Sunday, October 17, 2010

Express Your Individuality With A Unique Cowhide Rug

While surfing the Internet the other day for new and different decorating ideas, I found a bonanza. Cowhides. Why not? They’re durable, expressive, and can be dyed any color or pattern. The closer I looked, the more I realized that like people, each natural cowhide has a personality unlike any other. Some are naturally flashy.

And if you want colorful or flashy, Rawhide Company can definitely do both with Wild Colors and Solid Colors. Whether you’re creating a sports motif with your team’s colors, a teen expression nook in a bedroom, or a game spot in the family room, there’s a color and pattern just right for each situation.

Along that line, I want to decorate a special place for the man in my life—something I that screams his personality while claiming the room as his private domain. Yeah, a Man Cave. The rich Brindle cowhide patterns and colors lend themselves for the more reserve retreat for head of the house. What a great project. I’m envisioning a paneled room outfitted with sturdy leather furniture accented with several cowhide pillows, a giant television with surround sound on the wall, a couple of and built-in refrigerator. Whoa! Isn’t it great how to find a few marvelous pieces like the rugs and pillows, then build an entire room around them?!

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