Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Who wants a COOL KITCHEN?

A kitchen is usually a smaller space, many times with a “food” themed décor. With this ongoing pattern of traditional décor, kitchens are becoming extremely out of date, with many of the old-school trends landing on the interior decorators list of "Do Not’s"! Don't be on the wrong list; instead - we offer some "decorator DO'S" for your kitchen!

One great idea to add texture, color and a sense of style to any culinary space - is to utilize a cowhide rug. There was a beautiful cowhide rug featured on the Pioneer Woman's website and again in Southern Living magazine. Located at the ranch in her "LODGE" project - Ree Drummond (Shown left at "the LODGE") used a small rug in her open design. It adds texture, pattern and color to her space and couples nicely with the wood floor and cabinetry, as well as the other 'rustic' and 'western' accents but retains a look that is high-end, elegant and clean.

If your kitchen is large, without an island, a regular cowhide sized rug might be the focal point of your kitchen. If you have an island/bar, a large cowhide rug is probably not your best option because the rug will overwhelm your kitchen. The best rug would be a “small” rug, which is about 3.5X3.5. This size rug would look good in front of your stove or in front of your sink area.

Since kitchens are small areas, sometimes a decorative rug won't work for your design plan. If your kitchen is small, but has a counter - consider a rug under your bar area, or even as a wall hanging.

If a rug won't work at all in your kitchen, and you just need to add some pattern or texture to your kitchen space - why not just put an 'accent' of cowhide in your kitchen? You might use cowhide chairs, or other accents with cowhide.

COWHIDE IDEA! We have samples (small squares) and small hides that are often used in crafts. The samples might be a perfect coaster, or patches put into a frame on the wall or fashioned into a mosaic for the kitchen. These small patches are perfect for that added 'something' that will not take over your kitchen. When using the sample patches you could even line your canisters with the patches. Cowhide canisters can be just the perfect hint of color and pattern in a kitchen.

Cow hide in the kitchen. Just remember, when using cowhide in the kitchen, be creative, pick your colors wisely, and go “small.”

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