Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wishing You A Cowhide Christmas

Here at Rawhide Company - we sell the finest cowhide rugs and cowhide accessories you can buy - and provide the best prices and customer care. You won't find a bigger selection of quality genuine hair-on hides than you will here! And, we like to encourage creativity from time to time - and found some great ideas for having a Cowhide Christmas on the internet.

We have customers who take our cowhides and make great things with them - pillows (although we do sell some breathtakingly beautiful cowhide pillows!) photo frames, belts - they use them for wall and bed coverings, and other things beyond just a rug.

This holiday, we've found some great ideas for celebrating with cowhide, including a cow hide tree skirt and cowhide stockings! There are tons of western stores and craft sites that offer products like this for purchase, but what a fun way to spend time with your family - making really unique and stand-apart family traditions you can enjoy for years to come.

Cow hides are so durable, easy-to-keep, naturally beautiful and stylish - you might just create a family heirloom that lasts season to season.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Natural Hides in 20th Century Design

Natural, hair-on hides are mankind’s oldest textiles.

Originally sought out in the distant past for their durability, warmth, and versatility, ancient man worked with natural hides to create clothes, containers, and even shelter.

In the Middle Ages, as merchants in Europe, the Americas and the Far East began to trade in a wider variety of textiles, man also grew to value natural hides for their aesthetic and symbolic qualities. Well-to-do individuals would display exotic rugs in their homes as signs of prosperity and to provide insight into their travels and experiences.

Today, the functional and aesthetic qualities of cowhide rugs continue to make them a valuable medium for expression by artisans, interior designers, and consumers.

Hair-on hides and their derivative products appear constantly in modern fashion and interior design, and are appreciated as much for the craftsmanship behind them and their natural beauty as for their intrinsic functional qualities and versatility.

They appear in countless forms around the modern household, including natural or stitched rugs and wall hangings, fine upholstery, accessories, and accents.

So how does one incorporate natural hides into living or work spaces?

Before using this beautiful and durable material, all one needs is a brief introduction to the historical use of natural hides in 20th century interior design, and an overview of the design considerations one should employ when using natural hides in the home. No other textile, when used correctly, has as profound an impact on interior space as natural hides. For, as Leonardo Da Vinci put it, “man will never find an invention more beautiful or more simple than nature.”

Rawhide Company has a beautiful selection of natural cowhide rugs and cowhide accessories for the home.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cowhide Rug Sale Cyber Monday

Tomorrow, all day - you can enjoy exclusive opportunities on select quality cowhide products from Rawhide Company. Your savings choices include $100 off our Chocolate Brown Longhorn Cow Hide Rug, huge savings on beautiful designer off-white cowhide area rugs, and 30% off our mixed-tricolor cowhide pillow.

Shop online all day or call us toll free: 1-866-586-2901

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Curls Happen

If you own a cowhide rug, you know first-hand they will curl on the corners. But there are things you can do to prepare and help avoid the curling.

The edges of a cowhide rug curl because the leather fibers that line the outside of the rug dry out faster than those at the thickest point inside the cowhide. Curling doesn’t mean you have purchased or own a poor quality cowhide rug; environmental influences can curl them all.

The best way to prevent your rug from curling is to keep it out of direct sunlight or intense heat.

Also, be careful when vacuuming over your cowhide – at times the vacuum can cause some fraying and curling of your rug.

If the curling of the rug is bothersome, simply fold over the inflicted portion of the rug and lightly spray water on its back end. Then, slowly massage water into the rug, and then you should fold it back over and apply pressure for a short amount of time. If this doesn’t work, begin trimming little portions of leather from the curling area and you should be set.

Curling just happens - so learning what to do about it is just part of being a cowhide owner.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Beautiful Cowhide Rug Featured In Style At Home Magazine

We're excited to share that Rawhide Company was mentioned in the Style at Home Magazine -November 2011 Issue. This image, features a super-classy and minimalist silver metallic and white cowhide rug.

Although viewed as rustic and traditional, cowhide rugs can also easily create a modern, clean and crisp feel as referred in the magazine to for the Christmas and holiday season.

Designer Jessica Kelly paired Rawhide Company's light silver & white cowhide rug with grays and blacks and with dashes of color to accent the masculine and metropolitan-style living space. If course, an added perk to cowhide style is it's durability as demonstrated by it being displayed under a sturdy modern coffee table to finish the holiday look.

