Thursday, June 13, 2013

Design Durability Matters

Durability can be a critical component when designing your home - and few things are as durable as natural cowhide rug and cowhide accessories. The thick, coarse hair makes for a layer of protection from even the grimiest dirt and funk you can find.

Here’s why you should plan with durability in mind:

Lasts Longer 10 years
down the road, will your living room need another refresh? Probably. But is it worth throwing out everything that you used before? No. Cowhide rugs last longer than most of their counterparts and can be great, fashionable and chic accents for years to come.

Endless Style

The timeless patterns, shapes and colors of the natural hide rugs and the beautifully dyed cowhide rugs are really versatile and can be used in many living environments.

More Value

Because cowhide rugs last longer - you’re guaranteed to get more life out of your investment.

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