Friday, August 12, 2011

WIth Area Rugs, Size Matters

A improperly chosen rug can throw off the entire proportion of a room. How can you select the perfect size rug to fit your interior-design?

First, you should make sure the space accomodates your furniture. Then scope out the remaining space.The best plan is to select a larger rug for ALL seated guests to have their feet on, as well as the coffee table - OR have a smaller rug and arrange your furniture around the paramteter.

If you want carpet, get carpet. But for rugs, don’t go wall to wall.An area rug, such as a lovely Brazilian cowhide rug, or a laser-cut natural hide area rug - should have some space around it as an accent to the floors. A basic rule of thumb is 18' of space around a rug. Smaller amounds of space, in proportion around the rug in smaller interior spaces is acceptable.

For really high-traffic aread, make sure there's ample rug coverage. If there's not - don't do a rug at all. Hallways and heavily-used areas can be dangerous if the rug is not filling up the space, and can look pieced together or awkward.

In the bedrooms, either opt for a small rug in the space where the bed ISN'T, (such as in front of a bed, or in a small sitting area of a master) or select a large area rug that goes beyond the paremeter of the bed by a foot or more, will look best.

In an odd-shaped room, consider an odd-shaped rug; such as a genuine cowhide rug. And in rectangular rooms, an organically shaped cow hide would look great, because it's a cool way of setting areas apart in this 'long' space.

For dining areas, you should be able to fit your entire dining room table and all it's chairs on the interior of the rug. In fact, the rug should be big enough in this space, that the chairs can be pulled out, and rearranged easily without leaving the space of the rug. Anything smaller will leave the room feeling awkward.

Whatever your situation, selecitng the perfect rug is easy - and if it doesn't feel right, you can always change it. Rugs are perfect to compliment to your design because they are a durable, colorful and cost efficient accessory.