Monday, December 16, 2013

The Perfect Gift

The holidays are in full swing and the time for shopping is running out! Are you running out gift ideas? Is the last person on your Christmas list impossible to shop for?

Don't worry Rawhide Company cowhide rugs make something for every person on your list. Even the biggest Scrooge will love a cowhide rug.

Cowhide rugs and pillows are a perfect gift that will look great year round. A cowhide rug is a gift of quality and craftsmanship that anyone would be proud to give or receive. These rugs come in an assortment of colors that are sure to make the top of anyone's gift list.

If you are watching your budget this Christmas please check our bargain cowhide rugs. These are the same quality rugs with a reduced price. There are several sizes to choose from.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Cowhide for Christmas

December is a special month for many. It’s the Christmas season and time for giving and receiving beautiful cowhide rugs and accessories. Cowhide rugs are a perfect gift for the holidays and come in a vast array of colors and sizes.

Need a special rug for the holiday season to brighten up that hallway or family room?

How is this for a beautiful addition to your holiday decor. The bright red and metallic silver accents on this cowhide rug will brighten any room.

Looking for a great gift for Dad this Christmas? Maybe he is needing a new rug for his office or game room.

How about this vivid red cowhide rug to brighten up his space.

Cowhide rugs provide a comfortable and economical floor or wall covering that will last for years to come. Customize your Christmas with one of our dyed cowhide rugs or metallic cowhide rugs that will go perfect with any color Christmas tree.

Friday, November 15, 2013

3 Reasons to Shop with Rawhide Cowhide Rugs

There are three very good reasons to do your holiday shopping with Rawhide Company for cowhide rugs.

Free shipping on any orders over $150.00 dollars which means the majority of rugs we sell ship for free. Each order will be shipped via UPS or by Santa depending on how you would like to word it.

Low price guarantee on cowhide rugs. Rawhide guarantees that you will not find a lower "To Your Door Price" or better service from anyone else. The "To Your Door Price" is the total price of your order delivered to your door, including product cost, tax, shipping and/or handling fees. If you do find a lower "To Your Door Price" after your purchase with Rawhide, we will refund 110% of the difference.

The Rawhide Company No Hassle Return Policy. You can rest assured you have made the right choice when shopping for a cowhide rug or accessory. Rawhide will refund up to 100% on unused, resalable in stock merchandise. Custom fabrications or custom orders or any special orders not listed on our website do not qualify.  Items must be returned within 90 days of the sale and must be returned to Rawhide Company in new and resalable condition.

Rawhide Company wants to make your holiday shopping experience a pleasure. Thank you from all of us at Rawhide Company and Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Animal Print Cowhides - An Affordable Alternative To Real Exotic Hides

Don’t have the time to go on an African safari?  Would you love an exotic and rich area rug to decorate your home that reflects the color and flavor of Africa but don't have the budget?

Rawhide Company has just the solution – browse our extensive inventory of durable and affordable animal print cowhide rugs.  We have beautiful cowhide rugs in zebra, giraffe, cheetah and in many colors and variations.

These rugs will accent any room in your home and are tough and easy to care for without having to take a trip to the Kalahari.

Friday, November 1, 2013

November is upon us, and the weather in your area may be turning cooler, which in turn will make walking on your tile or hard wood floor and little less desirable.

If this is the case, don’t just go out a buy any old area rug to make your home a little more comfortable.

Invest in a home accessory that will last a lifetime – one that was meant – by nature to withstand the elements and keep it’s owner warm - browse our selection of comfortable warm and affordable cowhide rugs. Cowhide rugs come in many colors, and shapes and patterns which can provide timeless style to any area in your home.

Whatever the décor, whatever the color – we have something that will accent your space. You can really style up a doorways or hallway. We’ve even seen cowhide rugs in the kitchen and bathroom. Have a pink room? Well - we have a rug to fit it.

Don’t wear socks in your home all winter long. Discover how versatile and comfortable a Cow hide rug can be.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

It's BLACK AND WHITE - Accessorizing Without Color

The sharp, elegant and beautiful combination of bright white with a bold black is making a comeback.  Actually, it never went away. It's always been a timeless combination of light and dark - but recently, it's on an upward trend.

As houses and architecture are becoming more modern, old elements are resurfacing and being polished and re-purposed to fit properly within the new designs. There is something very chic about combining that which is new - with elements of yesterday.

One of the most popular timeless or 'old style' elements now is the iconic white and black combination - and what better way to incorporate these two bold colors than with a black and white cowhide accessory? It's a natural fit.

Black and white cowhide rugs can be a perfect anchor for a conversation, so many homeowners are opting for these rugs in their major entertaining rooms like dining rooms, living rooms, and entryways.

Our rugs come from Brazil - and our customer service - well, you won't find it anywhere else!

Opt for an extra large rug for those bigger rooms, so browse our collection of cowhide rugs.