Diversity in design is important, and cowhide rugs are great accents to contemporary, vintage, French country, masculine, youth, classic and even industrial-style rooms.

View Rawhide Company's wonderful selection of diverse and clean cowhide rugs and make this your own season of memories.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Rawhide Company Cowhide Rug Featured on ABC's "WIPEOUT"

Now that's a unique use for a cowhide rug! The red & black holstein pattern cowhide rug was sold to ABC's summer hit "WIPEOUT" and proved a durable and attractive way to bring life to the mechanical bull in their silly stunt.

Cowhide rugs are a durable and fashionable way to liven up your home, AND your mechanical bull!

Friday, October 14, 2011

How To Patch Your Cowhide Rug

Hides are tough, no doubt about that. In their natural setting, on the back of an animal, that is - they are naturally durable; meant to last a lifetime. What they aren't meant for, are shoes on the feet of human pedestrians walking atop them day in and out. Over time, it's very possible that a small hole, or tear - or very thin spot might start to show on your natural cowhide rug. And this doesn't just go for cowhide rugs, it's also true for nearly any type of animal skin/natural hide rug including bear skin, zebra rugs, etc.

Or, perhaps something was spilled on your cowhide rug, or even burned or accidentally torn or cut. Whatever the situation - rest assured that your natural hide can be repaired.

Easy Repair Process

1/ Get your patch. Most natural hides follow the natural shape of the animal, and have similar coloration, naturally, throughout. This means, you can easily pull your patch material right from the same rug. Find an edge where you can spare a few centimeters of similarly colored hide as the area you want to repair. You will have to use a utility knife to get through the backing. If this is impossible, or you simply don't want to cut from the perimeter of the rug, another option is to just buy a sample piece of hide in the same style or color. (Rawhide Company provides good sized cowhide samples for only $24.95!)

2/Prepare your hide & patch. Place a work board behind the area of the rug you are working to repair. Being careful not to take too much, cut a small square around the damaged spot. Do not cut through the backing of the hide. Then, use this square to match your patch as best as you can to ensure that the colors and patterns are the best match possible and that your patch is sized appropriately. The hairs should be laying in the same direction on the patch, as they were in your damaged area.

3/Place backing on the patch. You can use carpet backing, or even thickset felt. Place your new patch on this backing using heavy-duty fabric glue (follow the directions for amount and drying time) and leave a one-inch perimeter of backing to the patch.

4/Place the patch. With the patch now ready, and facing upwards, you will see the one-inch perimeter around the hide area. On that area, you will apply more fabric glue and then gently slide the patch in the square area on the hide. Press firmly along the outside of the repaired area to seal the glue between the patch and the damaged area.

It might be smart to place a weighted object on top for several hours to ensure a good bond. And, depending on how much traffic your hide rug sees, you might also want to stitch the backing to the patch backing for added closure.

Need help patching your rug? Contact us at Rawhide Company for more information on how to keep your cowhide rug in the best condition possible.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Interior Design Trends From Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Although not an interior design event - last week's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week has long been known as the final say on what will happen in the world of fashion next Spring. And - we can translate many of the trends to interior design. For us at Rawhide Company, it's just one more way to confirm the timeless style that is the COWHIDE RUG. How you might ask? Let us explain.

Two of the top trends were the use of color blocking and making sure to include (at least one) statement pieces. We like to take inspiration from these high-end designers to preview what might be going on in the world of interior design as well.

Blocks of Solid Color:
You can easily use this trend for bedding, window treatments and many other parts of your design. Or - perhaps you want to make it SUPER EASY - if that the case, an area rug, such as a solid color cowhide rug - is the perfect way to color block. With all the colors we have at Rawhide Company - there is with 100% certainty - a color that will completely match or accent your space.

Get Patterned: If you are a fan of patterns, and just don't feel like color blocking - Fashion Week says that FLORALS are where it's at. Anna Sui presented some beautiful florals at Fashion Week. When using florals and interior design in the same sentence - we at Rawhide Co. present our beautiful laser-cut natural hide rugs - in an exquisite floral pattern (and others too...) to bring high-end fashion right into your living room. Talk about detail, texture and pattern...

Make A Statement: We saw Oscar de la Renta going very bold with exclusive statement pieces - you can do the same thing in your interior design. Go bold with a statement rug -like an exotic cowhide rug or a metallic cowhide rug.

Friday, August 12, 2011

WIth Area Rugs, Size Matters

A improperly chosen rug can throw off the entire proportion of a room. How can you select the perfect size rug to fit your interior-design?

