Monday, December 31, 2012

Rawhide Memories and Rowdy Yates

In the thrilling days of yesteryear when most television programs were filmed in black and white and Clint Eastwood was actually a kid, he co-starred as Rowdy Yates in a horse opera called Rawhide. Eric Fleming played the trail boss, Gil Favor, for the 217 programs. The stories were usually about people they met along the trail from San Antonio, TX to Sedalia, MO. Because this was a cattle drive, there were lots of cows—three thousand of them. (that's a whole lot of cowhide rugs, too)
The cattle were the underlying reason for Gil and Rowdy to get involved with the people they encountered. The cows were also the main consideration for when they moved, stopped, watered, and rested. They had to be kept fit and healthy. Each of those cows had a personality (sort of like how every cowhide rug is unique as well!) —even though none of them got billing on the marquee.
When I think about the series Rawhide now, I think about rugs, pillows, and d├ęcor. Just imagine how many rooms I could decorate with the hides of those three thousand cattle on that imaginary drive. Oh, yes. What do you want to bet Clint Eastwood has a cowhide rug in his man cave? And probably of picture of himself as Rowdy Yates, too.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Origin of The Rug

In today’s society, when you buy a rug, it is understood that the rug is to go on your floor, to cover up an area of the room, in order to make either your room feel warmer or cooler, or just to make a certain color “pop.”

However, originally rugs were made to protect the body from cold, to be spread before a seat of honor, to cover a table, couch, or wall, or to form the curtains of a tent. Rugs have always been an accessory, but not always in the way that we think of it being used.

The certainty of the origin of the rug is a mystery to say the least, but we do know that the floor coverings used by the early man were made using the skin of the animals, grass, and reed, with the crude skin of animals and mats used to serve as insulators in very cool temperatures. What animals you ask? Well, there is evidence of goats and sheep’s being sheared at 6000 B.C., and it’s certain that if a cow or bull were to come by, it would have been used too, but not only for its meat, but for its usefulness as a durable cowhide rug too.

Although the exact origin of the rug is a mystery, the discovery of the Pazyryk Rug had a magnificent impact on the rugs history. This rug was revealed in a Scythian interment heap dating from the 5th century B.C., and has characteristics of a modern Persian or Anatolian rug with Turkish knots, but because the rug did seem so well finished, it was assumed implicit knowledge that the root of the rug must have come earlier than in this point in history.

The rug, as of right now, does not have an exact origin, but does seem to have always had a specific purpose; interior or exterior design. While the rug has not always been specifically for the floor, it has always been used in various ways to express feeling, show culture, and denote warmth. The rug, also, seems to have originally been made out of animal hides, meaning that even though we are a modern company, we are keeping the tradition of the cowhide rug alive.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Beauty of Laser Cut

Stylish, chic, and loved by interior designers, the beauty of a laser cut cowhide rug cannot be matched. Especially when you consider that each one is custom designed to be just what you want it to be! Size, colors, shape,'s all for you to decide! Make a visit to our website to see a sampling of our work. While you're there, try our Try our design-your-own custom laser hide rug tool. Now's the perfect time to snag a laser cut area rug for your home. Over 50% savings turns your fabulous find into an economical one, too.

Have questions, call 1-866-586-2901 or contact us for pricing and availability.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Metallic Cowhide for the Designer's Christmas Wishlist

It's the time of year when we all start consulting the Christmas wishlists of our family and friends. Sometimes what you find on the list seems a little less than inspired. But every now and then, you find a wishlist that shouts designer! With its mix of glamour and nature, metallic cowhide rugs are finding their way onto the wishlists of savvy interior designers. Take a look at these images and you'll see why!

Have a designer, fashionista or glam loving person to buy for this year? You can't go wrong with a metallic cowhide rug. They'll love it on first site and know exactly where to put it to use.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Designing on a Budget

Heavily sprinkled throughout our country are planned communities made up of homes that are identical to each other. With so many cookie-cutter homes, owners often seek out ways to make the interior more unique. Not just unique, but well designed too. Don't we all want our homes to look a little bit like those high end pro decorated mansions? Budget constrictions not withstanding, you can have a place that looks expensive, even luxurious, without breaking the bank.

