Sunday, September 8, 2013

Serious Fall Style With Cowhides

CosmoWorlds Fashion Trends notes that sustainability, rustic and natural style, and fabrics, furniture & accessories, patterns and colors that create a feeling of "rugged" style, "nature" and "warmth" are key elements for this Fall's interior design movements.

Of course - a cowhide rug fits the bill on all points, starting with sustainability. As an eco-friendly home accessory - cowhides are the by-product of the food industry, and are being reused and recycled in an extremely efficient way - as a style accessory for your home.

Certainly, the rustic and natural style is achieved easily with a natural cowhide rug because of the natural coloration (specifically of our new monochrome cowhide rug collection) as well as the natural texture and patterns that are a standard staple of a cowhide rug. This style is pulled off alone or paired with other distinct styles and tastes. The cowhide rug is truly a flexible accessory.

There are an array of cowhide rugs in different patterns and colors - one to fit EVERY style in fact. But to follow 2011 interior design trend of bringing 'warmth' into your space - opt for a neutrally colored natural patterned hide, such as the brown brindle cowhide rug shown above.

Whatever your style, whatever your design goal - a cowhide rug is an incredibly versatile and flexible addition to your space.

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  1. I really love the cowhide style. The one that you feature is perfect for fall. Do you have any experiences with layering them? I have heard of people layering rugs using cowhides and always thought it looked neat but wasn't sure how to achieve that look for fall. I am thinking of purchasing a cowhide and some Modern Rugs to layer for the fall.