Monday, April 28, 2014

Organic Shapes: Design Trend

Want to soften a sleek, modern room? Try incorporating organic shapes. These curvilinear pieces have rounded, circular edges and mimic the shapes found in natural objects such as leaves, plants and animals. Organic shapes are used to create a calming, flowing atmosphere and can help soften sharp lines in other parts of your room. Here’s how you can use organic shapes to enhance your next interior design project and create a naturally relaxing room:
Soften a minimalist theme.
Organic shapes are an incredibly popular addition to minimalist or contemporary rooms. These modern rooms stick to basic, essential furniture and often have several black and white contrasts with an occasional splash of color. Organic shapes can help soften this look and prevent it from looking too bare or empty. Incorporate curved edges in different parts of the room, including couches, tables, lighting fixtures, window frames or rugs. You can still have traditional shapes such as squares and rectangles, but make them more organic by muting the edges.
Organic -shaped furniture.
Swivel chairs, loveseats or couches with rounded corners are all examples of organic-shaped furniture that can help soften contemporary rooms. These pieces, especially when they stand alone, can be bright. They add a touch of color and become a focal point in a black and white room. Egg or scoop chairs are also popular choices, as are circular or asymmetric tables.
Soften the edge of your contemporary room with gentle, organic shapes to craft the perfect balance between minimalism and relaxation.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Celebrity Style and Cowhide Rugs: Jennifer Anniston

When it comes to celebrity homes, cowhide rugs now play a starring role. 

Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be showcasing several celebrity homes which feature cowhide rugs. Though each of their abodes has a distinctly different architectural and decorating style, they share a common interior design icon: the cowhide rug in shades from tan to black to brown—sometimes in several rooms as a unifying decorative theme.

We were awed by the display and effect of the
brown cowhide rug in the gallery-style hallway of Jennifer Aniston’s West Village apartment in New York City (above).  

We love the bold graphic statement this black and white cowhide rug makes in Jennifer’s living room:

And we’re particularly fond of the subdued elegance of the beautiful grey brindle cowhide rug in Aniston’s bedroom:

Friday, April 4, 2014

The Elegance of a Cream Cowhide Rug

It is very easy to become enamored with white and cream cowhide rugs. They seem to add another layer of richness and beauty to so many different style interiors. We especially love cow hide rugs over sisal or seagrass. In this room, the rug truly seems to compliment all furnishings. The combination of the natural floor covering and the sumptuousness of the cowhide really speaks to us. 
Of course in a more modern interiors, a cow hide softens the hard edges of the furniture and the space. Cowhide rugs seem to work in many different decors.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring Into Style With Natural Cowhide

Spring is in the air, clean and fresh - and the winter blues can now transform into greens, pinks and other colors that are found in nature - that inspire our designs this time of year. Renewal, growth and nature - are themes that come to mind when we think of Spring. And what better way to welcome Spring than with a beautiful colored  cowhide rug?

A cow hide rug can wield cool Spring colors, or the feel of nature that only a natural hair hide can bring. They are also very versatile - and are not limited to being on the floor.  You can accessorize with pillows, hang a hide on a wall, use it as upholstery or accent  - or even use a cowhide in an art project.

Natural cowhide pillows are a fast and easy way to bring pattern and texture to your design.

This Spring, bring nature indoors, brighten your room and mood - with a natural cowhide rug.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Organic & Eco Friendly Interior Accents

We all hear about “going green” and protecting “Mother Earth” by buying "organic" and "eco-friendly" products - but you might be wondering - what exactly does all this mean, and how does this pertain to cowhide rugs?

You can decorate with style and still use organic materials, no matter what your style is. Cowhide rugs can and should be considered an eco-friendly interior accessory for your interior design if you consider that they are made using the skin of the cows that we (some of us) eat. It's recycling at it's best.

Our hides are tanned naturally, and do not pose a risk to children or animals. They are eco-friendly, as the processes they go through the pollute less in the process of manufacturing.

Cowhides are thick, durable and most likely will last as long as you choose to have the rug in your design. They also have a distinct style that's been used in design for centuries. This means longevity to your design in two ways:

1/ Cowhides are a timeless accessory - they'll NEVER go out of style
2/ Cowhides - with proper care, will last a lifetime, meaning - you won't have to replace it

What a great alternative to a rug that might go out of style, or wear quickly, leaving you to have to purchase another synthetically made product to accessorize your home.

Cowhide rugs, then - easily fall into the “Four R's” of living an environmentally friendly lifestyle. You can feel good about your purchase and not having to buy synthetic rugs.