1. Crown Molding 

For very little money, adding crown molding to your home provides a level of richness to the space. Choose wide trim for the biggest impact. The wider the trim the more expensive the room looks.

2. Paint 

Choosing a color is the hardest step when it comes to painting. Painting itself is an easy choice when wanting the most juice for the squeeze. A crisp white or a neutral hue will lend an air of sophistication and affluence to the room. Another trick that adds a luxurious finish to a home is to paint interior doors black. It will instantly give the space a high-end vibe.

3. Pillows 

Throw pillows are always a fabulous accessory for your sofa, love-seat or over-sized chair. But don't settle for pillows you can find at any big box store. If the goal is to look luxurious, pillows that any home can have defeats that idea. Instead, opt for pillows with unique prints or even the over-stuffed variety. Both offer that luxurious feel you desire.

4. Window Treatments 

Avoid cheap-skating on your window treatments. Flimsy or unlined curtains are obvious signs of poor quality. Sure, the price might be nice, but you want your room to look elegant and expensive, right? Consider handpicking fabric and having curtains custom sewn. When you're ready to install them, hang them as close to the ceiling as possible to draw your eye up and project the illusion of fullness.

5. Hardware 

Tract homes are filled with cheap, lack luster hardware because that's what's most affordable for builders. Oddly enough, economically replacing hardware with personalized options is a breeze. Drawer pulls, door knobs, faucets etc. can all be found at your local hardware store, specialty shop or even at a flea market. The goal is to locate ones you love and not mirror your next-door neighbors.

6. Light Fixtures 

Light fixtures are another building standard that lacks personality, character and style. Toss out nondescript chandeliers and ceiling fans; replace them with a unique designer look. Shop flea markets or second hand stores for budget friendly pieces. A bargain found on a chandelier goes a long way toward creating that expensive designer inspired look. Add table lamps and floor lamps in each room, too.

7. Hardwood 

Flooring is where things get to be a little more pricey. Upgrading your flooring may seem like a budget buster, but it's an investment that lasts for years making it well worth it. Hard wood is a classic choice that comes in many types, some more luxurious than others. A dark wood will add richness to the space, similar to the idea of painting your interior doors black. Layer a beautiful, stylish area rug on top of the wood flooring to anchor the room and tie design elements together.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Holiday Tips Part 3: Buying for Artsy Types

Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh
Do you have crafty, creative, artistic, and quirky family members or friends on your gift giving list? Worried about what to get them? We're here to assuage your worries. At this point you might be expecting a list similar to those we posted last week and the week before. However, those were lists of gift ideas whereas this week's list is a bit different. Buying for your creative friends isn't so difficult if you ask yourselves some questions. Now, about that list. Arming yourself with this handy little list of questions is sure to make you a secret weapon among the shopping masses.

1. What is their favored art form or medium? Sculpting, photography, drawing? Whatever it is, do an internet search to figure out what item would be at the top of their art supply wish list. Are they a painter? Perhaps a set of high quality paints and brushes? A coffee table book full of beautiful artwork created in their favorite medium. You could even combine several items to make a gift basket of your gift.

2. Who is their favorite artist? Picasso, Renoir, da Vinci? Consider a printed and framed version work from their favorite artist. A picture book full of their favorite artist's work would likely become dog eared from the love shown by it's new owner.

3. Artists are ever at a loss for words when it comes to homemade gift. Find a DIY guide to help you make something truly unique for them. A hand-knitted scarf, a vintage book with a secret hollow for storing treasures, a themed gift basket, a stationary set monogrammed just for them, earrings or a bracelet.

4. Are their artistic pursuits a little more homely? Interior design, scrap booking, sewing, cooking? A gift card to their favorite hobby store is sure to put a smile on their face. They could use it for supplies or even a class. If they cook, consider gift card to whole foods or other local spot they can find gifts that inspire their culinary senses.

