Monday, May 10, 2010

The Most Unique Graduation Gifts

No, we don't have cowhide caps and gowns - but it'd be cool, wouldn't it?

Certainly we all have young people in our lives (and maybe some old!) who are graduating this May and crossing a bridge to a new part of their life.

As we graduate high school and go off to college, or graduate college and go off to LIFE, we truly prize the gifts that are thoughtful AND useful.

Looking back, I am sure we all received something we thought was special at the time - that we never ever used. Or, maybe you're like me - and received money, and blew it on things I no longer have, and can't even remember who sent me what.

But if you want to get your graduate something they'll REMEMBER FOREVER, and be able to use ALL THEIR LIFE - consider a cowhide rug!

And it can even be SUPER meaningful AND personalized! For example - for those graduating from University of Texas - here's the perfect UT Longhorn Graduate Gift: a real Longhorn cowhide rug. We also have Longhorn placemats – available for purchase by telephone only at this time. The Longhorn Pattern Cowhide rugs add a timeless and rustic dab of color to any space. At Rawhide Company - we have three standard varieties of Longhorn rugs: Longhorn Black, Longhorn Brown and Longhorn Red.

Certainly, it doesn't matter WHAT school your graduate is celebrating victory with. We have an array of cowhide rugs, with a mix of patterns and colors for ANY style or ANY size space.

You might look at our bright colored cowhide rugs to select a rug in the color of your graduate's school. For example - maybe the PURPLE Cowhide Rug would be a great gift for the LSU graduate.

Or, for the Georgia Bulldog Graduate Gift that will be remembered forever - a black and red cowhide rug - there it is! Their school colors, durable for a lifetime that will actually be usable in their living space - and add style - and best of all - something they'll always remember!

What makes this gift:

What makes a cowhide rug such a great graduate gift is that it is something they can use in their new home, apartment or living space. It's something that can fit their personal and individual STYLE, and become a part of their home, and history - as it's a durable accessory for the home that will last them a lifetime.

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