First, you should make sure the space accomodates your furniture. Then scope out the remaining space.The best plan is to select a larger rug for ALL seated guests to have their feet on, as well as the coffee table - OR have a smaller rug and arrange your furniture around the paramteter.

If you want carpet, get carpet. But for rugs, don’t go wall to wall.An area rug, such as a lovely Brazilian cowhide rug, or a laser-cut natural hide area rug - should have some space around it as an accent to the floors. A basic rule of thumb is 18' of space around a rug. Smaller amounds of space, in proportion around the rug in smaller interior spaces is acceptable.

For really high-traffic aread, make sure there's ample rug coverage. If there's not - don't do a rug at all. Hallways and heavily-used areas can be dangerous if the rug is not filling up the space, and can look pieced together or awkward.

In the bedrooms, either opt for a small rug in the space where the bed ISN'T, (such as in front of a bed, or in a small sitting area of a master) or select a large area rug that goes beyond the paremeter of the bed by a foot or more, will look best.

In an odd-shaped room, consider an odd-shaped rug; such as a genuine cowhide rug. And in rectangular rooms, an organically shaped cow hide would look great, because it's a cool way of setting areas apart in this 'long' space.

For dining areas, you should be able to fit your entire dining room table and all it's chairs on the interior of the rug. In fact, the rug should be big enough in this space, that the chairs can be pulled out, and rearranged easily without leaving the space of the rug. Anything smaller will leave the room feeling awkward.

Whatever your situation, selecitng the perfect rug is easy - and if it doesn't feel right, you can always change it. Rugs are perfect to compliment to your design because they are a durable, colorful and cost efficient accessory.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Carpet , Rugs and Accessories

Normally, one doesn't assume much difference between a rug and a carpet. But they are different. And when it comes to accenting your space, adding color and texture to your design - a RUG is where it's at. More specifically - a natural hair-on cow hide rug - is where it's at.

The term ‘carpet’ is derived from the Medieval Italian word Carpita. Carpire, a derivative of this word, means (literally) "to pluck". Often defined as ‘a piece of thick, nappy fabric, commonly made of wool, used for various purposes, as for covering and ornamenting part of a bare floor, for hanging in a doorway as a portiere, for protecting a portion of carpet, for a wrap to protect the legs from cold'...carpet seems pretty useful. It's got a big job, by definition. Unlike the 'carpet' term, ‘rug’ literally means ‘a torn-off portion’ and are often use as accessories and decor, rather than as a functioning piece of the space.

The words “carpet” and “rug” are normally interchangeable in everyday use. The big difference amongst a rug and a carpet, though, is size. Carpets are floor coverings stretched wall-to-wall and cover the entire floor, whereas rugs can be used to highlight the floor, accessorize the decor, or they can be hung on the walls. Area rugs are most popular these days, for a number of reasons - including the fact that as time has gone on, carpets have become more outmoded, whereas rugs are easier to place and use within any home. And - economically - they make more sense because you can take your rugs with you wherever you go - and add color and design elements to your home at the same time.

A rug can also come in many different variations of size and shape, whereas a carpet tends to be only large and square, and because rugs can come in so many different sizes and shapes, the appeal factor is obvious. With that in mind, another definition for a rug is, “the treated skin of an animal, used as a floor covering.” This is precisely what our cowhide rugs do and more: our affordable cowhide rugs and laser cut hide area rugs do it with serious style!

At Rawhide Company we are here to give you the highest quality cowhide rugs at the most reasonable price to help make any floor space fun, fashionable, and unique.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A cow isn't JUST a cow..

Unknown to most people, what we think of as cow isn’t always a cow at all. In fact, an intact (i.e., not castrated) adult male is called a bull. A young female before she has had a calf of her own and is under three years of age is called a heifer, while a young female that has had only one calf is occasionally called a first-calf heifer, and then a castrated male is called a steer in the United States.

Cattle raised for human consumption are called beef cattle, and Cattle of certain breeds bred specifically for milk production are called milking or dairy cattle, while a cow kept to provide milk for one family may be called a house cow or milker.

So what, exactly, is a cow? A cow is an adult female that has had a calf (or two) and she is normally domesticated as well.

