Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cowhide Featured on Red Carpet at Lone Ranger Premiere

Did you catch Disney’s remake of The Lone Ranger this summer? From it’s premiere party, it was obvious that the movie would be a fun watch.
The story of the the Lone Rangers and his friendly companion, Tonto, is unique to the story of most teenage boys. They’ve grown up with the stories passed down of the Lone Ranger and his exciting adventures!
That’s why the premiere was especially special. It featured top acting talent like Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer, dressed in cowboy attire. The most surprising of the event was the absence of a prominent piece during movie premieres: there ANOTHER carpet in town - (in addition to the standard red carpet!)
Instead of the red carpet, a long cowhide rug greeted the celebrities as they walked and met fans before entering the movie theater. The beautiful black and white patterns gave a truly, authentic western feel - appropriate for the film.
You can mimic the same style used by the Lone Ranger in your home. Browse our selection of cowhide rugs to find one that suits your home and needs and can be the first introduction into a fun, friendly and warm environment. Click here to see the black and white cowhide rug. Also known as the holstien cowhide rug.

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