Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A History Of Cowhide Rugs

When it comes to home design accessories, few have the kind of history that comes with cowhide rugs. Throughout history, people have taken animal skins and used and manipulated them to serve a variety of purposes – stretching from a design element such as a rug, all the way to creating a saddle for their horse so that they were able to ride more comfortably.

Either way, natural cow hide rugs have quite the history.  Of course - natural hair-on hides come from real animal skins, so after someone killed an animal they would skin the “hide” off of the carcass. It was important to do this quickly before the body heat left the tissue or else the skin would become too tough and rugged to use.

The native Americans had this truly nailed to an art form.  They also used hides very efficiently - using each hide to it's full potential - they would wear hides, use them for protection and shelter, and even document historical events on their hides. (see the "Battle of Little Big Horn" depicted above, left from Encyclopedia Brittanica)

Once a skin was obtained, it was to be taken to a tannery for a process called tanning. Tanning is when the skin would undergo an intense curing process that uses protein substances, salt and a variety of other chemicals to prevent the skin from decomposing and to increase its longevity. In medieval times, tanners were often poor and their tanneries were often foul smelling, making them outcasts in their own community.

However, regardless of their smell, these tanneries paved the way for bags, harnesses, armor for soldiers and footwear that would prove valuable in the years ahead. There’s more to hide than what meets the eye.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Decorating The Difficult Rooms

It’s not uncommon for people to decorate walls with artwork or memorabilia, and forget to decorate another large part of the display of their home: their flooring.

Hallways and entryways are often spaces that can seem impersonal because of how quickly people go in-and-out, so add some comfort and warmness to the experience.  After all - it's the first place space your guests will see - and the last interior space they will see of your home before they leave.

There are many ways to decorate these odd spaces – the most popular - and useful (due to the heavy foot traffic) being adding a rug to define the area. But aren’t there so many kinds of rugs to choose from? Yes, and it can seem overwhelming, but after a closer look at what natural cowhide rugs have to offer – you’ll understand why they are growing in popularity and why they might be the perfect fit for your home.

Cow hide rugs are distinct, unique and add a very versatile style accent to any room. They incorporate softness with some texture that can tie in with the most modern home or even the most rustic. No two rugs are the same, so they offer an opportunity for a conversation piece for anyone who comes by.

Outside of being stylish, cowhide rugs are thick, durable and perfect for highly trafficked areas of the home like entryways, hallways and others. They’ll through years of tough dirt and grime and can be cleaned to look refreshed and revamped at any time.

Natural hair-on hide rugs can be made hypoallergenic, so they can also be an environmentally-friendly option for decorating your home.

Are you looking for a design accent for that difficult spot of your home? Take time to browse our huge selection of cowhide rugs and see if one might be the right fit for you!