To describe these different types of cattle, the word normally used is bovine. All of these bovine creatures have multiple uses, but there’s one more that wasn’t mentioned. After the cow – or other type of bovine mammal – is used to its fullest, by creating the different meats and such that we eat and use today, the last part is to be used that and hopefully not wasted is the skin or the cowhide. And although this may sound somewhat alarming, in all reality, the cow was to be slaughtered anyway for its meat, so instead of looking at this in an unfavorable light, consider the fact that really what we are doing is being as efficient as possible.

Nothing so beautiful needs to go to waste that is why cowhides are so desirable in the design world.

At Rawhide Company we seek to only give you the most beautiful cowhide rugs at the best prices we can, and no matter what kind of “cow” the skin is made of - we assure you that it will be of the best quality rawhide and cowhides we have and give you the best interior design around.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Designing the natural way - with Brindle Cowhides

Sometimes people just tend to go through a phase where they need everything to be natural. This "natural phase" could include their food, their shampoos or their interior designing decisions. Many people want to grow their own food, only wear organic clothing and you really cannot blame them since there are so many harmful pollutants around these days.

As far as interior designing is concerned, Rawhide Company has you covered. If you want something that is naturally beautiful, brindled hides contain a natural stripe down the center of the hide right out to the edges.

The Brindle Cowhide can come in a variety of colors, including black and brown, black and gray, and gray and tan, so that they can easily assimilate into any room’s design and lay out. No matter what color your room is, if you’re just looking for some quick fixes to add that “natural touch,” the Brindle Cowhide Rug is the way to go!

With everyone being "tree huggers" now and trying to be healthy and organic, going the natural way is a great idea and starting with a natural room design could just be the start of something very beautiful (and natural).

Monday, March 28, 2011

Psychadelic Furs

We all know that a room isn’t finished until everything from floor to ceiling is decorated and matching, meaning from area rugs to light fixtures. These small things, though, can easily make or break a room. Even though people may be walking on it, what you want is something that makes your floor seem like it has a million dollars itself. To have this effect, though, you can’t have any old plain rug, but something more, well, psychedelic!

With Rawhide Company’s different colors of psychedelic cowhide rugs, like Fuchsia and Caribbean Blue, any person can make that bold statement they are looking for, and with multiple different colors, you can have any room in your house bursting with color in no time!

Come visit us at anytime and get a rug with style and taste that completes your room with that “bang” that you’ve been looking for!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Crocodile ROCK Style

It's the perfect addition to the man-cave, uber-high end minimalist space, or super-classy home or corporate office - it's the sleek and hip style of the natural crocodile pattern. And we've just added two new beautiful crocodile cowhide rugs that mimic this natural skin (or should we say - scales!).

The look is a rustic and recognizable pattern is a statement of manliness (as if you hunted down the animal yourself) or true exclusive value (crocodile is still one of the most expensive materials to use in furnishings or fashion) - that would work in nearly any space.

These exotic print cowhide rugs are also solid - available in red or black - so they go with nearly any color scheme and are a perfect touch - rather than a bold print or distraction - for the minimalist style space or office area. The crocodile pattern is subtle, and classy.

Visit us online at today to see all our exclusive color and pattern combos of high-quality cowhide rugs.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Quality Hides - Affordable Style

With the economy the way it is - gas prices going up, budget cuts all over America and declining health care, everyone is trying to “cut corners” everywhere to get ahead. But, you shouldn’t have to…in the comfort of your home - that’s your space - where you want to go to get away from all the stress of life . Whatever your budget is Rawhide Company can help you make your house a home - by personalizing your space with an all-natural Cowhide Rug. It is time to make that house your home and you can do that with a wonderfully made cowhide rug.

The Straight Goods!
The Brazilian hair-on hides that Rawhide Company provides are the world’s premier product. Some companies out there will sell you what you think is a Brazilian hides or even a French hides, but it turns out to be a hide from Argentina or Colombia. It may cost less than $200, but do you know what you’re getting?

What’s The Difference?
The difference shows up in color sheen, tanning processes, and the amount of repair patches and scarring. At Rawhide Company, we trust you enough to give you the information, and let you make your informed choice: Brazilian or Argentine/Colombian. It all depends on what you’re looking for. Your money - your choice.

What’s Your Choice?
With Rawhide Company, you know exactly what you’re getting, and you pay a fair, competitive price. It’s that simple. If you appreciate the security of dealing with a reputable company which stands behind it’s products, yet you want a hide at a lower price and don’t mind sacrificing some quality, then our Value Collection is for you.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Going GREEN This St. Patricks Day

ST. Patrick’s Day is coming up and GREEN is the color most associated with this festive holiday, but “green” is a lot more than just a color. “Going Green” (being more environmentally conscious) is a phrase that is becoming more and more popular every day. There are many ways to go green - a few of which can be done by shopping for your next home accessory or cowhide rug at Rawhide Company.

