of calm and relaxation. It is often associated with ski lodges, or vacation spots as well.

With rustic décor one would typically design with natural elements, such as grapevine and trees, natural horn antlers, and wildlife and in many earthy colors. You can have different textures with rustic décor - most popular being woods. No longer do all woods have to match - in fact; rustic décor is really about mixing your favorite types of woods and colors.

Imagine a beautiful oak table by a timeless hearth/fireplace, surrounded by a lovely natural rawhide rug with big cushions and pillows. Cowhide pillows will soften up the look of a chair and also provides additional comfort for you and your guests. Cowhides are a great way to tie in the rustic style to any interior. You can hang a cowhide on the wall, or place it on the floor in front of the fireplace - or anywhere to add in your desired look. Cowhides are a natural and beautiful accent which add warmth and nature to any design.

To achieve an even more rustic feel, tie in woodsy accent pieces such a coat trees, old mirrors, natural hide accessories, twigs, berries and many splashes of color - you will feel like you are at a rustic lodge in Aspen!

Rustic decorating has become a very popular way to decorate your home or office as it encourages a feel of tranquility and relaxation. You don’t have to live in the mountains to feel warm and secure.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Go Pink This Valentines Day

We know that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner - and the things that come to mind are pink flowers, pink candies, pink cards and more pink! But did you think of a pink cowhide? This makes a fun Valentine's Gift for young and old alike.

Pink is the color of happiness, elegance, romance and grace. Brighter pinks are young, fun and exciting and lighter pinks are soft and romantic and tranquil. Not only has pink been a huge color for this holiday, the pink ribbon is the recognized symbol of hope and awareness in the fight against breast cancer.

There are so many wonderful things you can feel with the color pink - and often people decorate their homes using different shades of pink or adding splashes of pink to their décor. Why not? The color pink is soft, yet strong or bold yet elegant and you can find some great cowhide rugs to add to your décor that will just fit the mold!

Now you can ad bold colors of pinks, purples, and greens to your cowhide and add that awesome splash or pop that you were needing. Great for decorating girl’s rooms (small or teen) or adding some color to a bedroom for softness or living or dining area.

When choosing a cowhide rug with a pink color you can choose a solid pink, pink and black variety, bold pink or fuchsia or a natural cowhide that has a hint of light pale pink. A pink zebra is great too for the room decorated with a zebra or animal print.

A great benefit of a cowhide rug is that it is naturally skid resistant and easy to clean to make it extremely durable in whatever room you add your new addition to.

So, this Valentine’s Day, think PINK and about all the possibilities!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Year - NEW COLOR

For 2010, it's all about COLOR!

If you are thinking of purchasing a new home, or remodeling and refreshing your current living space, adding new colors is an easy way bring back a dull area. Paintwork, rugs, wall hangings or additional accessories can be a great way to start a new look - especially with the new year’s hot colors.

For 2010, African influence will play a large role with interior colors ranging through the greens, smokey blues, sand and curry tones, and some mauves with touch of copper. Accent your room with an exotic print rug such as the Rawhide Company brown zebra print cowhide: not only will it bring the African influence into the space, it has those popular copper and sand tones as well to add a pop of color.

The eco-friendly trend is still king this year, and since we are all try to “go green” and protect our world, the colors are following suit with grey timber, deep amber and turquoise (The color choice for 2010) bringing tranquility of mind, earth elements and the sky directly to your space.

For the modern look, stick with deep water blues, mints, lilacs, violets and greens with warm pinks, gold tones and light amber.

In the kitchen, head back to the Farmers Market and food vendors with delicious palettes of rich colors like tomato paste, wine, lemons and green apples. A beautiful Dijon colored mustard yellow and chilies will surely stir up the appetite. Another trend for kitchens this year is eye opening coffee flavored colors, cognac and hues of denim and soft sage and stucco.

In the bedroom, lavender will be the hot color pick, portraying luxury and elegance provoking warmth and comfort.

There is no longer a need to spend thousands when you want a change, simply add some paint, or purchase some new rugs, pillows or interior design accessories to bring in some colors.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Interior design obstacles

Have a design dilemma? Looking for something to add the finishing touch to a room or space you’ve been working on? Do you have an awkward shaped room? Are you stumped on how and where to add color to your room?

Rugs are an essential addition to any room and are no longer limited to traditional styles as in years past. Many interior designers feel that if you carefully choose a rug sized for your space it will add value to the furniture, artwork and fixtures, leaving plain and boring carpet or flooring a thing of the past.

Cowhide rugs
are often thought of first when considering that final addition to enhance the living space - whether it’s in an upscale condo or an elegant Victorian design. Cowhide rugs and cowhide décor accessories solve your design problems in many ways:

Durability: Cowhide rugs are an extremely durable rug!
Clean: These rugs are masters of disguise with regard to hiding most dirt and pet hair – and can be cleaned easily.
Variety: You have many colors and varieties to choose from, black and white, tan, wild colors, or solids. You can even order a swatch to see what you like first.
Shape: Cowhide rugs bring some “life” to places that otherwise might be stale or plain, with their organic shapes and natural coloration.
Arrangement: You can arrange cowhide rugs any way you want: you don’t have to be predictable. You can toss on the floor at an angle or stretch out for a common “sitting area” in a small or large space.

Whatever your design complication is, you can bet that rawhide rugs, whatever your choice is going to be the perfect fit and addition to your area.