The combination of this list and your imagination is sure to help you find a gift that is truly inspired!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Holiday Tips Part 2: Buying for New Home Owners

If you're like many Americans, you've been keeping an eye on the housing market. Recent months have seen some positive gains in both new home and existing home sales. What does the increase in home sales mean for you? It's more than likely you'll have a friend or two buying a new home. That means you'll likely be looking for a one-of-a-kind housewarming gift in the near future. Not to worry! Today we've got some tips on buying for new home owners.

With so much to choose from, picking out a housewarming gift isn't as easy as you might think. Do you go with something traditional or something new and fresh? Whatever route you take, be sure to choose something represents you, your friend, and your relationship. Here are few ideas for you.

Basket of Goodies: Moving in to a new home takes time. Typically, meal planning and prep gets tossed out the window only to be replaced with the less-than-healthy variety you get through a drive-thru. Consider gifting your friends a basket full of goodies like breads, pastries, jams, spreads, juices, deli meats, cheeses and more. If you love to cook, perhaps you whip up a casserole or a hearty beef stew.

Kitchen Trimmings: Don't worry, the desire or ability to cook gourmet meals doesn't play into this item. Even the most inexperienced cooks want their kitchen to look nice and have the basics for when company comes to visit. A gift of oil and vinegar dispensers, a tea set, a fancy pepper grinder, or even wooden salad bowls, will be welcome additions.

Home Accents: Unique throw pillows or throw blankets for the living room can be a great house warming gift. Emphasis on unique. These can't be your average pillows and blankets. High quality scented candles is another idea. Designer area rugs are a bold, but practical, choice. Your friends will want to put their new cowhide rug in a room guaranteed to be frequented by visitors. A great cowhide rug can elevate a home's decor from 'eh' to 'wow' in seconds.

Ideally, your gift should be practical, useful or a memory-maker. Even better, go for a really special gift that fits all three! A cowhide rug!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Holiday Tips Part 1: Buying for the Hard to Buy for

Do you have some hard to buy for people on your Christmas list? That's a rhetorical question; of course you do! Is it getting harder to find just the right gift for that hard to buy for person? People that already have everything and need nothing can be incredibly hard to buy a creative, or useful Christmas gift for! Today we're going to share some cowhide rug gift ideas for those hard to shop for people.

An Exotic Animal Print Rug: If you have an animal print lover an exotic rug in the way of cheetah, zebra, jaguar or giraffe is a great option. They can use it as a throw, a rug or even a tapestry for the wall.

A Laser Cut Rug: Maybe you have someone on your list who has very modern, sophisticated tastes. A laser cut rug is the ultimate cosmopolitan touch to any fashion forward home. They come in a variety of colors and can even be custom designed.

Solid Color Rug: There are sports lovers in families of every size. You could go with a solid colored cowhide rug in the team color of your loved one's choice. With 17 colors you're bound to find one for your favorite team, like the Dallas Cowboy blue rug below.

Any way you look at it...a cowhide rug is an affordable yet unique gift that stands the test of time.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

3 Reasons to Buy From Rawhide Company

Here at Rawhide Company we know you have endless options when it comes to buying a cowhide rug. After all, it's not just about the look and quality of the cowhide, it's also about the service you're looking for. So we thought we'd take this opportunity to give you some great reasons to buy from us.

1. Guaranteed satisfaction: Customer feedback is important to us. We recognize the value of word-of-mouth business so we make your satisfaction our top priority. Here are just a couple of customer reviews we've received.
-"Love it! Love it! Love it! I looked locally for a cowhide rug. All were stiff and very expensive. This one is soft, beautiful and exactly what I wanted for half the price. And, what great service. Ordered on Monday, received it on Thursday. Wow, Excellent service!" -KAREN
-"I just received my order and the cowhide is so much more beautiful than the photo. Thank you, I'm thrilled with my purchase!" -SALLY M.
2. Price match: We are confident that we have the lowest prices. You can be confident that you will not find a lower price, or better service. If you find a lower "To-Your-Door" price after your purchase with us, we will refund 110% of the difference.

