Sunday, March 3, 2013

Three Reasons To Design With Cowhide

We've always said that a cowhide rug is a designer's secret. For us, it's obvious - because we know how durable and beautiful these rugs are. Here's three great ideas (and reasons) for incorporating a cow hide rug into your decor.

1.  It can be used artistically in ANY room in the home to immediately add color, texture and pattern - or for more practical purposes - placed in high-traffic areas as a durable rug.

2. It's durability and flexibility also makes it a great addition to any home with kids, or even in a kid's room. Simply stated - children can not hurt this rug. It's tough as  -   well, leather.

3. A natural cowhide rug will instantly add shape, color, texture and pattern - and can also add balance, lines and symmetry in certain cases. Each one is different; and shaped and colored uniquely - and adds it's own special style to a space. So what makes it a designer's secret weapon - ? It knocks out nearly all of the principles and elements of design - in one fell swoop. Swoop on designers, swoop on.

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