What are the four R’s?

  • Reduce – It means reducing the volume of waste in our daily life.
  • Reuse – Means reusing items to cut down on being disposed of and the use of recycling. Buy items that you can use more than one time or furniture that is made out of recycled materials.
  • Recycle – Recycling is a process where a material has outlived it’s useful life and you find another way to re-use the product, or turn in to a recycling center.
  • Rethink- The most important of the four R’s. If we all rethink what we are buying and rethink how to reuse, we can make our environment a better place.

When you adding items to your home or office, there are so many new ways to make things a bit more natural and safe. There is non toxic paint, beautiful refurbished and recycled furniture pieces made of old broken and recyled glass, and of course natural hide rugs and pillows.

Cowhides can add any new vision to the room that you want and you can rest assure that you are helping our earth when purchasing a natural cowhide rug!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Bring On Spring With A Cowhide Rug

Spring is just around the corner - which is a HUGE relief to the many people affected by the harsh winter storms this winter. It soon will be time to open up those blinds and let the sun shine through! One way to celebrate the beautiful weather headed our way is to decorate your home for spring.

We all know that at the beginning of spring, we feel the need to do that yearly spring cleaning. But, did you know that spring is a perfect time to revitalize and update your home as well? It’s the perfect time to take down those heavy curtains and bring in some color for the warmer season. This all can be done without doing an “extreme home makeover” and without breaking the bank by just applying a few simple rules:

Get rid of the Heavy Linens - Pack away those heavy electric blankets and replace with light and airy fabrics, like cotton. Get rid of the "dark and cozy" and bring in the "light and airy". You’ll love what a difference it makes.

Choose Light Colors - Get rid of those dark, depressing colors and bring in some fresh color to lighten the room and soothe the soul. Painting a room or even adding an accent wall is an easy way to change a room on a tight budget. Shades of greens, blues, purples and even radiant golds are great for walls, comforters, curtains and slip covers.

Use Throw Rugs - One of the easiest and most fun ways to update your home is to change out your rugs. While some rugs are meant to bring warmth during the winter, spring brings out the character of your house. TIP: If you've got dark wood floors or dark flooring - Rawhide Company has several beautiful light colored cowhide rugs that would be a beautiful accent to easily lighten up an otherwise dark space!

Accessorize, Accessorize - Think about finding some new, inexpensive accents to accessorize your home. Find things that scream spring! Make a beautiful vase of fresh cut flowers your new centerpiece. Everybody loves daisies and daffodils not to mention, the fragrance they bring to your home. Don’t forget the throw pillows. They are definitely a great way to give a boring, old sofa and chair a new, edgy look. There are truly some beautiful natural cowhide pillows at Rawhide Company - in all colors.

Switch It Up - One of the biggest ways to get a new look is to move your furniture around. Everyone will wonder if you bought new furniture and you will be amazed at how different your house will look!

Bring the Outside In - Open the windows and breathe in the fresh air! Bring nature inside with potted plants and flowers and place them in places where you spend time daily. This will brighten the room and your mood.

Remember, small changes can make a dramatic difference in the personality of a room. By now you should be eyeing your home and coming up with great ideas of your own. Greet the new season with fun, bright colors and don’t be afraid to 'color outside the lines'!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Black and White is Coming Back!

Black and white patterns are making a comeback in today's home decor. As trends change, more homes are leaning toward a more modern feel. With this change of style more decorators are looking for a special home accessory to enhance a floor space or accentuate a piece of furniture.

One of the most popular of our cowhide rugs is the black and white Longhorn rug or the beautiful black and white Holstein cowhide rug. Black and white cowhide rugs can be a perfect anchor for any room, many homeowners are opting for these rugs in their media rooms, dining rooms, living rooms, and entryways.

Our rugs come from Brazil, and provide true sheen that isn't found anywhere else! Opt for an extra large rug for those bigger rooms, or refer to our website for a size that fits your room.

If a cowhide rug isn't what you are looking for then a cowhide pillow can be a great accessory also! When paired with dark leathers, they can create a true eye-catching pop to any room!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Cowhides Of Love

Of course, when you think of Valentine’s Day, you think of RUBY REDS, DELICATE AND HOT PINKS, - red roses, hot-pink heart-shaped boxes, red sweaters - What about RED RAWHIDE RUGS???? Red is such an amazing, outgoing color - full of life, beauty AND vigor! Wouldn’t it be great to show off your personality at home with an all-natural RED Cowhide Rug to accent your home? And especially for Valentine’s Day, it doesn’t get much more romantic than cuddling up with your loved one by a warm fire on a naturally soft and luxurious full-haired cowhide.

