Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer Patio Style

Across the country, people are spending more time outdoors when at home, in their backyard, or on a patio.

Americans spend millions of dollars each year building decks, laying tile, custom paving or staining concrete, building wooden awnings, and landscape designs to accent the space with fresh plants and foilage - all in the effort to enjoy the open air when at home.

Many design a backyard or pool area, or patio specifically for entertaining. More and more - interior designers are being hired to build outdoor kitchens and eating areas, luxurious sitting areas with fireplaces or fire pits, stand-alone bars - in people's BACKYARDS.

So if you're going to spend money on a backyard oasis, why not ensure it's super-fashionable and the talk of the town - by accenting your exterior design with a cowhide rug?

It's important to make sure your patio or outdoor sitting area utilizes durable and high quality furniture and accessories. Common materials used in outdoor furniture steel, teak wood, cedar wood, aluminum and other durable materials. Why not couple these hardy pieces with a cowhide rug? A cowhide accent rug is an easy way to bring a pop of color, as well as texture and pattern to an exterior design - and it can be minimal & modern, wild, traditional, western - whatever the style - it'll be COOL. Plus, a cowhide rug will look simply spectacular with these woods, metals, concrete and other elements of exterior design.

Certainly - if you have rain - you'll want to bring your cowhide rug indoors. But utilizing a cowhide rug outdoors will keep it fresh and clean; it's durable and beautiful - bringing a serious sense of style to your patio or exterior space.

Keep your patio or exterior living space HIP and COOL with a cowhide rug!

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