3. Easy, no hassle returns: Rest easy. If the item you purchase doesn't work for you, we offer a 100% refund on unused, resalable merchandise, excluding original shipping costs.

Bonus. Free shipping: And if the above weren't enough, we also offer free shipping on continental US orders totaling over $150.

We are a family owned business committed to honesty, timeliness and clarity in communicating with our customers. You really just can't go wrong with us!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Decorate with Cowhide

If you are a design magazine junkie you have probably seen cowhide making appearances in all kinds of places, from traditional to contemporary designs. Versatility and durability are synonymous with cowhide. Regardless of the setting, there's always a place where cowhide fits thanks to its wide range of colors and affordability. Practical and chic, incorporating cowhide into your home decor just makes sense.

Here's a list of ten ways to include cowhide in your decor.

1. Replace your table runner. Place a small cowhide or calfskin on an angle across a table, add an arrangement, a couple of tall candlesticks, and you've got an instant conversation piece.

2. Hide your dining room chairs. Looking for a cool replacement for standard upholstered chairs? Cowhide's got you covered. Cut with a sharp blade and staple gun the hide onto the seats.

3. Hide a wall. In a small space -- maybe a reading nook, a wine bar, or even a half-bath -- cow hide can easily be used as an unexpected wall covering.

4. Display hides as art. Many of the markings on a cow's hide are unique and interesting or have unusual coloring. Using an artist's canvas, stretch a hide around the sides and staple.

5. Layer your rugs. Placing a cowhide on top of an existing rug adds interest and looks sensational. They look especially warm on top of sisal rugs.

6. Warm up techno decor. If you have a sleek, contemporary office with lots of tech appeal, a cowhide makes a fabulous contrast. Hang one on a wall or use it as a rug. Too much skin? Toss a couple of cowhide pillows on those chairs for a cozy yet cool touch.

7. Pursue your animal interests. Cowhides are available in other animal styles, too. You can easily find hides in zebra or tiger stripes and in colors to go with any decor.

8. Recover cushions. If the dog chewed up the cushions on your favorite leather chair, have them recovered in cowhide. The contrast will look chic and the new cushions will feel great.

9. Hide your headboard. A cowhide headboard is easy to fashion from a standard fabric-covered headboard -- and gives you a soft spot to lean against in bed. Simply wrap and staple.

10. Jazz up your bath. Who says a rug in the bath has to be cloth? Cowhide can quickly warm up a cold tile floor and looks fabulous, too.

Based on an article by Kathryn Weber, Tribune Media Services

Monday, October 15, 2012

Cowhide Popularity Contest

Cowhide rugs are one of those rare accessories that can add flair to just about any room. They add texture and an element of warmth to your interior. At one time, cowhide rugs were pigeonholed as Western decor. Over time, smart interior designers discovered that you can essentially incorporate cowhide into any room. There is a huge range in color and type of hides, but which are the most popular?

1. The classic but unique black and white Holstein wins the popularity contest. Cows vary remarkably in their hide appearance making no two hides exactly alike. Holstein cowhides are great when you want high impact.

2. Coming in second place, Brindle cowhides fit into the natural color category. They vary from light (as shown above) to dark brown in color. Brindle cowhide rugs are perfect for a more subtle touch since the coloring is gradating.

3. Rounding out our list, is the Longhorn cowhide. In fact, it is considered by many to be the quintessential cowhide. It is one of the warmer types of cowhides, showing off reddish-brown tones contrasting with stark white.

Remember, each hide pattern is unique, and no two hides will ever be exactly the same. When you're ready to make your pick, select one in the colors you want and know that your cowhide will be singularly yours.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Accessorizing with Metallics

Maybe it’s the shine that draws us in or the undeniable feeling of Hollywood glamour that makes it hard for us to look away but accessorizing with gold and silver just can't be beat. The question is, how to make it work without going overboard.

Pairing metallics with natural fibers creates a glamorous look without feeling overdone, as in the metallic gold speckled cowhide rug in the photo to the right. The key is to incorporate organic elements with a variety of metallic finishes.

Here are few other keys to making metallics work in your home.

