Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Year - NEW COLOR

For 2010, it's all about COLOR!

If you are thinking of purchasing a new home, or remodeling and refreshing your current living space, adding new colors is an easy way bring back a dull area. Paintwork, rugs, wall hangings or additional accessories can be a great way to start a new look - especially with the new year’s hot colors.

For 2010, African influence will play a large role with interior colors ranging through the greens, smokey blues, sand and curry tones, and some mauves with touch of copper. Accent your room with an exotic print rug such as the Rawhide Company brown zebra print cowhide: not only will it bring the African influence into the space, it has those popular copper and sand tones as well to add a pop of color.

The eco-friendly trend is still king this year, and since we are all try to “go green” and protect our world, the colors are following suit with grey timber, deep amber and turquoise (The color choice for 2010) bringing tranquility of mind, earth elements and the sky directly to your space.

For the modern look, stick with deep water blues, mints, lilacs, violets and greens with warm pinks, gold tones and light amber.

In the kitchen, head back to the Farmers Market and food vendors with delicious palettes of rich colors like tomato paste, wine, lemons and green apples. A beautiful Dijon colored mustard yellow and chilies will surely stir up the appetite. Another trend for kitchens this year is eye opening coffee flavored colors, cognac and hues of denim and soft sage and stucco.

In the bedroom, lavender will be the hot color pick, portraying luxury and elegance provoking warmth and comfort.

There is no longer a need to spend thousands when you want a change, simply add some paint, or purchase some new rugs, pillows or interior design accessories to bring in some colors.

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