 Are rugs too bold for your room? Cowhide pillows can be a great accessory also! When paired with dark leathers, they can create a true eye-catching pop to any room! Interested? Browse our collection of some of the most popular cowhide pillows around.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Celebrity Style: Rihanna's Bold Cowhide Rugs

Whether or not you are a big pop music fan, chances are you’ve heard of the uber-famous Rihanna a time or two.  She’s known for her sultry music and strong, deep voice - and she has the house to reflect just that.

Rihanna’s mansion in Beverly Hills is clean, concise and shows off her bold personality with walnut wood walls behind headboard and floor-to-ceiling windows - a truly beautiful home. In multiple rooms of the superstar’s house, there are a few special items that prove the a beautiful room can be feminine and strong.

In both lounges and her bedroom, Rihanna has different colored cowhide rugs and in another, a cowhide-covered lounging chair. Don’t think cowhides are just masculine, they can be a representation of a strong, bold woman too! 

Check out our selection of cowhide rugs to find one that might fit your tastes and follow Rihanna’s lead, be bold!

Images from Top Celebrity Homes.

Think Pink - Cowhide Rugs For Breast Cancer Awareness

October is a special month for many. It’s the launch of the beginning of fall flavored beverages (pumpkin spice latte anyone?), the beginning transition of the leaves changing, and a very special awareness month; October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

For this month, the color pink will adorn everything from baseball bats and football gloves, all the way to laces on tennis shoes.

So why not celebrate breast cancer research and survivors by using more pink? Cowhide rugs can be a perfect accessory to spice up any bedroom and can be painted and dyed a variety of colors, including pink!

A pink cowhide rug can be a cute room accent in the rooms of little girls everywhere, or can be an honorable and distinguishing gift for any of those affected by breast cancer. So celebrate October and honor those who are fighting the battle with breast cancer.

How do you show your support during Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cowhides In The Greek Houses

School just started and, for college students across the country, fraternity and sorority rush/recruitment just ended. Moving from the dorms to the Greek house can be an exciting time. The perks of being in a house with some of your closest friends next door and sharing large living spaces are numerous!

So make sure your house is decked out in the appropriate furnishings and accents to make your home comfortable for you and all the boys/girls.

Cowhide rugs can be a great accent to any fraternity house because the right colors can be very masculine. Pinning a cowhide rug on the wall behind a TV, or lying it on the floor beneath a pool table can both provide some much-needed durable accents to a house that is most likely going to see it’s fair share of rough housing.

Think cowhides are too masculine? They don’t have to be. Pick a neutral color and build off of it by adding khaki, tan or white accents throughout the rest of the house for a classy look. Sororities might like the idea of getting a solid or bright colored cow hide rug.

An exotic print, or animal print rug can make things super-trendy and match just about any interior.

Black and white cowhide rugs, in a longhorn or holstien pattern can bring some country flavor to any frat or sorority house.

Either way - you won't find a more durable rug to put up with the serious foot traffic that goes in and out of these dwellings. And - most kids at college don't have a huge budget. Get something that's cost efficient, won't break the bank - and will last a long, long time - a value priced cowhide rug!

What cowhide would you put in your Greek houses?

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cowhide Featured on Red Carpet at Lone Ranger Premiere

Did you catch Disney’s remake of The Lone Ranger this summer? From it’s premiere party, it was obvious that the movie would be a fun watch.
The story of the the Lone Rangers and his friendly companion, Tonto, is unique to the story of most teenage boys. They’ve grown up with the stories passed down of the Lone Ranger and his exciting adventures!
That’s why the premiere was especially special. It featured top acting talent like Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer, dressed in cowboy attire. The most surprising of the event was the absence of a prominent piece during movie premieres: there ANOTHER carpet in town - (in addition to the standard red carpet!)
Instead of the red carpet, a long cowhide rug greeted the celebrities as they walked and met fans before entering the movie theater. The beautiful black and white patterns gave a truly, authentic western feel - appropriate for the film.
You can mimic the same style used by the Lone Ranger in your home. Browse our selection of cowhide rugs to find one that suits your home and needs and can be the first introduction into a fun, friendly and warm environment. Click here to see the black and white cowhide rug. Also known as the holstien cowhide rug.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Serious Fall Style With Cowhides

CosmoWorlds Fashion Trends notes that sustainability, rustic and natural style, and fabrics, furniture & accessories, patterns and colors that create a feeling of "rugged" style, "nature" and "warmth" are key elements for this Fall's interior design movements.

Of course - a cowhide rug fits the bill on all points, starting with sustainability. As an eco-friendly home accessory - cowhides are the by-product of the food industry, and are being reused and recycled in an extremely efficient way - as a style accessory for your home.

