Saturday, September 18, 2010

Natural Style With Solid Neutral Colors

It might be that your interior space needs to come down a notch. We often go on and on about adding a 'splash of color' or pattern, texture or some other element of design. But sometimes, it's easy to over-think things, and as a result - overdo the design too.

If you have a room or space that is just 'too much' - maybe it's time to scale back on design elements to simplify things a bit. An easy way to do that is to incorporate solid accessories (with no pattern, or line) that are in neutral colors.

The Rawhide Company's new monochrome collection of cowhide rugs makes this very easy. By simply adding a solid color cowhide rug (in place of a patterned one, or in addition to a patterned space elsewhere) - you are adding a nice amount of space that is one color. Don't forget - to bring things down, you don't want to use the wild color cowhide rugs (this takes it back 'up a notch!')- you want a natural color cowhide rug. And what's even better - is that with a cowhide, you get to keep another element of design as well - without it being too distracting: texture.

So if you're looking to have a more relaxing, toned-down look in your space, try adding large areas of solid, neutral color. You can accomplish this too, by adding solid wall coverings, window treatments/curtains and other accessories in your design.

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