Saturday, January 2, 2010

Interior design obstacles

Have a design dilemma? Looking for something to add the finishing touch to a room or space you’ve been working on? Do you have an awkward shaped room? Are you stumped on how and where to add color to your room?

Rugs are an essential addition to any room and are no longer limited to traditional styles as in years past. Many interior designers feel that if you carefully choose a rug sized for your space it will add value to the furniture, artwork and fixtures, leaving plain and boring carpet or flooring a thing of the past.

Cowhide rugs
are often thought of first when considering that final addition to enhance the living space - whether it’s in an upscale condo or an elegant Victorian design. Cowhide rugs and cowhide décor accessories solve your design problems in many ways:

Durability: Cowhide rugs are an extremely durable rug!
Clean: These rugs are masters of disguise with regard to hiding most dirt and pet hair – and can be cleaned easily.
Variety: You have many colors and varieties to choose from, black and white, tan, wild colors, or solids. You can even order a swatch to see what you like first.
Shape: Cowhide rugs bring some “life” to places that otherwise might be stale or plain, with their organic shapes and natural coloration.
Arrangement: You can arrange cowhide rugs any way you want: you don’t have to be predictable. You can toss on the floor at an angle or stretch out for a common “sitting area” in a small or large space.

Whatever your design complication is, you can bet that rawhide rugs, whatever your choice is going to be the perfect fit and addition to your area.

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