Certainly, the rustic and natural style is achieved easily with a natural cowhide rug because of the natural coloration (specifically of our new monochrome cowhide rug collection) as well as the natural texture and patterns that are a standard staple of a cowhide rug. This style is pulled off alone or paired with other distinct styles and tastes. The cowhide rug is truly a flexible accessory.

There are an array of cowhide rugs in different patterns and colors - one to fit EVERY style in fact. But to follow 2011 interior design trend of bringing 'warmth' into your space - opt for a neutrally colored natural patterned hide, such as the brown brindle cowhide rug shown above.

Whatever your style, whatever your design goal - a cowhide rug is an incredibly versatile and flexible addition to your space.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Early American Leather

There is hardly a picture of historic America that shows the people where you can’t count the number of ways they depended on leather in their daily lives. For the first couple centuries of settlement and frontier expansion in America, leather was a staple much like flour and tea or coffee. They were not unique.

The Indians used treated cowhides and other animal hides for shelter, clothing, shoes, and tool-making. Tribes used different methods to prepare the leather, so there were as many degrees of fine leather as there were large villages. Their skills in making soft, pliable, water-shedding buckskin has never been equaled. Most foreign traders sought the fine leather goods the Indians offered.

Getting back to the colonists, they needed leather for basics like clothing, shoes, door hinges, fire buckets, tableware, coach springs, and countless other uses. Cowhides were prized and used for saddles, jackets, and boots. And why not? It’s wonderfully versatile in the effects a designer can achieve on a hide. That same hide can be cut, burned, carved, and embellished with everything from studs to rawhide strips. The method used for tanning determines whether the finished hide becomes soft, furry leather or hard, slick leather. Regardless of finish, the durability and waterproof properties are unequalled.

It seems the folks in Colonial times depended on leather and leather products in much the same way our present culture depends on petroleum and petroleum products. Man’s love for leather hasn’t diminished over the centuries. Today, we have the luxury of enjoying the past in the comfort of today’s advances. We can hang a beautifully printed exotic cowhide or a natural cowhide on our walls and also use them as cowhide rugs. Just go to Rawhide Company and choose a hide or two (or three!) for yourself.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Do You See A Pattern Here?

Natural Cowhide Rugs are becoming a very popular accessory in American home decor, being reminiscent of our western heritage in America. They come in a large variety of colors and patterns and Rawhide Company has the largest selection of high quality Cowhides on the web. All our superior quality Brazilian full-haired cowhides are available as decorative pillows as well.

Holstein cowhides have a large percentage of their surface covered by two boldly contrasting colors in a large pattern and usually come in white and brown or white and black, but these hides can also have gradation from brown to black in their markings. Holsteins are very intrinsic to the traditional southwestern decor. Brown and white cloud pattern cowhides are also available. The salt and pepper pattern is also very popular, and that is usually a background of white with a spattering of black. The most popular design in natural cowhide is the cloud pattern, and that would be the black and white cloud pattern cowhide.

Mixed cowhides are taking advantage of the full natural range of markings, having large Holstein-like patches that segue into salt-and-pepper speckles. Rather than sticking to two colors, mixed hides may mingle black, white, and shades of brown throughout, in a combination unique to the individual hide.

For that decor that demands a more subtle blend of colors, the brindle cowhides are the answer. Brindled hides contain a natural stripe down the center of the hide right out to the edges and can come in a variety of colors, including black and brown, black and gray, and gray and tan. The traditional black, white and brown tricolor or exotic cowhide rug stands out for it's traditional recognition quality.

The possibilities are endless and offer a large choice to complement any suitable decor, and especially southwest decor. To sum up, popular patterns include solid colors, cloud patterns, salt and pepper cowhide patterns, brindle patterns and tricolor. Colors include deep black, off-white, various shades of brown, gray and even reddish brown. Of course, at Rawhide Company, naturally light-toned hides can also be dyed to any color without compromising feel and suppleness. For our exotic print cowhides, we individually silkscreen using wild-animal skinprints. And from there ,we can over dye in a rainbow of colors.

There are no limits!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Frat House Decor

Nothing says 'hip' and 'masculine' like a stylish, clean cowhide rug. Cowhide rugs make a great accent for any living space, large or small - even at fraternity house full of guys.

Decorating a fraternity chapter room can be difficult; after all, often times the room is extremely large and just looks empty without much furniture. Not a great look for the place you will call home and to entertain in.

For man-inhabited dwellings, especially in the South - it's not unusual to see the rewards of hunts mounted on the wall, a 12 pointer above the mantel - that rustic, manly look of a typical MAN CAVE.

Whatever the situation - and regardless of who lives there - one thing is certain - a cowhide rug can add serious personality to class up your space - BIG TIME. It's the perfect cost-effective solution to adding spectacular style to your interior.

