Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Celebrity Style and Cowhide Rugs - Interior Design Tips from Julie Bowen

Pictures of celebrity homes and décor litter magazine covers and television screens, leaving many of us wondering how we can emulate a similar style without spending a fortune! Having a celebrity style to your home doesn’t necessarily mean you need to spend more money, it simply means you need to be creative with your resources.

Best known for playing Claire Dunphy in Modern Family, Julie Bowen lives in a beautiful home decorated by her sister, Molly Leutkemeyer from interiors. Her simple, chic and beautiful home interior design style isn't unattainable.

What makes Julie’s house so nice is how “comfy” it appears. The lighting is warm and welcoming as natural light shines through large windows on light colored walls. She’s selected a neutral, earth-toned color pallet that is consistent throughout all the rooms in her house and is accented by wildlife sculptures and rugs.

In Julie’s living room is a large cowhide rug similar to our Holstein Palomino Rug or our Longhorn Medium Brown Cowhide. Even Julie and her interior designer sister recognize the need for durability in the most trafficked room of her house. (We have often said a cowhide rug is the interior designer's best-kept secret!)

A beautiful and often overlooked accent to a study or office is painting the interior wall of every bookshelf, while leaving the shelf itself a light color. This creates a depth to each shelf and is done beautifully in Julie’s home with a white shelf and forest green wall.

Don’t worry about matching your favorite celebrity home to the tee; embrace your own creative style and personality when taking bits and pieces from theirs.

After all, it is your home.

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