Sunday, September 25, 2011

Interior Design Trends From Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Although not an interior design event - last week's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week has long been known as the final say on what will happen in the world of fashion next Spring. And - we can translate many of the trends to interior design. For us at Rawhide Company, it's just one more way to confirm the timeless style that is the COWHIDE RUG. How you might ask? Let us explain.

Two of the top trends were the use of color blocking and making sure to include (at least one) statement pieces. We like to take inspiration from these high-end designers to preview what might be going on in the world of interior design as well.

Blocks of Solid Color:
You can easily use this trend for bedding, window treatments and many other parts of your design. Or - perhaps you want to make it SUPER EASY - if that the case, an area rug, such as a solid color cowhide rug - is the perfect way to color block. With all the colors we have at Rawhide Company - there is with 100% certainty - a color that will completely match or accent your space.

Get Patterned: If you are a fan of patterns, and just don't feel like color blocking - Fashion Week says that FLORALS are where it's at. Anna Sui presented some beautiful florals at Fashion Week. When using florals and interior design in the same sentence - we at Rawhide Co. present our beautiful laser-cut natural hide rugs - in an exquisite floral pattern (and others too...) to bring high-end fashion right into your living room. Talk about detail, texture and pattern...

Make A Statement: We saw Oscar de la Renta going very bold with exclusive statement pieces - you can do the same thing in your interior design. Go bold with a statement rug -like an exotic cowhide rug or a metallic cowhide rug.