At Rawhide Company you can even choose colors that could potentially be the color of your crest or school colors. Make your fraternity room or living space, a room where tired and weary guys can come, prop their feet up, and enjoy some good fellowship.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A History Of Cowhide Rugs

When it comes to home design accessories, few have the kind of history that comes with cowhide rugs. Throughout history, people have taken animal skins and used and manipulated them to serve a variety of purposes – stretching from a design element such as a rug, all the way to creating a saddle for their horse so that they were able to ride more comfortably.

Either way, natural cow hide rugs have quite the history.  Of course - natural hair-on hides come from real animal skins, so after someone killed an animal they would skin the “hide” off of the carcass. It was important to do this quickly before the body heat left the tissue or else the skin would become too tough and rugged to use.

The native Americans had this truly nailed to an art form.  They also used hides very efficiently - using each hide to it's full potential - they would wear hides, use them for protection and shelter, and even document historical events on their hides. (see the "Battle of Little Big Horn" depicted above, left from Encyclopedia Brittanica)

Once a skin was obtained, it was to be taken to a tannery for a process called tanning. Tanning is when the skin would undergo an intense curing process that uses protein substances, salt and a variety of other chemicals to prevent the skin from decomposing and to increase its longevity. In medieval times, tanners were often poor and their tanneries were often foul smelling, making them outcasts in their own community.

However, regardless of their smell, these tanneries paved the way for bags, harnesses, armor for soldiers and footwear that would prove valuable in the years ahead. There’s more to hide than what meets the eye.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Decorating The Difficult Rooms

It’s not uncommon for people to decorate walls with artwork or memorabilia, and forget to decorate another large part of the display of their home: their flooring.

Hallways and entryways are often spaces that can seem impersonal because of how quickly people go in-and-out, so add some comfort and warmness to the experience.  After all - it's the first place space your guests will see - and the last interior space they will see of your home before they leave.

There are many ways to decorate these odd spaces – the most popular - and useful (due to the heavy foot traffic) being adding a rug to define the area. But aren’t there so many kinds of rugs to choose from? Yes, and it can seem overwhelming, but after a closer look at what natural cowhide rugs have to offer – you’ll understand why they are growing in popularity and why they might be the perfect fit for your home.

Cow hide rugs are distinct, unique and add a very versatile style accent to any room. They incorporate softness with some texture that can tie in with the most modern home or even the most rustic. No two rugs are the same, so they offer an opportunity for a conversation piece for anyone who comes by.

Outside of being stylish, cowhide rugs are thick, durable and perfect for highly trafficked areas of the home like entryways, hallways and others. They’ll through years of tough dirt and grime and can be cleaned to look refreshed and revamped at any time.

Natural hair-on hide rugs can be made hypoallergenic, so they can also be an environmentally-friendly option for decorating your home.

Are you looking for a design accent for that difficult spot of your home? Take time to browse our huge selection of cowhide rugs and see if one might be the right fit for you!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cowhide Rugs In Interior Design

It’s rare to see modern homes that aren’t accented in cowhide accessories these days. It’s a trendy way to add in a different texture, color and pattern into an otherwise smooth, streamlined home.

Cowhide is more than just an area rug - it’s now used as an upholster backs of chairs, headboards and other pieces of furniture. It presents unique opportunities to add in a taste of the wild or tame while letting us show off our inner ruggedness.

Don’t let the expensive cost of animal print rugs keep you from checking out this growing popular trend—there are plenty of fake animal skin rugs available - and we have them at Rawhide Company.

Some are even in bright colors and patterns that can be perfect accents for a playroom or child’s bedroom or teenager's room - or perhaps - a dorm room rug!  Solid color rugs make for a really hip and low-cost addition to one's first home or apartment out of college.

Black and white cowhide rugs can be a beautiful accent to leathers, rugs and other textures found in living rooms or studies.

Every man has a bit of a rugged style to him, so explore how a cowhide rug upholstered to an ottoman might help give your cowboy that “men’s club” feel.

Want to explore cowhide in your home? Check out some of our cowhide rug sale!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Design Durability Matters

Durability can be a critical component when designing your home - and few things are as durable as natural cowhide rug and cowhide accessories. The thick, coarse hair makes for a layer of protection from even the grimiest dirt and funk you can find.

Here’s why you should plan with durability in mind:

Lasts Longer 10 years
down the road, will your living room need another refresh? Probably. But is it worth throwing out everything that you used before? No. Cowhide rugs last longer than most of their counterparts and can be great, fashionable and chic accents for years to come.

Endless Style

The timeless patterns, shapes and colors of the natural hide rugs and the beautifully dyed cowhide rugs are really versatile and can be used in many living environments.

More Value

Because cowhide rugs last longer - you’re guaranteed to get more life out of your investment.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Beautiful Cowhide Headboard For Your Bed

Since cowhide rugs have been used as durable rugs and home accents throughout American history - it's no wonder that even today - a cowhide is a cost-efficient way of decorating and designing your home.

