Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cowhide Rugs Buzzing On Social Media

We’re seeing an uptick in cowhide related articles, Pinterest pins, blog reviews and more. We've always known about the versatile style of the cowhide rug - now it seems lots of others are seeing the awesomeness of the genuine cowhide accessory. 

We thought we’d share some of our favorite finds. 
  • ‘Why do cowhide rugs change the entire vibe in a room? We don’t know either but we sure do like them.’ -The Inside Source
  • ‘I’m really digging the look of these cowhide rugs.  They are just so beautiful (and they are stain resistant and last a lifetime).’ –A Strong Aesthetic
  • ‘I'm generally not a fan of these, but I LOVE how you styled it. Makes me think twice about my opinion of Cowhide Rugs.’ –Haley in the comments on Simple Details
  • ‘Maybe West Texas is getting to me, but I'm really digging cowhide rugs lately. They just add another dimension and texture that I'm pretty obsessed with.’ –Twenty Three Oh One
  • ‘No longer when I think of hides does my mind instantly run to cowboys and a rustic cabin like setting.  Rather, I think of all the possibilities, creativity, and styles that have adapted these beautiful pieces.’ –SN Design Studio
Photo credit - The Design Traveller

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