Saturday, April 24, 2010

Give Mom Something Unique This Mother's Day

Don't you know?

ALL moms love to accessorize! All moms love serious style... and all moms love ndecorating and rejuvenating the the home with something that's new, quick and easy as an addition to the design. All moms love it when the home can be instantly transformed with a new look. Why not get her a totally unique gift that will do just that this Mother's Day?

Buying a stylin’ something special, for that stylin’ special Mom is easy! At Rawhide Company we have the hippest, in-style, and most unique cowhide rugs around. Get her a cowhide rug that will instantly transform any room in the house.

Is your Mom the type of Mom that might like the traditional cowhide rug, such as an original Holstein Cowhide rug? Or does she lean more to the wilder, more exotic style? Maybe she's into solid and monochrome colors in her spaces. Either way, we have the rug for her.

We've taken time out to help you select the perfect cowhide rug for the perfect super special mom this Mother's Day.

The first rug that all Moms are sure to love is the exotic zebra brown cowhide. This rug will certainly be the center of attention in the middle of the room or on the wall. It's also the perfect accessory under a table, to accent beautiful natural woods in a traditional setting.

The second rug that is a great gift idea for 'her' - is the solid black cowhide rug. This rug is truly an exquisite design, it's simplicity alone being it's strongest point. A huge splash of bold black, goes with about any style interior.

Other great things about buying a rug with Rawhide Company is that we offer free shipping and fantastic customer service. Since all of our items are usually in stock, we can ship immediately. The other good thing about purchasing with us, is that we have easy returns and exchanges.

So, if you are in a last minute bind to find that perfect gift for mom, buy her a gift she is sure to USE, LOVE and REMEMBER.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Walls are for COWHIDES!

Cowhide rugs seem too elegant and beautiful to sit on the floor and get stepped on. But they are sturdy and tough! But if it still hurts your heart to put a beautiful cowhide rug on the floor, or if you need a splash of color or pattern on the WALL instead - sweep it up and place it on the wall for an extraordinary focal point.

When hanging a natural cowhide on the wall, you will need a lot of patience and a little bit of time but, your newly decorated room will thank you.

The first step in hanging your hide is gathering your materials. You will need a tall ladder that is able to reach to the ceiling, a hammer, a lot of little thin nails, and another person to help! Remember that hides can be very heavy depending on the size - so hanging them on the wall requires a lot of support.

You cannot use lots of big screws because it might damage the cowhide …that is why it calls for a lot of little nails.

Next, you will need to make sure that you have a wall that is big enough for the cowhide. This means that you will need to measure the hide and your wall space to make sure that it will fit.

Third, you will need to hold the cowhide up against the wall to see how it needs to be positioned. This is where your helper comes in. Turn it all different ways to make sure that it is the way that maximizes your space the most.

When you get the hide into position place a small thin nail at the top of the hide closest to the ceiling. Then, begin to nail all the way around the hide. Make sure that all the wrinkles and bumps are out of the hide, and that it is secure.

Last, Stand back and admire your newest piece of artwork. I assure you it will look extraordinary in your room and be a hit with all your friends.

Want to stand out? Try a cowhide rug on the wall - it's unique, natural and very effective at bringing pattern, color and texture to your space.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cowhide Rugs And Pullows In Western Themed Spaces

Decorating in western décor does not have to scream “YEEE-HAWW.” It doesn’t have to have pictures of horses hanging up all over the room, it doesn’t have to have oversized wood furniture, and it doesn’t need steer skulls. All it needs is a hint of deep colors, and rough textured accessories.

The first touch to a western theme space is the color of the walls. When thinking of the word “western” you probably are thinking about the "Old West", and this is something to keep in mind when choosing the color of your paint. Most western themed décor is in a setting with a warmer color, such as taupe or a brown. Sometimes a deep red is the right option for your western style room. One good idea is to go to a local library or look in magazines at old west pictures, and look at the color themes they used. Also, keep in mind the colors of your furniture and accessories. This will help you with the colors that should fit in your room.

Once your walls are a color that suits you and your “western” knack, you will need accessories for your room. Or, you may already have some accessories to re-purpose. Accessories are a quick change for any room. There are a variety of western themed accessories that you can add to your room.

One really easy idea to change the feel of your room is to change out the lamps. Having good lighting allows the perfect 'glow' on every feature of a western room, and the lamps themselves should be both striking and practical.

Another idea is to throw on your couch a couple of cowhide pillows. No, you don’t need a lot, just a few to throw in with the other pillows on your couch and chairs. We promise - it's the perfect touch!

The last accessory that you need to complete your western themed room is a rug. No western themed room would be complete without the 'natural' and old-west feeling of a unique cowhide rug. When choosing the perfect rug, don’t worry, there is a rug that will fit your individual “western” style - we love the look of the holstein cowhide rug and the longhorn cowhide rug for the traditional western look. And Rawhide Company's cowhide rugs come in an array of colors and patterns - there's always something to fit ANY space.

So if you haven’t found the “perfect cowboy” or "little lady" to sit with and enjoy your room yet, it’s okay... just make these few quick changes and you will have the most charming “western” decorated space in the ‘country’!