Monday, October 7, 2013

Celebrity Style: Rihanna's Bold Cowhide Rugs

Whether or not you are a big pop music fan, chances are you’ve heard of the uber-famous Rihanna a time or two.  She’s known for her sultry music and strong, deep voice - and she has the house to reflect just that.

Rihanna’s mansion in Beverly Hills is clean, concise and shows off her bold personality with walnut wood walls behind headboard and floor-to-ceiling windows - a truly beautiful home. In multiple rooms of the superstar’s house, there are a few special items that prove the a beautiful room can be feminine and strong.

In both lounges and her bedroom, Rihanna has different colored cowhide rugs and in another, a cowhide-covered lounging chair. Don’t think cowhides are just masculine, they can be a representation of a strong, bold woman too! 

Check out our selection of cowhide rugs to find one that might fit your tastes and follow Rihanna’s lead, be bold!

Images from Top Celebrity Homes.

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