Cowhide rugs can come in a variety of patterns and styles. They, of course, come in their natural shades of brown, white and black as well as in dyed bright and fluorescent colors and patterns to add pop and zing to any room.

Their unique appearance and wide range of shapes and patterns make them great accents to all rooms, but a common overlooked addition is a beautiful headboard crafted from a chosen cowhide.

Cowhide rugs as a headboard protect your headboard from scratches and imperfections and also keep their color almost entirely throughout their life.

Cowhide headboards make a bold statement when upholstered and framed in leather. Especially in rustic or western styled homes, nail heads can be a great addition to the overall theme of your house.

Few things draw the attention in a bedroom like a beautiful headboard, so make yours the centerpiece. With the addition of a cowhide rug on your headboard you’ll open the doors for a more durable bedroom with beautiful, unique and striking accents. 

Photo - Chattafabulous

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Unique Display Of Cowhide

More and more homeowners are making the decision to replace conventional artwork and portraits with unique and special items that display their personalities. It’s a lot bigger than baseball pennants in a college dorm room… think much bigger.

As high ceilings become popular for modern-style homes and an often-renovated feature in older homes, artwork on walls is becoming a much bigger part of the home. Large entryways open up to printed maps of the world and exotic animal heads hang proudly above living room mantles.

Cowhide rugs are becoming a popular addition to homes, especially those enjoy modern or western looks – two things you thought you’d never hear together, right?

Modern homes prefer durable wall linings and representations of elegance lining the inside of their home and western style houses enjoy the taste of charm that comes from hanging or placing cowhide rugs on the walls of their home.  We've even seen a case on the internet (shown here) where cowhide 'tiles' were created and used in a rustic bathroom. BEAUTIFUL.

There are a variety of ways to display a cowhide rug proudly on your wall – and elsewhere as an accessory.  What unique ways can you use your cowhide?

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How to Hang A Cowhide Rug

A growing trend around cowhide rugs is displaying them proudly as art, mounted or hung over a wall catching the attention of all who walk by. They become conversation pieces when brought to the forefront, so explore opportunities with your cowhide, it doesn’t have to be stuck on the floor!

Hanging a cowhide doesn’t have to be difficult but it is worth noting: it’s no walk in the park. You’re going to need some light supplies like a hammer, ladder, nails and of course, your rawhide rug. Follow these 3 short steps to proudly display your rug on your wall.

1. Location, location, location
Where are you going to show your rug? What wall will your choose to display it? Depending on the color of the rug, your wall preference might change. Normally cowhide rugs are darker in color making them seem to make rooms smaller, so think ahead and make sure it’s a good fit.

2. Prepare
Gather up all the supplies you’ll need and set the rug down on the floor in front of the wall you choose. If you center the rug on the wall, as it is lying on the ground, it’ll make your process much easier. Determine the top point of the hide and begin to nail it on the wall.

3. Nail Away
After nailing the topmost portion of the rug to the wall, tightly press the middle point of the rug so that you are able to properly mark your spots. Flatten the hide and nail around the edges so that they won’t curl up in time.

So get after it this weekend - DIY project and share with us what you decided to display.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Celebrity Style and Cowhide Rugs - Interior Design Tips from Julie Bowen

Pictures of celebrity homes and décor litter magazine covers and television screens, leaving many of us wondering how we can emulate a similar style without spending a fortune! Having a celebrity style to your home doesn’t necessarily mean you need to spend more money, it simply means you need to be creative with your resources.

Best known for playing Claire Dunphy in Modern Family, Julie Bowen lives in a beautiful home decorated by her sister, Molly Leutkemeyer from interiors. Her simple, chic and beautiful home interior design style isn't unattainable.

What makes Julie’s house so nice is how “comfy” it appears. The lighting is warm and welcoming as natural light shines through large windows on light colored walls. She’s selected a neutral, earth-toned color pallet that is consistent throughout all the rooms in her house and is accented by wildlife sculptures and rugs.

In Julie’s living room is a large cowhide rug similar to our Holstein Palomino Rug or our Longhorn Medium Brown Cowhide. Even Julie and her interior designer sister recognize the need for durability in the most trafficked room of her house. (We have often said a cowhide rug is the interior designer's best-kept secret!)

A beautiful and often overlooked accent to a study or office is painting the interior wall of every bookshelf, while leaving the shelf itself a light color. This creates a depth to each shelf and is done beautifully in Julie’s home with a white shelf and forest green wall.

Don’t worry about matching your favorite celebrity home to the tee; embrace your own creative style and personality when taking bits and pieces from theirs.

After all, it is your home.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Building The Perfect Bachelor Pad - Part I

It’s a great time to be a bachelor! Ironically, one of the most watched seasons of “The Bachelor” just ended leading to some new high expectations from women. Not all bachelors can wine-and-dine a lady with a closed down amusement park and a private concert to follow, but we can help them all compete when it comes to having a comfortable bachelor pad.

