Thursday, November 17, 2011

Curls Happen

If you own a cowhide rug, you know first-hand they will curl on the corners. But there are things you can do to prepare and help avoid the curling.

The edges of a cowhide rug curl because the leather fibers that line the outside of the rug dry out faster than those at the thickest point inside the cowhide. Curling doesn’t mean you have purchased or own a poor quality cowhide rug; environmental influences can curl them all.

The best way to prevent your rug from curling is to keep it out of direct sunlight or intense heat.

Also, be careful when vacuuming over your cowhide – at times the vacuum can cause some fraying and curling of your rug.

If the curling of the rug is bothersome, simply fold over the inflicted portion of the rug and lightly spray water on its back end. Then, slowly massage water into the rug, and then you should fold it back over and apply pressure for a short amount of time. If this doesn’t work, begin trimming little portions of leather from the curling area and you should be set.

Curling just happens - so learning what to do about it is just part of being a cowhide owner.

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