Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cowhide Rugs In Interior Design

It’s rare to see modern homes that aren’t accented in cowhide accessories these days. It’s a trendy way to add in a different texture, color and pattern into an otherwise smooth, streamlined home.

Cowhide is more than just an area rug - it’s now used as an upholster backs of chairs, headboards and other pieces of furniture. It presents unique opportunities to add in a taste of the wild or tame while letting us show off our inner ruggedness.

Don’t let the expensive cost of animal print rugs keep you from checking out this growing popular trend—there are plenty of fake animal skin rugs available - and we have them at Rawhide Company.

Some are even in bright colors and patterns that can be perfect accents for a playroom or child’s bedroom or teenager's room - or perhaps - a dorm room rug!  Solid color rugs make for a really hip and low-cost addition to one's first home or apartment out of college.

Black and white cowhide rugs can be a beautiful accent to leathers, rugs and other textures found in living rooms or studies.

Every man has a bit of a rugged style to him, so explore how a cowhide rug upholstered to an ottoman might help give your cowboy that “men’s club” feel.

Want to explore cowhide in your home? Check out some of our cowhide rug sale!

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