Friday, September 3, 2010

New Natural Monochrome Collection

Rawhide Company is pleased to offer a new category of high quality, genuine hair-on cowhide rugs - the Monochrome Cowhide Collection. We've always had the hides, but now we're growing this category due to high demand of this specific style.

It's very likely the high demand for these specific colors is that the color trends for interiors are leaning towards anything 'natural' and 'eco-friendly' for this Fall and into 2011.

With soft and subtle, natural colored cowhide rugs that blend into any interior - you can choose from several different hues to compliment your design. Tans, khakis, whites, creams, browns and even shades of black - add color, texture and shape to your design - instantly - and in an affordable way.

These colors are not only aesthetically pleasing - but they occur naturally and are genuine cowhide colors. Don't be late with style in your interior - get ahead of the game with a natural cowhide rug.

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