Friday, August 6, 2010

Professional Spaces, Cowhide Graces

Decorating with cowhide rugs has become a huge favorite of interior designers. The warmth and durability of these rugs is amazing. They can help turn a very simple environment into a very stylish one. A great room to use these in, but often overlooked, is the home office or professional space.

A cowhide rug in a home office can give the room a rustic, but modern touch. The combination of the cowhide rug with a leather chair and a metal desk is very chic. Or you can go with deep, rich colors on the wall with overstuffed leather furniture, a big wooden desk and a beautiful brindle cowhide rug for a very grand, masculine look. Or perhaps you would like to channel your inner African Big Game Hunter style - opt for one of our exotic cowhides printed to resemble (and very closely, too) a zebra rug.

Another fabulous option would be in a doctor or dentist office. Imagine the calm feeling the patients would get if the waiting area had a beautiful cowhide rug. The cold, sterile waiting room would instantly have the warm feeling of home. In a pediatrician’s office, the sight of a tiger cowhide rug might illicit wonder and giggles instead of fear from a nervous child.

Decorating a place of business can be tricky. You want your office space to be inviting and pleasant, yet remain professional in appearance and atmosphere. A cowhide rug will add texture and pattern to make your office space a more pleasant and productive environment. A calm, comfortable work place will give way to positive energy which results in good productivity – a win, win in any business environment!

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