1. Cleanliness: Metallics lend a clean and minimalist feel by adding a few striking accents.

2. Make it a focal point: Choose a key piece – wall art, ottomans, accent tables, area rugs or centerpieces – as the headlining embellishment in the room. Approach the task as if picking out jewelry. The right piece should complete your look, not compete with it. Or...

3. Accessorizing: As in fashion, too much can be overwhelming. For the most dramatic effect bring metallics into your home in small doses. For example, mix small metallic items into table settings and bookshelves.

4. Refurbishments: Old chairs, chaises, couches and ottomans can be brought back to life by adding platinum, gold, bronze or silver grommets, metallic arms or feet.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Adding Animal Prints to Your Interior Design

Do you love animal prints but aren't sure how to incorporate them into your interior design without over doing it? Whether it's crocodile, giraffe, cheetah or zebra, trend followers are wild about animal prints and so are we! The exotic look remains popular in apparel and home-decor year after year and it's no surprise why. It's a touch of exotic that's chic and elegant and has been such a staple in design that it has become a classic.

Animal print is a fun way to bring a piece of your personality into the fabric of your home furnishings. The key is to use this particular style judiciously. Black and white is an eye-catching way to incorporate animal print into your home accents if you want to make a bold, contemporary statement. Black and white animal prints used in conjunction with bright or neutral colors on a couch, or in a bedroom or kitchen, give just the right amount of visual breakup to keep the whole picture from being too jarring.

If bold black and white isn't quite your style, a soft animal print rawhide or throw blanket might be more fitting. Rawhides can be hung on a wall for full display or used over bed covers. A plush, soft cheetah print throw blanket can be draped attractively along a chair or couch. Stylish crocodile luggage carefully stacked for use as an end table is another great option for making a more subtle statement with animal print.

Other home design items available in animal print include lamp shades, pillows, picture frames, accent chairs, trimmed ottomans, area rugs, wall art, shelving, window treatments and so much more! In fact, there are so many ways you can use your home to indulge your passion for animal print, the only thing you need worry about is using it in small enough amounts to break up solid colors found in the furniture and other decor and not so much that your guests feel like they're walking into the exotic animal section of the local zoo.

Your home can walk on the wild side; just don't get drowned in it.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Love Cowhide? Use it to Accessorize Your Home

Okay, we admit it. We love, love, love cowhide. That shouldn't be surprising. We're taking cowhide beyond the rug. Including a few cowhide accessories is a great way to add texture and color movement to your interior design. Here are some of our favorite ideas for accessorizing your home with cowhide.

Number one on our list is cowhide pillows. A cowhide pillow, fully realized in all its color and pattern potential, can be a perfect low-key foil for striking a focal-point on a sofa or to make an edgier statement in your decor.

Courtesy of Pottery Barn
Cowhide lamps are another way to accessorize with cowhide. They lend a rustic, homey look to your room. And due to the thickness of the shade, you get a more gentle glow which adds warmth to your room.

Courtesy of
This comfortable lounge chair features a stylish cowhide print that really makes a statement. A big plus is the durability of cowhide. This chair will stand the test of time because cowhide is so easy to maintain and keep clean! A much better choice than standard upholstery.

Quality Cowhide really is a great option for your interior design. It adds warmth, texture, color and best of all it's on trend, affordable, versatile, and durable. What more could you ask for?!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Biggest Cowhide Rugs At Best Value

We've added just a few of the customer testimonials we've received from those who have purchased a genuine cowhide rug from Rawhide Company to our homepage. As we were adding these nice comments - a few things stood out clear that set us apart from other cowhide suppliers.

Why Buy From Rawhide Company?
Here are the top four reasons to buy your next durable cowhide area rug from us at Rawhide Company - based on REAL customer testimonials. We challenge you to try us for yourself - and see the difference great customer care can make.

4. Shipping is fast. Usually within a week of your order, or sooner!
3. Customer service is the best. You'll get personal attention and prompt responses, questions answered - and more from the staff at Rawhide Company.
2. The price is unmatched. The value is clear - we've got the best prices on the best hides. Period. You might find a cheaper price - but the hide's quality will likely suffer. Read the testimonials - and you'll see one that discusses this in great detail.
1. The quality is unbeaten. Nearly all of our testimonials include something to the effect that their new cowhide rug was larger and more beautiful than the photo, or exceeded their expectations.