Check out these quick ways to spruce up your place and bring it from college dorm room style to a classy bachelor pad living space.

1. Kitchen

Just because you may not be taking our dates to the finest restaurants in the country doesn’t
mean you can’t cater to their tastes from our own kitchens. Women care about cleanliness of a
house, so that includes where you’ll be preparing the food. Invest in some stainless steel kitchen utensils and put them on display by either hanging them from the ceiling or stacking them in a nice wooden rack. They’ll last longer and looker cleaner.

2. Don’t Forget Your Floors
It’s easy to forget about cleaning your carpet or mopping your hardwood floors, so let us tell
you about a little secret. Rugs are a great way to cut down on your floor cleaning time. In fact - they make cleaning easier, add style, color, texture and pop to your living space - they're an efficient home accessory.

Cowhide rugs can be a masculine accent to any room and are durable enough to take a spill
from a drink or scuff from a pair of shoes without showing much. These are also great “conversation
pieces” and will give you a good chance to make up a great story (or tell them you
purchase the rugs from Rawhide Company).

3. Lighting

Lighting can change depending on the room and the mood, so you’ll never go wrong with an
adjustable light switch. Seems simple, huh? Often times you’ll want lighting to be dimmer in rooms where there will be less conversations like the living room during a movie or big game or bedrooms—and brighter in entertaining areas like the kitchen, living room and dining rooms.

Quick changes to any apartment or your first house or living space can help your place become cozier for your friends and loved ones. Stay tuned for more tips on building a bachelor pad.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cleaning and Caring For Your Cowhide

We brag so much about the durability and longevity of a cowhide rug or cow hide accessory. And - with good reason - it's true. Natural hides have been used for centuries in practical interior design, as clothing and also as shelter in many cases - with great success. It's no wonder that budget-conscious designers and style-savvy do-it-yourselfers choose cow hide rugs both for adding a bit of color and style to their space; and also for a highly functional rug for high-traffic areas.

But in order to really get the longest life from your cow hair rug - you have to take care of it.  Luckily, care of a cowhide is really simple.

1. Vacuum and clean with warm water.  Vacuum dust and dirt from your cowhide rug regularly, as often as you clean your home.  Keep it fresh and fluffy and soft by lightly brushing it (even with warm water and mild soap from time to time). TIP: Never saturate your hide with water and always blot it dry and allow it to fully dry on it's own. Many clients say they like to take the hide outdoors for a couple of hours to dry, how and where is up to you - as long as the hide is never fully saturated.  When brushing or cleaning with warm water and soap - make sure you are using a damp brush or rag, as opposed to a saturated one. Leather will contract with water, so you must never fully saturate the natural hide/skin underneath the fur. You should never attempt to place your hide in the washing machine, or take it to the dry cleaners.

2. Quickly address stains and dirt.  Stains are best sorted out when dealt with the moment you notice them. Again - start with a  mild solution of warm water and soap. Again - damp, not saturated. If there is an odor (such as with urine, vomit, wine) you might try a bit of vinegar, heavily diluted with water. (5% or less white vinegar to 95% water.)

2. Rotate the rug every month or so.  This will ensure even wear; if it is in a high-traffic area. If folks are not walking on the rug, this is unimportant.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Cowhide Diversity

When you think of the word “cow”, the first thing that probably comes to mind is “black and white.” Why is this? Why do we always associate the word “cow” with the colors black and white? Even though the most common cow is the Holstein cow, which is typically black and white, there are many other breeds of cattle with a wide variety of unique colors.

Now, we know that a Holstein cow stands out very clearly because of its usual bold & beautiful black and white markings, but they can also be found in red and white. The Holstein cow is a breed of dairy cow, and are the world’s highest producing dairy animal which originated in Europe. They can now be seen in almost every pasture you pass by.

Most cowhide rugs are covered mostly with one color and then another contrasting color, they consist of a very bold large pattern.

Much like the Holstein cowhide rugs, the Salt and Pepper cowhide rugs also come in black and white. These kinds of hides can also be called 'speckled' hides because that is what the pattern is closely compared too.

The pattern on a Salt and Pepper cowhide rug has a naturally white base with speckles of one or more colors all throughout the rug. Holstein rugs can also have speckles of brown in them too.

Some of these hides are a tri-color, where there are brown, black and white speckles, these are a beautiful addition to any room because they can coordinate easily with any color furniture you might have. And - each one has a unique, natural look - no two are exactly alike!

Brindle cowhide rugs are very popular because they are so unique. Unlike the other rugs that we have mentioned, the Brindle hide is not spotted, it is more striped. This hide usually has a base color which covers the whole body and then there is a lighter or darker color over the top which gives the appearance of a striped or marbled look. These hides come in a wide variety of colors such as brown, black, grey and tan.

