Monday, October 8, 2012

Accessorizing with Metallics

Maybe it’s the shine that draws us in or the undeniable feeling of Hollywood glamour that makes it hard for us to look away but accessorizing with gold and silver just can't be beat. The question is, how to make it work without going overboard.

Pairing metallics with natural fibers creates a glamorous look without feeling overdone, as in the metallic gold speckled cowhide rug in the photo to the right. The key is to incorporate organic elements with a variety of metallic finishes.

Here are few other keys to making metallics work in your home.

1. Cleanliness: Metallics lend a clean and minimalist feel by adding a few striking accents.

2. Make it a focal point: Choose a key piece – wall art, ottomans, accent tables, area rugs or centerpieces – as the headlining embellishment in the room. Approach the task as if picking out jewelry. The right piece should complete your look, not compete with it. Or...

3. Accessorizing: As in fashion, too much can be overwhelming. For the most dramatic effect bring metallics into your home in small doses. For example, mix small metallic items into table settings and bookshelves.

4. Refurbishments: Old chairs, chaises, couches and ottomans can be brought back to life by adding platinum, gold, bronze or silver grommets, metallic arms or feet.

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