Monday, March 28, 2011

Psychadelic Furs

We all know that a room isn’t finished until everything from floor to ceiling is decorated and matching, meaning from area rugs to light fixtures. These small things, though, can easily make or break a room. Even though people may be walking on it, what you want is something that makes your floor seem like it has a million dollars itself. To have this effect, though, you can’t have any old plain rug, but something more, well, psychedelic!

With Rawhide Company’s different colors of psychedelic cowhide rugs, like Fuchsia and Caribbean Blue, any person can make that bold statement they are looking for, and with multiple different colors, you can have any room in your house bursting with color in no time!

Come visit us at anytime and get a rug with style and taste that completes your room with that “bang” that you’ve been looking for!

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