At Rawhide Company, we offer so many options to add that pop of red to you décor. Our Monochrome hides come in all black, all brown, or all off-white; however, naturally light-toned hides can also be dyed to any color, EVEN RED, without compromising feel and suppleness.

For those who want to be extra adventurous this Valentine’s Day, opt for one of our exotic print hides. We have many different animal-print cowhides that can be dyed RED to spice up your décor!

Of course, you can get really wild with a Wild with Contrasting Colors Cowhide in RED! One of Traditional Cowhide “patterns” dyed any color for RawHide Company full-haired Pop!

AND…If you are need a Valentine’s Gift - A SPARKLY GIFT - for that special someone, you can be sure she will love a Metallic Platinum Speckled RED Cowhide!

Rawhide Company brings you superior quality Brazilian full-haired cowhides The simple luxury of rawhide can warm furniture or heat up a wall (or a moment - hee hee). The variety offered by natural hides can create space or just pull it together to get the right look…anytime of year!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cowhides for Baby

When decorating a nursery or re-docorating your child’s room you will spend many hours thinking about different decorating ideas. Picking a theme for your nursery is a great way to generate room design visions. Let your imagination run wild. Don’t stick with the tried and true. Branch out a little and think outside the box – you won’t be disappointed.

A western or rustic theme would automatically call for the addition of a cowhide rug or cowhide pillow into your nursery décor.

The traditional, natural beauty of a brindle cowhide hide will bring warmth, character, contrast and texture to any design. If you want to decorate with bold patterns, you could choose exotic print cow hides of cheetah, zebras, leopards or jaguars. Rawhide Company has cowhides printed with these designs that simulate some of the most beautiful and sought after animals.

If you want a nursery decor or child’s room with a POP of color, Rawhide Company has a huge selection of dyed cowhide rugs - we like to say “we are dipping cows”. This is done by taking light-toned hides and dye them to any color without compromising the feel or suppleness. Red, blue, lime green, orange, princess pink – there are no limits. While these rugs are dyed, they will retain all the original markings. Having a cowhide rug in your child's room is a great way to decorate and give the extra personality you are looking for.

Decorating a child’s room or nursery does not have to be plain and un-original. You can bring color, texture and pattern with the addition of a full hair cow hide rug. Cowhide rugs are durable, unique and will add a touch of whimsy to any room, especially a baby nursery.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Going On Safari - With Rawhide Company

There are so many things I want to do in the New Year. Traveling more is first on my list and going on a Safari into the wild sounds like the perfect adventure!

Imagine an ageless land, exotic and picturesque, with birds and wildlife. Majestic views of mountains and plains. Gracing these magnificent landscapes are the spectacular sights and intriguing encounters with unique cultures. Charming village scenes and bustling markets. Fascinating flora and fauna. It’s the adventure of a lifetime, an awe-inspiring, memory-making experience.

Inspired, I also want to add a little “flair” to my home décor. It’s no wonder many people are using Animal Prints as inspirations in accenting their homes. And we've got them - we've got animal print cow hide pillows and animal print cowhide rugs.

For individuals who want to enjoy the bold patterns of exotic hides without jeopardizing the world's endangered species, these hides are printed with designs that simulate some of the world's most beautiful and sought-after animals - among them.

It's the eco-friendly home accessory! Starting with natural solid white or beige full-haired cowhides, we individually silkscreen using wild-animal skinprints. And from there we can overdye in a rainbow of colors.

As always, FREE SHIPPING on orders $150.

May you start off the New Year off right with a NEW COWHIDE!!!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Luxury Metallics

Ring in the new year with 'sparkle'! Metallics are a hot part of interior design these days, both in modern interiors and traditional ones. Adding a hint of silver, gold or bronze can really compliment and add a special flair to a space. This is super easy with a new metallic print cowhide rug from Rawhide Company.

We've got gold & silver accented rugs. Pair them with your interior to create a completely different look. The white & silver (shown here) is great for modern, minimal designs and traditional designs alike. With metallic accents and 'grays' being all the rage in design - it's sure to fit in to any design - and any budget.

Or, if you've got more browns and Earthy-tones, opt for the gold metallic accent rug. We've also got a bright red version - in both gold and silver.

Stop by Rawhide Company today - your online source for quality cowhide rugs, cowhide pillows and cowhide accessories.