Browse our blog for lots of ideas on incorporating cowhides into your home, the history behind using hides in upholstery and clothing, color and style suggestions and more.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Adding Texture to Your Interior Design

Texture is a design element that tends to be overlooked when decorating a home. That's a shame because adding texture to your space has the ability to add a powerful, albeit subtle dimension to a room's interior. In fact, texture is one of the secret tools which are used by the professionals to really make an impression on a space.

The word texture usually refers to how the surface of an object feels but it's really more than that. When you see something which looks rough, even if you don't directly touch it, your mind conjures up rough things you've felt in the past. Texture has an effect on the way a room feels and the way it looks. Using texture allows you to add dimension to your space.

One of the basic principles of using texture has to do with weight. Rough, coarse textures tend to make an object feel heavier, while smoother textures will make it feel lighter. In this way a polished white marble floor will feel lighter than hardwood paneling, even though it is in actuality much heavier.

When determining how much weight a certain texture adds to an item, the rule of thumb is that, objects reflecting more light tend to feel less heavy. Using this understanding, it is possible to create balance between large and small items, using heavier or lighter textures.

One common use of texture is to add interest to a space which has boring, monochrome colors. This is one of the underlying principles of a shabby chic decorative style, where everything is painted the same, and texture is used to create contrast. In such a design, off white walls are often adorned with elegant moldings, textured finishes, and are complimented by whicker and rattan, also painted white.

Another example of rich textures comes from rustic cabin decor. In this style rough log wood walls and furnishings are matched with natural clefting stone floors and counters, and thick shag rug carpets or animal skin rugs like bear skin rugs or cowhide rugs or pillows. The colors in this style are rich, with deep browns, blacks and reds, and so the texture is not necessary to add interest, and yet it wouldn't feel like a rustic cabin style without this added depth.

Contemporary styles are bolder with their use of texture. This is evidenced by modern decorative trends which place rough unfinished brick next to stainless steal, and which couple silk screens with concrete blocks. While texture is a relatively advanced decorative tool, you shouldn't be afraid of it. Mix and match texture with colors to determine which couples best compliment one another.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fall Fashion & Cowhide Rugs

Are you thinking that fall fashion and cowhide rugs have nothing to do with each other? Surprise! Very often runway trends bleed into design industry trends and fall 2012 is no exception. From bright jewel tones to more subtle monochromatic shades, a little of everything is showing itself on the runway this season. Emphasis is on color and texture making cowhide rugs a perfect fit.

Hunting gear reds and oranges made appearances in the form of sweaters, tweed jackets and slacks. Including a pop of color to your living area or bedroom adds character and a focal point to grab your guests' eyes as they first enter the room. Interior design's biggest enemy is boredom. A well-designed room always has, depending on the size of it, one or more focal points. A focal point must be dominant enough to draw attention and interesting enough to encourage the viewer to look further. A focal point thus must have a lasting impression but must also be an integral part of the decoration linked through scale, style, color or theme. A bright colored cowhide rug is a perfect focal point.

Sophistication hits the runways by imbuing the embroideries, textile patterns, flourishes and embellishments of faraway lands with an old-world elegance. Texture is a design element which is generally overlooked when decorating a home. However it has the ability to add a powerful, albeit subtle dimension to a room's interior. In fact, it is one of the secret tools which are used by the professionals to really make an impression on a space. Cowhide rugs are a sure bet for adding texture to any room. Choosing one in a jewel tone like sapphire blue takes it to the next level.

New York designers put a new twist on winter white, embracing the monochromatic look for fall with skillful tailoring and a knack for looking cool. In interior design monochromatic color schemes are color palettes that are based off of a single color on the color wheel. White tends to be at the top of many designers' lists of favorites. This may sound boring to some, but monochromatic color schemes can very dynamic and sophisticated. Your room can be traditional or modern, it just depends on how those colors are applied. Monochromatic color schemes can have an elegant and clean result in any interior design which is why it translates so well from fashion design.

