Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Celebrity Style and Cowhide Rugs - Interior Design Tips from Julie Bowen

Pictures of celebrity homes and d├ęcor litter magazine covers and television screens, leaving many of us wondering how we can emulate a similar style without spending a fortune! Having a celebrity style to your home doesn’t necessarily mean you need to spend more money, it simply means you need to be creative with your resources.

Best known for playing Claire Dunphy in Modern Family, Julie Bowen lives in a beautiful home decorated by her sister, Molly Leutkemeyer from interiors. Her simple, chic and beautiful home interior design style isn't unattainable.

What makes Julie’s house so nice is how “comfy” it appears. The lighting is warm and welcoming as natural light shines through large windows on light colored walls. She’s selected a neutral, earth-toned color pallet that is consistent throughout all the rooms in her house and is accented by wildlife sculptures and rugs.

In Julie’s living room is a large cowhide rug similar to our Holstein Palomino Rug or our Longhorn Medium Brown Cowhide. Even Julie and her interior designer sister recognize the need for durability in the most trafficked room of her house. (We have often said a cowhide rug is the interior designer's best-kept secret!)

A beautiful and often overlooked accent to a study or office is painting the interior wall of every bookshelf, while leaving the shelf itself a light color. This creates a depth to each shelf and is done beautifully in Julie’s home with a white shelf and forest green wall.

Don’t worry about matching your favorite celebrity home to the tee; embrace your own creative style and personality when taking bits and pieces from theirs.

After all, it is your home.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Building The Perfect Bachelor Pad - Part I

It’s a great time to be a bachelor! Ironically, one of the most watched seasons of “The Bachelor” just ended leading to some new high expectations from women. Not all bachelors can wine-and-dine a lady with a closed down amusement park and a private concert to follow, but we can help them all compete when it comes to having a comfortable bachelor pad.

Check out these quick ways to spruce up your place and bring it from college dorm room style to a classy bachelor pad living space.

1. Kitchen

Just because you may not be taking our dates to the finest restaurants in the country doesn’t
mean you can’t cater to their tastes from our own kitchens. Women care about cleanliness of a
house, so that includes where you’ll be preparing the food. Invest in some stainless steel kitchen utensils and put them on display by either hanging them from the ceiling or stacking them in a nice wooden rack. They’ll last longer and looker cleaner.

2. Don’t Forget Your Floors
It’s easy to forget about cleaning your carpet or mopping your hardwood floors, so let us tell
you about a little secret. Rugs are a great way to cut down on your floor cleaning time. In fact - they make cleaning easier, add style, color, texture and pop to your living space - they're an efficient home accessory.

Cowhide rugs can be a masculine accent to any room and are durable enough to take a spill
from a drink or scuff from a pair of shoes without showing much. These are also great “conversation
pieces” and will give you a good chance to make up a great story (or tell them you
purchase the rugs from Rawhide Company).

3. Lighting

Lighting can change depending on the room and the mood, so you’ll never go wrong with an
adjustable light switch. Seems simple, huh? Often times you’ll want lighting to be dimmer in rooms where there will be less conversations like the living room during a movie or big game or bedrooms—and brighter in entertaining areas like the kitchen, living room and dining rooms.

Quick changes to any apartment or your first house or living space can help your place become cozier for your friends and loved ones. Stay tuned for more tips on building a bachelor pad.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cleaning and Caring For Your Cowhide

We brag so much about the durability and longevity of a cowhide rug or cow hide accessory. And - with good reason - it's true. Natural hides have been used for centuries in practical interior design, as clothing and also as shelter in many cases - with great success. It's no wonder that budget-conscious designers and style-savvy do-it-yourselfers choose cow hide rugs both for adding a bit of color and style to their space; and also for a highly functional rug for high-traffic areas.

But in order to really get the longest life from your cow hair rug - you have to take care of it.  Luckily, care of a cowhide is really simple.

1. Vacuum and clean with warm water.  Vacuum dust and dirt from your cowhide rug regularly, as often as you clean your home.  Keep it fresh and fluffy and soft by lightly brushing it (even with warm water and mild soap from time to time). TIP: Never saturate your hide with water and always blot it dry and allow it to fully dry on it's own. Many clients say they like to take the hide outdoors for a couple of hours to dry, how and where is up to you - as long as the hide is never fully saturated.  When brushing or cleaning with warm water and soap - make sure you are using a damp brush or rag, as opposed to a saturated one. Leather will contract with water, so you must never fully saturate the natural hide/skin underneath the fur. You should never attempt to place your hide in the washing machine, or take it to the dry cleaners.

2. Quickly address stains and dirt.  Stains are best sorted out when dealt with the moment you notice them. Again - start with a  mild solution of warm water and soap. Again - damp, not saturated. If there is an odor (such as with urine, vomit, wine) you might try a bit of vinegar, heavily diluted with water. (5% or less white vinegar to 95% water.)

2. Rotate the rug every month or so.  This will ensure even wear; if it is in a high-traffic area. If folks are not walking on the rug, this is unimportant.