Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How to Hang A Cowhide Rug

A growing trend around cowhide rugs is displaying them proudly as art, mounted or hung over a wall catching the attention of all who walk by. They become conversation pieces when brought to the forefront, so explore opportunities with your cowhide, it doesn’t have to be stuck on the floor!

Hanging a cowhide doesn’t have to be difficult but it is worth noting: it’s no walk in the park. You’re going to need some light supplies like a hammer, ladder, nails and of course, your rawhide rug. Follow these 3 short steps to proudly display your rug on your wall.

1. Location, location, location
Where are you going to show your rug? What wall will your choose to display it? Depending on the color of the rug, your wall preference might change. Normally cowhide rugs are darker in color making them seem to make rooms smaller, so think ahead and make sure it’s a good fit.

2. Prepare
Gather up all the supplies you’ll need and set the rug down on the floor in front of the wall you choose. If you center the rug on the wall, as it is lying on the ground, it’ll make your process much easier. Determine the top point of the hide and begin to nail it on the wall.

3. Nail Away
After nailing the topmost portion of the rug to the wall, tightly press the middle point of the rug so that you are able to properly mark your spots. Flatten the hide and nail around the edges so that they won’t curl up in time.

So get after it this weekend - DIY project and share with us what you decided to display.

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