Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Efficient Cycle Of Life

We know it's hard for some people to purchase a real, hair-on hide for use as a rug. For many, it seems very inhumane, that a gentle creature such as a cow would be skinned just so it's beautiful coat. But that's not the case.

As you know, many people have no hesitation eating beef, or carrying a leather handbag. A cowhide rug is really no different - it's important to emphasize that in nearly all situations where hides are harvested (and definitely with our line of rugs) the cow was to be slaughtered anyway - for it's meat.

Anytime a cow is slaughtered for meat, the hide/skin is removed. The hides are then sorted, salted and tanned for added longevity and durability. Other, smaller or less-than-perfect skins are often used in the custom designed cowhide rugs (i.e. - a patchwork cowhide rug), or cowhide pillows to be used as an accent.

So next time you're considering spicing up your space, and have a hesitation about purchasing a beautiful cowhide rug because it feels 'inhumane'... look at it a bit differently. It's actually a way to really utilize all parts of the animal - bring it's beauty into your home to provide real purpose and style to your room for years to come.

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