Closely related to the Salt and pepper cowhide, there is the Texas Mascot hide, otherwise known as The Longhorn hide. The Texas Longhorn is unique to Americans because it is the only cattle breed in America, without aid of man that can actually live on its own in America. They are known to be hardy, aggressive, and adaptable. This goes for these cowhide rugs too! They are truly adaptable to whatever your needs might be for it and will be the most “hardy” rug you will ever own.

So the next time you are in the market for a truly unique rug that is sure to fit right in with whatever your needs might be remember 'there is a cowhide for everyone'.

Friday, March 15, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Luck At Rawhide Company

Is that a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow? No, its Rawhide Company!

You are in luck! The Irish aren't the only ones with good fortune, with Rawhide Company's Value Collection of affordable, high-quality cowhide rugs - everyone can fell a little lucky with the purchase of a really durable cowhide rug. And you can feel even luckier - because you can also get FREE SHIPPING on orders over $150.

But it needs to be green! If you really want to go green with your cowhide rug, you can opt for a solid color green cowhide, or a holstein green and black cowhide rug.  With Rawhide Company, your choices are vast.

Oops, did you spill your beer on your cowhide rug? Not a problem! We love to help at Rawhide Company. So we've prepared resources and articles to help you. And - cowhide rugs are incredibly durable, which make them the very best accessory for your St. Patty's Day celebration, for all celebrations, and for life in your home. Click here for tips on cleaning your cowhide rug.


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Three Reasons To Design With Cowhide

We've always said that a cowhide rug is a designer's secret. For us, it's obvious - because we know how durable and beautiful these rugs are. Here's three great ideas (and reasons) for incorporating a cow hide rug into your decor.

1.  It can be used artistically in ANY room in the home to immediately add color, texture and pattern - or for more practical purposes - placed in high-traffic areas as a durable rug.

2. It's durability and flexibility also makes it a great addition to any home with kids, or even in a kid's room. Simply stated - children can not hurt this rug. It's tough as  -   well, leather.

3. A natural cowhide rug will instantly add shape, color, texture and pattern - and can also add balance, lines and symmetry in certain cases. Each one is different; and shaped and colored uniquely - and adds it's own special style to a space. So what makes it a designer's secret weapon - ? It knocks out nearly all of the principles and elements of design - in one fell swoop. Swoop on designers, swoop on.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Cowhide Humor

Being in the cowhide rug industry, you could probably guess that we have great cowhide radar. If there's an article, a website, or a magazine featuring cowhide, the likelihood is that we have seen it, read it and thoroughly digested it. Now most of what we see isn't funny stuff, but on Twitter, we see things that just tickle our funny bone. So today we thought we'd share a few of our favorite laugh-worthy cowhide tweets. We hope you get a laugh out of them too.

Have you seen any funny cowhide tweets? Sound off in the comments!

Monday, February 18, 2013

True Grit Brings Rustic and Rugged Interior Design Inspiration

We've always known that the cowhide rug is a durable and versatile 'key' piece as well as an interior designer's 'budget buster' secret.  This year - it's even a very popular trend to have cowhide upholstery or other 'accents' - that fits part of the 'true grit interior' trend of rustic furnishings and accessories after the movie True Grit and all it's award nominations. 

This article links to a rug at Neiman Marcus - that is just gorgeous! For around a thousand dollars.  Ouch! Of course - we know - we have the finest quality natural hair-on hides for a fraction of that price at Rawhide Company.  But - that's no secret. You have always been able to get super value and unbelievable quality with our huge selection of cowhide rugs - as well as our world-class customer service.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pantone Color of the Year - Emerald

Each year, interior and fashion designers anxiously await the announcement of the 'color of the year' from the world-authority on color - Pantone.

Of course, we are in the cowhide rug business, and try hard to offer a great selection of colors, patterns and styles to accent any interior. So - we are thrilled this year that the Pantone Color of the Year is EMERALD; because not only do we have some beautiful green cowhides, we just love the color - It's a fresh and clean hue that can brighten up or accent any decor.

We also love that it can bring a sense of nature indoors; with a grassy and rich resemblance to a freshly cut lawn.

This interior design utilizes a natural hide cowhide rug in green to accent the space in a classy and efficient use of the newest Color of the Year. Certainly - too much green is not for everyone and is also nontraditional as a main hue.  This is what makes a durable cowhide such a great option - add a pop of the most popular color to your design - just the right splash of color.

