Thursday, March 11, 2010

Quick Change Design Expert Advice

Need a quick decorating change in your house, something quick and easy? It is that time of the year for change and a refreshing touch to our homes.

Trying a new rug in a room is a very easy way to change the entire feeling of the room. And why not bring in a natural hair-on hide? Cowhide rugs come in many different colors and shapes and are all unique since they are natural.

Using a cowhide rug gives a space a touch of a little romance, classic style and excitement all at once. It is the perfect touch for any style of room, not just western decor. The rug adds great texture and pattern, movement and balance - to fill out a room and the natural shaping adds interest.

Rugs with solid colors or unique shapes can add a bold statement in most rooms as well. If you have a room that seems very busy, such as pattered furniture, or patterned wallpaper, it is best to go with a solid color rug.

Want something a little bolder? Something with a little more 'pop'? With the color choices of rugs these days being unlimited…it is easy to make a bold statement with a solid color. To draw contrast to a room you can use a opposite solid color rug to make it the focal point of the room and it will offset the dominate color of the room. Whatever your decorating style might be a solid color cowhide rug can emphasize it!

Another way to make your room “pop” is to use a patterned rug with a unique shape. When you decorate with different shapes such as the standard cowhide shape it can add dimension to your room. You should choose a patterned rug when the other parts of your room are more subtle. If you have busy wallpaper or furniture…it is not a good idea to try and match the rug to your designs. Patterned rugs can make for an amazing focal point if you have a room that is full of solids. It can make a room stand out. Your dull room can go to a spruced up well decorated area just by adding a rug!

If you are trying to spruce up a plain room you can add an “exotic” print rug, they are sure to add a little spunk to your room. Exotic patterns are used in high-end and rich interiors and are often very expensive. Add a touch of this exquisite style (a designer's secret!) to your room - for less with a cowhide rug.

No matter what you might need to make your room “refreshed” a cowhide rug can be a perfect addition. They come in solids and patterns, and tons of colors - therefore all of your decorating needs can be immediately met! Talk about a 'QUICK CHANGE'!

So the next time you need a quick fix to change the attitude of your room…Grab a new rug!

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