Friday, February 10, 2012

THINK PINK for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is full of all things pink and red. There will be candy, flowers and cards - but what from Valentine's day can you keep forever?  The answer, of course - is love. But is there another way to celebrate Cupid's special day? Is there another way to show that special someone how much you love them? Sure - with a durable, solid-color cowhide rug.

Maybe you don't want a pink cowhide for your own home, but your daughter or granddaughter would LOVE it. Or - if your girl is going off to college, this makes a great graduation gift or dorm room accessory.

Pink nearly always translates to happiness and romantic grace. It is also now, a huge symbol of awareness and hope in the battle to beat breast cancer. Choose from several pink cowhides, from softer hues to the bolder holstein pattern black and red or black and pink cowhide rug.

Red is also a recognized color for Valentine's Day and could be used in many designs for all kinds of rooms, people and designs. What's more, is that red is the color of power, luck and money - many believe it translates to great things in the art of feng shui. Choose a solid red cowhide rug, or maybe a metallic silver and red cowhide rug.

This Valentine's day, think out of the box - and get a durable and fashionable cowhide rug for the one you love. Moo-yah!