Thursday, January 31, 2013

Big Interior Design For Small Spaces

When planning a design for a new apartment, dorm room, individual room or office space - you need a little help getting started. Time to get those creative juices flowing. There are some tips that will help you jump-start your design.
Starting your design with key object, such as a really beautiful light source, or a stylish area rug. This is a great way to 'build around a piece'. A cowhide rug (solid, or patterned depending on the other elements you are working with) is a great centerpiece and 'focus' object. Throw it down let your mind go!
Imagine a nice couch that will go with the flow of your design, or a colored cowhide rug that would be great for the colors of the walls. Think about the space and how it's used. You want to have POP in your small space, but still have to have room to walk. A cowhide rug is the perfect way to bring BIG style to your SMALL space.
Remember, things do not always have to match exactly. It will be difficult to match your cowhide exactly but it's best not to even try and just go with your thoughts and visions in your mind.If you have trouble matching - opt for a brindle cowhide rug, or perhaps a salt and pepper cowhide rug - these options both have a variant of colors in each - no two are the same, and they go with nearly ANYTHING.
Maybe you prefer the warmer look or maybe you prefer modern or traditional, or - maybe you don't have a huge budget for your space. Whatever the case, a cow hide rug is a great cost-efficient, durable and with the wide selection of colors and patterns - versatile way to decorate your space.
Using cowhide rugs as your starting point for your small space design is a great way to begin your decorating and it's not about what other people like, it's your space - your taste. The cowhide rug is a very versatile, usable and durable object to include in any design.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Stay Warm This Winter WIth Cowhide

Can’t believe it is already December and the weather is getting colder! It’s the perfect time to warm up next to the fire on a comfy and naturally soft cowhide rug. Especially on hardwood or tile, cowhides serve to soften the look and feel of your floors with pattern and a feeling of warmth underfoot.

At Rawhide Company, we offer a wide selection of cowhides to suit your tastes. We offer the finest and highest quality full hair cowhides in many different patterns, and colors - as well as laser cut cowhide rugs, and custom designed area rugs. And now you can design a rug using your own inspirations, and our high quality hides.

We pride ourselves in satisfying our customers with the best customer service in the industry. We are consistently adding the newest and latest cowhides, plus -we offer free shipping on orders over $150! And - if you're on a budget - you can select a hide from our brand new Super Promo cowhide collection, or our Value Collection of cowhides for spectacular savings.

We have the best selection - a large variety of types, colors and patterns of hides to choose from - and provide help if you need advice on picking out the perfect rug. And as always, satisfaction guaranteed, so please visit us and get your own cowhide today!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Layering Cowhide Rugs In Your Interior Design

2013 brings a new year and a fresh ideas to your interior design. Many of us are ready to start our Spring cleaning already, shed the old, used elements of our design and accessories and replace with bright new interior design and home accessories finds.

One great way to accent your home, any time of the year - is with a cowhide rug. A blogger, The Nester - on her blog, The Nesting Place - has had inspiration move her this week to do a bit of rearranging and repositioning in her home. She already had a natural hide rug she'd bought Black Friday, but decided she needed to add another.

The addition was none other than a laser cut area rug, in a beautiful chevron pattern. The colors matched her decor perfectly, and she even went so far as to layer the rugs together to beautiful effect.

We sell the laser cut area rugs as well, and it's hard to describe their beauty and durability - and it's also hard to list each one individually because they're just gorgeous and all unique in their own way.

We were thrilled to have stumbled across this blog post, and this blog - because we're pretty sure The Nester LOVES her cowhide!

Photo Credits: The Nester - Sources and Story on The Nester Nesting Place blog.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Leather and Natural Hides Through The Middle Ages

In the eighth century, Spain, under Moorish domination, perfected a way to tan horse hides in a process we now call Cordovan leather. Actually, Cordovan is a misuse of the original Cordoba, the city in Spain where the process was initiated. Cordovan is also a color used for describing a reddish-black finish. The leather crafts and finishing processes continued to flourish and evolve through the history.

Approximately four centuries later, Marco Polo (1254-1324) knew how to walk in shoe leather and how to sit in a leather saddle. For 24 years he traveled the Silk Road through Asia, beyond Mongolia, the whole of China, and even visited part of Siberia. Polo became a close friend and confidant of Kublai Khan (1214-1294) and documented his travels in Il Milione. He observed that the world of leather stretched as far as did civilization. The Mongols made flasks, blankets, masks, and caps using the same tanning methods employed until this past century.

In the fourteenth century, Europeans began combining leather with wood. They made chairs, sedans, and benches in what can only be described as an art form. Soon, leather was used as upholstery. Leather crafting moved to high art in the construction of jewel cases and boxes. These highly prized home decor items and home accessories have transcended cultures and time.

Today, we have more options, fabrics, and materials than at any time in history. We also use leather and natural cowhides for more purposes than ever. While a nice pair of cow hide shoes can be stylish and comfortable, there’s nothing more lasting than a beautiful hair-on cowhide hanging on the wall and matching the one used as a rug. You don’t need to travel to Mongolia or Spain for fine leather hides. Just click your mouse over to the Rawhide Company and pick a few suited to your tastes.