Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Cowhide History: Always Natural, Always Unique

Cowhides, like cows themselves - have a rich and unique history.

Each hide pattern is unique, and no two hides will ever be exactly the same. Some of the more popular cowhide breeds are the Holstein and the Longhorn.

The Holstein breed originated almost 2,000 years ago in the Netherlands. The black cows and white cows of the Batavians and Friesians were bred, and they eventually evolved genetically into the black and white cows known today as the Holstein-Friesian. These are the standard of the 'dairy cow' image, and you see this breed on the Chick-Fil-A commercials and signs.

The Longhorn cattle breed became the bedrock of the American cattle industry in the newly discovered Americas a little over 500 years ago. The first herds were driven northward out of Mexico to a mission near the Sabine River in Texas. The early missions and settlers would not easily survive in this new environment, but the Longhorn did.

Natural cowhides
come in a variety of colors and patterns. At Raw Hide Company, colors range from the classic black and white cowhide, to the multicolor speckled salt and pepper cowhides, to brindle cowhides (which have a natural “stripe” down the middle) to solid blonde, white, or black. Some cowhides are individually silkscreened using wild-animal skinprints to give the hide the look of a zebra, tiger, jaguar or leopard.

Cowhides have many useful purposes – from main area and accent rugs to wall hangings, to sofa throws or pillows and - the uses are endless. Since no two hides will ever be the same, each can be considered its own little work of art. Use anywhere in your home or office to fit your own unique personality.

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