Fall Fashion Week images courtesy of Harper's Bazaar.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

What Size of Rug for My Room?

For a novice, rug size decisions aren't easy. There are those who believe that a rug should surround an entire seating arrangement, those who think it's OK to use a small rug in certain contexts, and those who have their own tried-and-true formulas for calculating rug sizes to the inch.

Choosing a rug in the right size can complement the whole room, accent furnishings, bring life to a droll room or make a subtle statement. If a rug is too big or too small, it may leave the impression of an unfinished or poorly decorated room. It really all depends on personal taste, budget, and the particulars of a room.

Before you select a new area or runner rug, you'll want to size the room. This guide will help you to select the right size and style for an area rug used in any room.

1. First, you'll want to decide where the focus will be: the rug itself, a specific item or a location. Take into consideration the colors, patterns and styles of the room and any furnishings or home decor to help coordinate your selection. If the room is large, you may want to use different patterns and sizes to help create a contrast.

2. To help visualize how a rug would fit, use masking tape to create a border on the floor where the rug will lie. A helpful hint when measuring is to leave an approximate 2-inch margin of error. You don't want the rug to be too big or too small for the intended area. Once you have the tape placed exactly where you want the rug, you can measure the length and the width and use that measurement to determine which size rug you'll need.

3. When measuring for furniture, it's best to leave an even space on each side of the rug. For example, if you want to place a rug beneath a dining set, the legs of the table and chairs should not extend beyond the rug's edges. For the center of a living room set, the rug should be about the size of the area where the furniture sits. Leave an equal amount of bare flooring between your furniture and each edge of the rug so it doesn't appear off-center.

4. For most coffee tables, a 4-foot by 6-foot rug or a 6-foot by 9-foot rug is recommended. Place the rug in a way that is right for the room. Not every room will have one rug right in the middle of the floor. For example, in a bedroom, you could place a rug at the foot or sides of the bed, or if there are two beds, you could place a rug in the middle.

5. Leave some room around the rug. When you place a room-sized or oversized rug, leave at least 12 inches between the edges of the rug and the walls for the best effect. Likewise, runner rugs should be a few inches narrower and shorter than the hallway.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Durability and Versatility of Cowhide Rugs

These days, cowhide rugs are considered one of the most stylish accessories you can add to any home. If you are planning to place a rug in your home or office to enhance the ambience, a cowhide rug could be the right choice.

Cowhide is a natural byproduct of the cattle industry. It is used to produce various products ranging from home decorations to fashion accessories such as bags and wallets. 

After they remove excess fat, meat, and preservatives from the hide, professional tanners employ a tanning process to ensure the production of high quality cowhide rugs. This process prevents the natural course of decay while enhancing its flexibility and durability.

There are two forms of tanning processes – the vegetable tanning process and the chromium tanning process. Vegetable tanned cowhide rugs are durable and have a natural looking quality because of natural ingredients, like tree bark, used in the process. On the other hand, the chromium tanning process uses chrome salt in its chemical solution to ensure that the finished product has uniform texture and soft to the touch. 

Cowhide rugs are available in a wide variety of textures and patterns, although the process of cleaning them is basically the same. In fact, unless otherwise stated in the instructions, there are no special cleaning procedures or equipment required to clean your rug. You can simply vacuum it or give it a shake outdoors to get rid of dust and other small particles. Never throw the cowhide rug in the washer or expose it to direct sunlight. Spot clean the rug using a damp soapy cloth or sponge and wipe it in the direction of the hair. 

When properly maintained, your cowhide rug can last for a long time; you can even pass it on to your children.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cowhide Rugs: Interior Design’s Little Black Dress

If you're looking for a rug, look no further than a cowhide. Like a little black dress, it can fit into a lot of situations from a casual modern home to a something more traditional or elegant (you can even throw it over a couch!). If you've got pets or small children, it's a good choice; cowhides can take a beating and they clean up easily.

