Sunday, August 22, 2010

Back To School STYLE

It's that time of the year - thousands of young adults are making the journey (maybe close, maybe far...) to college to begin or continue their educational career. And if it's the beginning of the college experience, chances are - they're going to be making home in a dormitory.

Dorm rooms aren't all alike - some are a pretty good size, others are matchboxes. In some dorms, you share a bathroom with the entire floor - and in others you get your own private bathroom. Whatever sort of dorm room you or your blooming young adult have - one question remains for all college students moving into the dorm room: "How can I make this room more personal, or more like home?"

Making your dorm room feel a little more like home is easy! Here's some dorm room decorating tips!
ADD COLOR - no matter what your style, adding a pop of color to any space can not only have a direct effect on your mood, but it can transform it into your own personal 'zone'. Hands down - the easiest way to add a huge splash of color is to add a rug. Girls might choose to throw in pinks, reds or greens - easily done with a hot-pink cowhide rug - while the guys might opt for something a bit more masculine - like a navy blue cowhide rug.
Place lots of pictures - put lots of pictures of your friend and family. This will help you keep them on your mind - and help you stay inspired.

Many use our natural cowhide rugs to craft their own, personal style with many objects and accessories used in interior spaces. If you love the look of natural hair-on hide, get a cowhide and use it to create several accessories for your dorm room - such as photo frames, cowhide pillows, desk accessories and more.

The key to making your dorm room more 'personal' is to add your own personal style whenever you can. Get creative - and use beautiful and personalized resources to create a beautiful and personalized space. And above all - HAVE FUN.

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