Friday, January 28, 2011

Area Rugs To The Rescue

It's not always easy to pick the perfect area rug (or any interior accessory for that matter). Maybe your space already has a specific flavor - and it's proving very difficult to find a proper compliment to what you already have going on. Or, maybe you haven't designed your space, and have a rug picked out that you just LOVE - but do not want to design your entire space around one piece (like the Kohler commercial about the perfect faucet that the client wants an entire kitchen built around).

Instead - why not opt for a cowhide custom designed laser cut area rug? With this option - the possibilities are endless - and chances are - you will create the perfect accessory for the vision of your space. You get to choose the size, the patterns and the colors! In the end - it's your own custom creation and the perfect complement to your space.

You might like the patchwork style, checkerboard or tiled - or maybe you want something more solid, trimmed and cut with a pattern.

At Rawhide Company - we've got them all. From natural cow hide rugs to custom exotic printed cowhides, to laser pattern cut area rugs. You can always find what will be the perfect pair to your interior design at Rawhide Company!

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