The shape is fantastic, breaking the traditional rectangular form of most traditional rugs. They're organic and hypoallergenic in addition to being stylish.  They blend with just about any interior design style from minimal, to mid-century modernist style, industrial, to French country and Bohemian style. The black and white cowhide rugs are especially artistic as they make a room a little more abstract.

Interior designers know that cowhide rugs aren’t just a fad. They've been around too long for that to be the case. Do you have a cowhide rug? In the comments, tell us what you love about it!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Celebrity Style and Cowhide Rugs: Christina Ricci

Second in our tour of celebrity homes which feature cowhide rugs is Christina Ricci. “Cute, quirky, and full of feminine fun,” is how you might describe the Hollywood Hills home actress Christina Ricci has decided to rent out for $8000 a month. In Ricci’s adorable cottage there’s a dark brown cowhide rug in the early Hollywood-style dining room (top left) and a soft, light brown cowhide in the eclectic living room. (love the green sofa, too)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cowhide Rugs Buzzing On Social Media

We’re seeing an uptick in cowhide related articles, Pinterest pins, blog reviews and more. We've always known about the versatile style of the cowhide rug - now it seems lots of others are seeing the awesomeness of the genuine cowhide accessory. 

We thought we’d share some of our favorite finds. 
  • ‘Why do cowhide rugs change the entire vibe in a room? We don’t know either but we sure do like them.’ -The Inside Source
  • ‘I’m really digging the look of these cowhide rugs.  They are just so beautiful (and they are stain resistant and last a lifetime).’ –A Strong Aesthetic
  • ‘I'm generally not a fan of these, but I LOVE how you styled it. Makes me think twice about my opinion of Cowhide Rugs.’ –Haley in the comments on Simple Details
  • ‘Maybe West Texas is getting to me, but I'm really digging cowhide rugs lately. They just add another dimension and texture that I'm pretty obsessed with.’ –Twenty Three Oh One
  • ‘No longer when I think of hides does my mind instantly run to cowboys and a rustic cabin like setting.  Rather, I think of all the possibilities, creativity, and styles that have adapted these beautiful pieces.’ –SN Design Studio
Photo credit - The Design Traveller

Friday, July 20, 2012

An Outside Opinion of Cowhide Rugs

Patricia Shackelford over at Architectural Digest has discovered the beauty of cowhide rugs.

She writes, ‘I was in awe of those heavenly squares of cowhide that blanket the floor of the Manhattan apartment featured in “Finish Line” (AD, June 2011). 

I was also in awe of designer David Kleinberg’s chutzpah at placing the rug directly under the clients’ dining room table.’ 

Her article ‘Hide and Go Seek’ expounds on the many desirable attributes of a cowhide rug including its stain resistance, ease of care, and its magical ability to grace ‘just about every space possible’ especially ‘high-traffic, high-risk rooms.’ 

To read more click here

Shown here is a laser cut cowhide area rug - see similar ones here

Photo: Eric Piasecki 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Celebrity Style and Cowhide Rugs: Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore is one of Hollywood's classiest actresses, and her contemporary home in New York City offers a glimpse into her life. Her home was the cover feature for The World of Interiors back in 2006.

The house was originally built in 1830s and was on the market for a mere $12.5 million in March 2011.

The study in Julianne Moore's home is surprisingly masculine, with leather chairs, a cowhide rug and a huge lantern. Glossy black and grey feature throughout, from the polished floorboard, desk, leather chairs, to the wooden doors leading to the room. 

This study takes stylish to a new level…but that cowhide rug adds a layer of texture and warmth that balances the room in a way little else could.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Celebrity Syle and Cowhide Rugs: Miley Cyrus

Last but not least, on our celebrity home tour is Miley Cyrus. We found Miley’s secluded newly remodeled mid-century modern ranch in the hills above Studio City, CA has a wonderful cowhide rug in her stylish seating area.

Now, you and I know these homes are great, but out of reach financially for most of us. But you don’t have to be a celebrity to have affordable, high-quality cowhide rugs in your home. If it’s a star studded look you want, we know how you can get it!