- Recycle -
All of our cowhide rugs are “recycled” from the parts of the (already slaughtered for their meat) cows that are not being used. By bringing into our home or work environment, elements (in this case, cowhides) from the natural world, we create balance in our lives and are reminded of the larger global balance we are responsible for maintaining.

-Save Water-
Because our cowhides for sale onlilne are a durable natural cowhide, they don’t require as much up-keep (cleaning and shampooing) as a regular carpet or rug. Just a simple damp cloth can do the trick for most stains. Hence, there is not much water needed to keep an all-natural hair-on hide clean.

-Buy Natural (rather than synthetic materials)-
Rawhide Company sells only top quality ALL-NATURAL cowhides and THAT says it all, right there.

-Buy Smart (from Smart Companies)-
With Rawhide Company, you know exactly what you’re getting, and you pay a fair, competitive price. It’s that simple. If you appreciate the security of dealing with a reputable company which stands behind it’s products, yet you want a hide at a lower price and don’t mind sacrificing some quality, then our Value Collection of Cowhide Rugs are for you. We are active participants in our local communities and give a minimum of 5% of our profits every year to a wide variety of community and non-profit organizations.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

World Series of Style

Baseball Season is almost here...

For more than 150 years, baseball has been around here in America and quickly became “America’s Pastime”. There have been very few changes over the years - the rules, the playing field, but still after all these years, the baseballs and mitts have not changed much - they are still made from genuine rawhide. Why? You may ask.... because cowhide is an all natural, sturdy material that can last a lifetime.

What better way to honor the game and its history of baseball - by getting an all natural Cowhide Rug?

A Red Cowhide would be perfect for all those World Series’ Texas Rangers’ fans. Of course, whatever your team, we can dye our naturally light-toned cowhides to any color without compromising feel and suppleness. For the more die-hard Baseball fans, you can design your very own rug by checking out our Laser Cut Cowhides to create a limitless array of patterns, shapes and colors.

Rawhide Company is the best place to go to find that perfect accessory for any Sports-theme room - Go TEAM!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Spring Into Nature

Ready to banish those winter 'blahs' and welcome spring with warm touches? Take a cue from Mother Nature…with all natural cowhide rugs. Spring is all about renewal, nature, growth - so bring some true nature into your home with a natural hair-on hide. It's an eco-friendly, natural accessory - colors and patterns always inspired by the queen of all designers - Mother Nature.

A cow hide rug can bring warmth, color and a sense of home to any space. With a cowhide, you can go for the luxurious look, the modern look or add a rustic feel. Cowhides are a great way to tie several styles into any interior.

They're versatile too - you can hang a cowhide on the wall, or place it on the floor in front of the fireplace - or anywhere to add in your desired look. Cowhides are a natural and beautiful accent which add your personal touch (at Rawhide Company, no two hides are ever identical!) to any design. Natural cowhide pillows will soften up the look of a chair and also provides additional comfort for you and your guests.

So remember - Springtime is the time to open the windows and breathe in the fresh air! Bring nature inside with a cowhide accessory and place them in places where you spend time daily.

This will brighten the room and your mood. Because Cowhide rugs are all natural and versatile, they can fit in anywhere…anytime. Be sure to visit Rawhide Company, so we can answer any questions you have to help you find that perfect item to spruce up your décor.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Area Rugs To The Rescue

It's not always easy to pick the perfect area rug (or any interior accessory for that matter). Maybe your space already has a specific flavor - and it's proving very difficult to find a proper compliment to what you already have going on. Or, maybe you haven't designed your space, and have a rug picked out that you just LOVE - but do not want to design your entire space around one piece (like the Kohler commercial about the perfect faucet that the client wants an entire kitchen built around).

Instead - why not opt for a cowhide custom designed laser cut area rug? With this option - the possibilities are endless - and chances are - you will create the perfect accessory for the vision of your space. You get to choose the size, the patterns and the colors! In the end - it's your own custom creation and the perfect complement to your space.

You might like the patchwork style, checkerboard or tiled - or maybe you want something more solid, trimmed and cut with a pattern.

