Thursday, September 27, 2012

Adding Animal Prints to Your Interior Design

Do you love animal prints but aren't sure how to incorporate them into your interior design without over doing it? Whether it's crocodile, giraffe, cheetah or zebra, trend followers are wild about animal prints and so are we! The exotic look remains popular in apparel and home-decor year after year and it's no surprise why. It's a touch of exotic that's chic and elegant and has been such a staple in design that it has become a classic.

Animal print is a fun way to bring a piece of your personality into the fabric of your home furnishings. The key is to use this particular style judiciously. Black and white is an eye-catching way to incorporate animal print into your home accents if you want to make a bold, contemporary statement. Black and white animal prints used in conjunction with bright or neutral colors on a couch, or in a bedroom or kitchen, give just the right amount of visual breakup to keep the whole picture from being too jarring.

If bold black and white isn't quite your style, a soft animal print rawhide or throw blanket might be more fitting. Rawhides can be hung on a wall for full display or used over bed covers. A plush, soft cheetah print throw blanket can be draped attractively along a chair or couch. Stylish crocodile luggage carefully stacked for use as an end table is another great option for making a more subtle statement with animal print.

Other home design items available in animal print include lamp shades, pillows, picture frames, accent chairs, trimmed ottomans, area rugs, wall art, shelving, window treatments and so much more! In fact, there are so many ways you can use your home to indulge your passion for animal print, the only thing you need worry about is using it in small enough amounts to break up solid colors found in the furniture and other decor and not so much that your guests feel like they're walking into the exotic animal section of the local zoo.

Your home can walk on the wild side; just don't get drowned in it.

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  1. Good job Del. I agree with your thoughts that it is becoming a trend now but we should also protect animals.

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