Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cowhides In The Greek Houses

School just started and, for college students across the country, fraternity and sorority rush/recruitment just ended. Moving from the dorms to the Greek house can be an exciting time. The perks of being in a house with some of your closest friends next door and sharing large living spaces are numerous!

So make sure your house is decked out in the appropriate furnishings and accents to make your home comfortable for you and all the boys/girls.

Cowhide rugs can be a great accent to any fraternity house because the right colors can be very masculine. Pinning a cowhide rug on the wall behind a TV, or lying it on the floor beneath a pool table can both provide some much-needed durable accents to a house that is most likely going to see it’s fair share of rough housing.

Think cowhides are too masculine? They don’t have to be. Pick a neutral color and build off of it by adding khaki, tan or white accents throughout the rest of the house for a classy look. Sororities might like the idea of getting a solid or bright colored cow hide rug.

An exotic print, or animal print rug can make things super-trendy and match just about any interior.

Black and white cowhide rugs, in a longhorn or holstien pattern can bring some country flavor to any frat or sorority house.

Either way - you won't find a more durable rug to put up with the serious foot traffic that goes in and out of these dwellings. And - most kids at college don't have a huge budget. Get something that's cost efficient, won't break the bank - and will last a long, long time - a value priced cowhide rug!

What cowhide would you put in your Greek houses?

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