Sunday, March 20, 2011

Crocodile ROCK Style

It's the perfect addition to the man-cave, uber-high end minimalist space, or super-classy home or corporate office - it's the sleek and hip style of the natural crocodile pattern. And we've just added two new beautiful crocodile cowhide rugs that mimic this natural skin (or should we say - scales!).

The look is a rustic and recognizable pattern is a statement of manliness (as if you hunted down the animal yourself) or true exclusive value (crocodile is still one of the most expensive materials to use in furnishings or fashion) - that would work in nearly any space.

These exotic print cowhide rugs are also solid - available in red or black - so they go with nearly any color scheme and are a perfect touch - rather than a bold print or distraction - for the minimalist style space or office area. The crocodile pattern is subtle, and classy.

Visit us online at today to see all our exclusive color and pattern combos of high-quality cowhide rugs.

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