Sunday, September 12, 2010

For Serious Football Fans Only

Football season is officially underway with NFL starting this week - and Rawhide Company has a brilliant idea - but be warned - it's for SERIOUS football fans ONLY.

Why not decorate your media room or game room with a solid color cowhide rug from Rawhide Company - in the color of your favorite team?

Miami Dolphins fans might opt for a sea blue cowhide rug. San Francisco 49'ers, Washington Redskins, Arizonal Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons fans could choose a red cowhide rug - which would not only be the color of their favorite team - but it's a power color to boot and has great meaning in Feng Shui!

Dallas Cowboy fans could sport a super-cool navy blue cowhide rug, while the Oakland Raiders, Tampa Bay and several other teams use basic black as their alternate color - and so a black cowhide rug works well.

Fan of College Football? The colors are the same - and can be mixed and matched - we even have the TCU Frogs Purple cowhide rug.

Now - go show your spirit!

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