At Rawhide Company - we've got them all. From natural cow hide rugs to custom exotic printed cowhides, to laser pattern cut area rugs. You can always find what will be the perfect pair to your interior design at Rawhide Company!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cleaning and Deodorizing Cowhide Rug

Imagine this…you are relaxing by the fireplace with a book and a nice glass of red wine. Uh-oh, your glass spills on….your new COWHIDE RUG! What are you going to do? You’re NOT going to worry! Genuine cowhide rugs (like the ones from Rawhide Company) are very simple and easy to maintain and keep clean.

For wine stains (and most others) on your cowhide rug, just soak up spills with a damp (but not wet) sponge or cloth using mild soapy solution. You can wipe and rub the hair vigorously in any direction. Finally, clean with a damp cloth using a diluted 5% white vinegar and 95% water solution.

There are several things you can do to protect against stains - one is purchase some suede waterproofing spray, but confirm first that it won't discolor your natural hide coloration. This will help protect your cowhide rug against stains, before they occur. For simpler stains or spills, just a damp cloth will usually do the trick.

But, don’t forget, your cowhide rug CAN NOT be put in the washer or dry cleaned!

If you fold your cowhide rug - this is fine; as it's a durable natural skin/hide. However, to get the creases out, you should simply let the cowhide lay flat for a few days - and the creases should resolve. If you need to, place a few weights (like books, or heavy, flat items) on the creases to help them flatten out.

It's also safe to vacuum your cowhide; or take it outside and shake it off. It’s there's an odor associated with your rug - has a sweaty or clammy smell - it most likely needs to be deodorized. The first thing that you can do to deodorize your rug is simply to hang it outdoors. Let the fresh air takeover your rug and the smell should be very fresh when you bring it back in your house. If the natural way doesn’t take care of that smell, simply use a powdered carpet deodorizer. These are great for carpets or rugs, and are guaranteed to get rid of odd odors.

While they are a super-durable and very stylish rug, genuine cowhide hair-on-hides need to be cared for the same way you would any other home accessory. Of course, if you ever have any questions, we are here for you. Just call or visit Rawhide Company for the answers to cleaning and deodorizing your cowhide.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Design Trends For 2011

While checking out ALL the new design trends for 2011, I couldn’t help but notice Rawhide Company is the PERFECT place to find most of these FAB new design ideas! So - we've compiled some of these ideas here, and are passing them on to you.

Bold Animal Skins & Pattern
Once again, animal prints and bold designs are all the rage. We have the best selection of exotic animal print cowhides for the wild at heart! Can't decide on the pattern or print? Well - Rawhide Company can create a limitless array of patterns, shapes and designs for our custom laser cut hide area rugs!

Soft, pale neutral palettes
One of our naturally light-toned hides can soften any décor-by touch and sight, if you're looking to have a more relaxing, toned-down look in your space. Our Monochrome collection of solid natural colored cowhide rugs are a great place to look to create this look.

Small accent tables
While Rawhide Company doesn’t actually sell side tables, we do have some smaller hides to go underneath such a table, or you can buy one of our small cowhide rugs from our Value Collection and make a few lamps or frames to “accent” a table or two or you can you can just drape the hide over the table! Get crafting in 2011! Many of our clients use our cowhides in their interior accents and other craft projects.

Eco-friendly materials and organics
Our hides are tanned naturally, and do not pose a risk to children or animals. They are eco-friendly, because the processes they go through pollutes less during manufacturing - and cowhides are an efficient use of the animal's resources. Plus, Rawhide Company is an active participant in our local communities and gives a minimum of 5% of our profits every year to a wide variety of community and non-profit organizations—and that’s something we can all definitely feels good about!

Rustic or natural fibers such as linen and burlap (or RAWHIDE)
With rustic décor one would typically design with natural elements-trees, natural horn antlers, and wildlife and in many earthy colors. Cowhides are a great way to tie in the rustic style to any interior.

Everyone likes a little “sparkle” and with metallic accents being a major component in design this year- one of our metallic print cowhide rug is sure to fit in to any design - and any budget. If you've got more browns and Earthy-tones, opt for the gold metallic accent rug. We've also got a bright red version - in both gold and silver.


Whatever your taste is for the New Year, the simple luxury of natural hides in your interior decor references both our history, as well as the wide-open outdoors: the joyous variety offered by natural hides can create space or pull it together, can warm furniture or spruce up a wall, can drape a bed in climb-into-me softness or floor an office in straightforward ruggedness.