Friday, August 16, 2013

Do You See A Pattern Here?

Natural Cowhide Rugs are becoming a very popular accessory in American home decor, being reminiscent of our western heritage in America. They come in a large variety of colors and patterns and Rawhide Company has the largest selection of high quality Cowhides on the web. All our superior quality Brazilian full-haired cowhides are available as decorative pillows as well.

Holstein cowhides have a large percentage of their surface covered by two boldly contrasting colors in a large pattern and usually come in white and brown or white and black, but these hides can also have gradation from brown to black in their markings. Holsteins are very intrinsic to the traditional southwestern decor. Brown and white cloud pattern cowhides are also available. The salt and pepper pattern is also very popular, and that is usually a background of white with a spattering of black. The most popular design in natural cowhide is the cloud pattern, and that would be the black and white cloud pattern cowhide.

Mixed cowhides are taking advantage of the full natural range of markings, having large Holstein-like patches that segue into salt-and-pepper speckles. Rather than sticking to two colors, mixed hides may mingle black, white, and shades of brown throughout, in a combination unique to the individual hide.

For that decor that demands a more subtle blend of colors, the brindle cowhides are the answer. Brindled hides contain a natural stripe down the center of the hide right out to the edges and can come in a variety of colors, including black and brown, black and gray, and gray and tan. The traditional black, white and brown tricolor or exotic cowhide rug stands out for it's traditional recognition quality.

The possibilities are endless and offer a large choice to complement any suitable decor, and especially southwest decor. To sum up, popular patterns include solid colors, cloud patterns, salt and pepper cowhide patterns, brindle patterns and tricolor. Colors include deep black, off-white, various shades of brown, gray and even reddish brown. Of course, at Rawhide Company, naturally light-toned hides can also be dyed to any color without compromising feel and suppleness. For our exotic print cowhides, we individually silkscreen using wild-animal skinprints. And from there ,we can over dye in a rainbow of colors.

There are no limits!

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