Saturday, September 18, 2010

Natural Style With Solid Neutral Colors

It might be that your interior space needs to come down a notch. We often go on and on about adding a 'splash of color' or pattern, texture or some other element of design. But sometimes, it's easy to over-think things, and as a result - overdo the design too.

If you have a room or space that is just 'too much' - maybe it's time to scale back on design elements to simplify things a bit. An easy way to do that is to incorporate solid accessories (with no pattern, or line) that are in neutral colors.

The Rawhide Company's new monochrome collection of cowhide rugs makes this very easy. By simply adding a solid color cowhide rug (in place of a patterned one, or in addition to a patterned space elsewhere) - you are adding a nice amount of space that is one color. Don't forget - to bring things down, you don't want to use the wild color cowhide rugs (this takes it back 'up a notch!')- you want a natural color cowhide rug. And what's even better - is that with a cowhide, you get to keep another element of design as well - without it being too distracting: texture.

So if you're looking to have a more relaxing, toned-down look in your space, try adding large areas of solid, neutral color. You can accomplish this too, by adding solid wall coverings, window treatments/curtains and other accessories in your design.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

For Serious Football Fans Only

Football season is officially underway with NFL starting this week - and Rawhide Company has a brilliant idea - but be warned - it's for SERIOUS football fans ONLY.

Why not decorate your media room or game room with a solid color cowhide rug from Rawhide Company - in the color of your favorite team?

Miami Dolphins fans might opt for a sea blue cowhide rug. San Francisco 49'ers, Washington Redskins, Arizonal Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons fans could choose a red cowhide rug - which would not only be the color of their favorite team - but it's a power color to boot and has great meaning in Feng Shui!

Dallas Cowboy fans could sport a super-cool navy blue cowhide rug, while the Oakland Raiders, Tampa Bay and several other teams use basic black as their alternate color - and so a black cowhide rug works well.

Fan of College Football? The colors are the same - and can be mixed and matched - we even have the TCU Frogs Purple cowhide rug.

Now - go show your spirit!

Friday, September 3, 2010

New Natural Monochrome Collection

Rawhide Company is pleased to offer a new category of high quality, genuine hair-on cowhide rugs - the Monochrome Cowhide Collection. We've always had the hides, but now we're growing this category due to high demand of this specific style.

It's very likely the high demand for these specific colors is that the color trends for interiors are leaning towards anything 'natural' and 'eco-friendly' for this Fall and into 2011.

With soft and subtle, natural colored cowhide rugs that blend into any interior - you can choose from several different hues to compliment your design. Tans, khakis, whites, creams, browns and even shades of black - add color, texture and shape to your design - instantly - and in an affordable way.

These colors are not only aesthetically pleasing - but they occur naturally and are genuine cowhide colors. Don't be late with style in your interior - get ahead of the game with a natural cowhide rug.