Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hip Kids Rooms

Let's face it - most kid's rooms are blue or pink, adorned with accessories and imagery that pertains to a sports or princess themes and are, at best - just like everyone else's room. Once your child reaches a certain age, he or she will want a more grown up look in their room.

For boys, why not opt for a western or rustic/lodge theme and accessorize with a cowhide rug? Depending on the floors - a natural colored brindle or salt and pepper cowhide rug can really give any room serious character - and a splash of grown-up elegance. Coupled with a nice wooden bed - this authentic and edgy look would make your boy the hippest kid in town - all his friends would be hanging out in the room with the cool cowhide.

For girls - it all depends on her style... For your little punk rocker - it might be a bright purple cowhide rug. Or, you might choose to use a turquoise or hot pink zebra print rug for a fun and funky young lady. Maybe you have a little DIVA in training - who wants to be more grown up and her taste would reflect the finer things - of which a beautiful baby cheetah print cowhide rug would definitely fit the bill in a more elegant and modern 'upscale' design. Girls can be difficult to design for because they are all so different. The great thing about cowhide rugs is that you can totally mix it up with so many colors and styles to choose from - depending on what sort of girl you're decorating for.

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