Interior Photo credit:

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Big Interior Design For Small Spaces

When planning a design for a new apartment, dorm room, individual room or office space - you need a little help getting started. Time to get those creative juices flowing. There are some tips that will help you jump-start your design.
Starting your design with key object, such as a really beautiful light source, or a stylish area rug. This is a great way to 'build around a piece'. A cowhide rug (solid, or patterned depending on the other elements you are working with) is a great centerpiece and 'focus' object. Throw it down let your mind go!
Imagine a nice couch that will go with the flow of your design, or a colored cowhide rug that would be great for the colors of the walls. Think about the space and how it's used. You want to have POP in your small space, but still have to have room to walk. A cowhide rug is the perfect way to bring BIG style to your SMALL space.
Remember, things do not always have to match exactly. It will be difficult to match your cowhide exactly but it's best not to even try and just go with your thoughts and visions in your mind.If you have trouble matching - opt for a brindle cowhide rug, or perhaps a salt and pepper cowhide rug - these options both have a variant of colors in each - no two are the same, and they go with nearly ANYTHING.
Maybe you prefer the warmer look or maybe you prefer modern or traditional, or - maybe you don't have a huge budget for your space. Whatever the case, a cow hide rug is a great cost-efficient, durable and with the wide selection of colors and patterns - versatile way to decorate your space.
Using cowhide rugs as your starting point for your small space design is a great way to begin your decorating and it's not about what other people like, it's your space - your taste. The cowhide rug is a very versatile, usable and durable object to include in any design.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Stay Warm This Winter WIth Cowhide

Can’t believe it is already December and the weather is getting colder! It’s the perfect time to warm up next to the fire on a comfy and naturally soft cowhide rug. Especially on hardwood or tile, cowhides serve to soften the look and feel of your floors with pattern and a feeling of warmth underfoot.

At Rawhide Company, we offer a wide selection of cowhides to suit your tastes. We offer the finest and highest quality full hair cowhides in many different patterns, and colors - as well as laser cut cowhide rugs, and custom designed area rugs. And now you can design a rug using your own inspirations, and our high quality hides.

We pride ourselves in satisfying our customers with the best customer service in the industry. We are consistently adding the newest and latest cowhides, plus -we offer free shipping on orders over $150! And - if you're on a budget - you can select a hide from our brand new Super Promo cowhide collection, or our Value Collection of cowhides for spectacular savings.

We have the best selection - a large variety of types, colors and patterns of hides to choose from - and provide help if you need advice on picking out the perfect rug. And as always, satisfaction guaranteed, so please visit us and get your own cowhide today!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Layering Cowhide Rugs In Your Interior Design

2013 brings a new year and a fresh ideas to your interior design. Many of us are ready to start our Spring cleaning already, shed the old, used elements of our design and accessories and replace with bright new interior design and home accessories finds.

One great way to accent your home, any time of the year - is with a cowhide rug. A blogger, The Nester - on her blog, The Nesting Place - has had inspiration move her this week to do a bit of rearranging and repositioning in her home. She already had a natural hide rug she'd bought Black Friday, but decided she needed to add another.

The addition was none other than a laser cut area rug, in a beautiful chevron pattern. The colors matched her decor perfectly, and she even went so far as to layer the rugs together to beautiful effect.

We sell the laser cut area rugs as well, and it's hard to describe their beauty and durability - and it's also hard to list each one individually because they're just gorgeous and all unique in their own way.

We were thrilled to have stumbled across this blog post, and this blog - because we're pretty sure The Nester LOVES her cowhide!

Photo Credits: The Nester - Sources and Story on The Nester Nesting Place blog.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Leather and Natural Hides Through The Middle Ages

In the eighth century, Spain, under Moorish domination, perfected a way to tan horse hides in a process we now call Cordovan leather. Actually, Cordovan is a misuse of the original Cordoba, the city in Spain where the process was initiated. Cordovan is also a color used for describing a reddish-black finish. The leather crafts and finishing processes continued to flourish and evolve through the history.

Approximately four centuries later, Marco Polo (1254-1324) knew how to walk in shoe leather and how to sit in a leather saddle. For 24 years he traveled the Silk Road through Asia, beyond Mongolia, the whole of China, and even visited part of Siberia. Polo became a close friend and confidant of Kublai Khan (1214-1294) and documented his travels in Il Milione. He observed that the world of leather stretched as far as did civilization. The Mongols made flasks, blankets, masks, and caps using the same tanning methods employed until this past century.

In the fourteenth century, Europeans began combining leather with wood. They made chairs, sedans, and benches in what can only be described as an art form. Soon, leather was used as upholstery. Leather crafting moved to high art in the construction of jewel cases and boxes. These highly prized home decor items and home accessories have transcended cultures and time.

Today, we have more options, fabrics, and materials than at any time in history. We also use leather and natural cowhides for more purposes than ever. While a nice pair of cow hide shoes can be stylish and comfortable, there’s nothing more lasting than a beautiful hair-on cowhide hanging on the wall and matching the one used as a rug. You don’t need to travel to Mongolia or Spain for fine leather hides. Just click your mouse over to the Rawhide Company and pick a few suited to your tastes.