Saturday, November 24, 2012

Holiday Tips Part 3: Buying for Artsy Types

Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh
Do you have crafty, creative, artistic, and quirky family members or friends on your gift giving list? Worried about what to get them? We're here to assuage your worries. At this point you might be expecting a list similar to those we posted last week and the week before. However, those were lists of gift ideas whereas this week's list is a bit different. Buying for your creative friends isn't so difficult if you ask yourselves some questions. Now, about that list. Arming yourself with this handy little list of questions is sure to make you a secret weapon among the shopping masses.

1. What is their favored art form or medium? Sculpting, photography, drawing? Whatever it is, do an internet search to figure out what item would be at the top of their art supply wish list. Are they a painter? Perhaps a set of high quality paints and brushes? A coffee table book full of beautiful artwork created in their favorite medium. You could even combine several items to make a gift basket of your gift.

2. Who is their favorite artist? Picasso, Renoir, da Vinci? Consider a printed and framed version work from their favorite artist. A picture book full of their favorite artist's work would likely become dog eared from the love shown by it's new owner.

3. Artists are ever at a loss for words when it comes to homemade gift. Find a DIY guide to help you make something truly unique for them. A hand-knitted scarf, a vintage book with a secret hollow for storing treasures, a themed gift basket, a stationary set monogrammed just for them, earrings or a bracelet.

4. Are their artistic pursuits a little more homely? Interior design, scrap booking, sewing, cooking? A gift card to their favorite hobby store is sure to put a smile on their face. They could use it for supplies or even a class. If they cook, consider gift card to whole foods or other local spot they can find gifts that inspire their culinary senses.

The combination of this list and your imagination is sure to help you find a gift that is truly inspired!

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