Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Using A Natural Cowhide In Your Interior Design

Cowhide rugs are the latest interior must-have accessory. They've been around a few years - but are really coming to light now, as an affordable and durable way to incorporate serious style and major practicality into your space. Many interior designers have considered natural hides - whether used as a rug, upholstery or an accessory - a secret weapon to add a splash of color, a pop of pattern or just an organically shaped element in a large space.

A Cow hide rug brings organic shape, natural colors (unless it's one of our wild color cowhide collection), and a rustic, rich look to any space.  Cowhides fit into modern or traditional settings - and also young kid's rooms - or dorm rooms. They are great for game rooms, kitchen designs and hallways. They are even durable enough to use outdoors - if you wanted a super-classy patio area.

So what are the main goals when choosing a cowhide?
  • Make sure your Cowhide is professionally tanned, if properly done your rug should last the rest of your life without cracking or shedding. Proper tanning produces a softer and better quality hide.
  • Always choose a reputable and high standing cowhide company. Ask questions if you are interested: how they are tanned, what is the warranty or return policy, and how long have they been in business.
  • Check your color scheme and determine the size of rug that you need. There are various styles to choose from, colors and variations so take your time when choosing your rug to make sure it is the right rug for the aesthetics your space.
Cowhide rugs are a durable and stylish addition to any area in your home - do your homework, ask questions and your purchase can last you a lifetime.

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