Thursday, January 31, 2013

Big Interior Design For Small Spaces

When planning a design for a new apartment, dorm room, individual room or office space - you need a little help getting started. Time to get those creative juices flowing. There are some tips that will help you jump-start your design.
Starting your design with key object, such as a really beautiful light source, or a stylish area rug. This is a great way to 'build around a piece'. A cowhide rug (solid, or patterned depending on the other elements you are working with) is a great centerpiece and 'focus' object. Throw it down let your mind go!
Imagine a nice couch that will go with the flow of your design, or a colored cowhide rug that would be great for the colors of the walls. Think about the space and how it's used. You want to have POP in your small space, but still have to have room to walk. A cowhide rug is the perfect way to bring BIG style to your SMALL space.
Remember, things do not always have to match exactly. It will be difficult to match your cowhide exactly but it's best not to even try and just go with your thoughts and visions in your mind.If you have trouble matching - opt for a brindle cowhide rug, or perhaps a salt and pepper cowhide rug - these options both have a variant of colors in each - no two are the same, and they go with nearly ANYTHING.
Maybe you prefer the warmer look or maybe you prefer modern or traditional, or - maybe you don't have a huge budget for your space. Whatever the case, a cow hide rug is a great cost-efficient, durable and with the wide selection of colors and patterns - versatile way to decorate your space.
Using cowhide rugs as your starting point for your small space design is a great way to begin your decorating and it's not about what other people like, it's your space - your taste. The cowhide rug is a very versatile, usable and durable object to include in any design.

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